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Comment Re:Gee, I'm really torn... (Score 1) 129

You might be misunderstanding what many of those permissions are needed for. Yes, GPS is not needed for non-navigation apps. But if a game requires any sort of internet access (even for "high scores" or some other bullshit, and certainly for serving you the ads that they thought were necessary to make the game free), it's going to request wifi access so that it can communicate when you're connected to wifi as opposed to burning often limited cell network data. If the game has any function for inviting or sharing with friends (by the way, if you do this we probably can't be friends anymore), it needs access to your contacts list.

Comment More to the point (Score 1) 256

What the hell would be the point of an orbiting colony? The expense is astronomical (er, sorry...), the logistics are mind-boggling, and the huge technological barriers to colonizing another planet are flippantly brushed away with as-yet nonexistent sci-fi solutions. There's nothing to be gained by having humans living in orbit of another planet. None of the hinted-at scientific discoveries, no miraculous breakthroughs in materials science have occurred, nothing. The great advances made in astronomy and space exploration since the moon landing have been achieved with unmanned probes: this is the future of space exploration. Sending people up there is not beneficial in relation to its extremely high cost: hell, if huge amounts of gold were as close as orbiting the earth, there's no possible way it could even be cost-effective to retrieve it.

Comment Re:You've missed the point, this is huge for priva (Score 1) 531

Vendors don't WANT to deliver advertising without tracking. Or, perhaps some vendors do, but marketers most assuredly will not allow this to happen. Tracking gives marketers an incredible amount of information, but they use that information not merely to advertise more effectively to you personally (although that is done too). By studying what works on you and what works on everybody else, and what doesn't work, they are able to dial in the broader strokes of general advertising to make it more effective on everybody. Comparisons are not possible if unidentifiable subjects cannot be distinguished between those who are influenced to buy and those who aren't. The people who actively

Comment Re:Ratios? (Score 1) 34

I jumped at the summary because my uncorrected vision is actually 20/1200. Without my glasses, everything is blurry as shit but I can distinguish large shapes. Colors blur together at the edges. I can navigate a lit room just fine, but I wouldn't feel comfortable driving: all traffic signs appear as just a blob of color. It would be a huge improvement over blindness.

Comment Re:No, wrong (Score 1) 109

RN here. There was old lady in a nursing home who had no memory of her husband having passed away several years before. Numerous times every day, she would ask when her husband would be in to see her... One inexperienced nurse explained to her that her husband was dead; she cried hysterically. A few hours later, she asked again when her husband would be in to see her. The standard answer is, "He'll be here a little later, honey".

Comment Re:Implement locally? (Score 1) 145

My smartphone is configured to send all calls straight to voicemail if they come from restricted, unavailable, or unknown numbers. This wipes out the majority of them. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to sending all numbers not in the contacts list straight to voicemail, but I haven't done so yet. In my experience, only people or companies who have a legitimate reason to speak with me will bother to leave a voicemail. Maybe a tiny minority of robocalls are configured to leave a recorded message, but all the rest automatically dump the call when they don't detect that a person has answered.

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