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by s.petry (#47420443) Attached to: Wireless Contraception

I did not miss your point, I simply discredited your point. Claiming that ignorance can be fixed by continued ignorance from a different party is a fools prospect.

There are simply too many nefarious purposes for this type of technology. If some dystopia decides that fertility is a reward, this technology allows that very easily. If another dystopia decides that soldiers should rape women but don't want pregnancy as a result, well, this allows that as well.

Nearly every technology has both good and evil potential. It is yet another fools prospect to believe that humans won't use it for evil, we have too much evidence that shows that thought process to be absolutely false.

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by s.petry (#47420087) Attached to: Meet the Muslim-American Leaders the FBI and NSA Have Been Spying On

Campaign contributions and other favors funneled through third parties by the Saudis and other middle eastern individuals and entities have created a US government that is more or less foreign controlled.

I hate to break the news to you, but you are a moron.

That "US politicians are puppets" would be a decent statement to make, but only "decent" because it's not all inclusive. To claim it's Islam, or Jewish, or Satanic, or what ever else people claim is simply a propagated argument to maintain the puppet show and keep everyone bickering instead of fixing the problem.

Instead of playing the blame game, work to correct the problem.

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Quoting you in reverse order intentionally.

Oppression by elites in this context involves keeping women ignorant and afraid so they don't question traditional, patriarchal ideas.

You claim that elitists keep women ignorant to oppress them, why do you ignore the obvious ignorance this "tech" is associated with? It's doing nothing to educate anyone, it gives the same elitists "MORE" control.

"Family planning" is a euphemism for sex education and contraceptive access.

Anyone claiming that education is the same as technology allowing forced anything is either daft or a shill. How many educators could have been paid to educate people with the same amount of money they have spent so far inventing this device? How many languages could you write books in with the same amount of money and use it to educate people? Come now, you really shouldn't be that blind.

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I wonder if your post history would show you as one of the people claiming that the NSA spying on everyone in the US was just paranoia, or that PRISM and Parallel construction were just delusion.

When these things were found to be true, many of those on that bandwagon changed sides.

An international coalition of governments, companies, philanthropies, and nonprofits recently committed to providing family planning to 120 million more women in the world by 2020.

Of course those Governments, companies, and philanthropists know best how you should plan a family. Considering how the top .01% of the population (which includes those Philanthropists) control the majority of the wealth, they only have societies best interests in mind right?

Good grief, it's tech news that can easily be used for malicious purposes which is why it makes it on Slashdot. You can dismiss it if you choose, but don't claim it's everyone else that's delusional. I've been able to say "told ya so" more often than you!

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Not only are you ignorant to technology we have had in Virtual Reality for nearly 2 decades, you chose not to read (or ignored) my 2nd paragraph. No, the thimble is not better than motion tracking in VR space. It can cheaply track 1 point, but for HFE that is not very useful. Even a thimble on every finger won't be able to track the elbow, head, foot, knee, etc... so has no benefits for VR over anything we already have.

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No, it's not a nonsensical question. The whole premise of Communism is reliance on the worker, and protecting the worker (probably not the best choice of terminology but saves paragraphs of explanations) because the worker is the only way for bureaucrats to exist. Communism requires people to be busy at work, and if robots make people idle the system fails. No workers, no bureaucrats, no government.

FWIW, Marx did predict that the US would head down the path of fascism, though he called it out not in name but symptoms. His critique of capitalism calls out exactly what we see happening in "Capitalism" today. In Marx's Communism this could not happen because the Government controls everything.

Where Marx completely fails, is that he never takes human nature into consideration. Human nature has been the nemesis of pretty much every form of government and economics. This is why a huge target on the last several decades has been deregulation in the US, we actually had many protections by law until very recent times.

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Wow, quite a distortion you came up with there. Granted, Marx did say some interesting things but the question should be why communism would allow companies to build machines that remove income from humans? For that matter, why is a "capitalist Republic" allowing it now? Obviously China is not a capitalist, we have similar issues in the US.

Those may be a bit philanthropic for most, but the only way that _should_ be happening is with fascism because companies are the government (and vice versa).

Both Capitalism and Communism are supposed to be about maintaining the work force, so guess where we all are today?

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3DConexion, formerly Spacware/Spacetech and possibly a few other names have had advance 3D positioning devices since forever ago, replacing buttons and dials in CAD and CAE software. A thimble is not going to be more or less ergonomic. As with mice, I'm sure it's a personal preference so someone will like it better.The Spaceball however is designed for use with a relaxed hand and does much more than 3D positioning. Like zooming, centering, and what ever else you program the buttons to do

If you want to take "it's position" as the starting point I'll argue that the ergonomics is less than that of a Spaceball, and more in line with motion detecting devices that again we have had for well over a decade. The thimble won't be as useful in HFE, because open and closed hands are at least as important as position and rotation.

In short, this is a wheel that's already been invented. I don't see anything "novel" or even better than what we have had already. Maybe if fits a niche I'm not aware of or care much about.

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by s.petry (#47380297) Attached to: Judge Frees "Cannibal Cop" Who Shared His Fantasies Online

The line is obviously when a person takes actions that would lead to their talk becoming action, as was the facts in this case. (Read TFA's links)

For example, I disagree with the US putting the teenager in jail for claiming on Facebook that if he could he would shoot the President. That is was only talk, and not illegal in my opinion. The FBI may have ran some checks on the teen to make sure he was not plotting after making the statement, but the statement alone was not enough to jail him.

Now, if the teenager had went and purchased a gun and started performing illegal activities to track the location of the President, then we have conspiracy and the teen should have been put in jail.

If you don't see the line, you are intentionally not looking. The line exists, and it's pretty well drawn.

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If this was just a guy posting trash on Facebook I'd probably side with you. If you read the details of the case, you will find that this is not just someone ranting. This appears to be someone conspiring to commit rape, murder, and kidnapping.

Whether the primary web site has a disclaimer or not, does not change the fact that this goes beyond the simple act of writing about a sick fantasy. He offered to kidnap someone for 5,000.00. He went and found a recipe for chloroform, then built a pulley system to string up one of the people he was talking about kidnapping and murdering. He used a Police database illegally for the purpose of gathering personal information about the people he appeared to be conspiring against (it was more than 1). This goes well beyond simply discussing "unconventional thoughts".

Lets change the scenario a bit. If I was to claim I want to kill someone on Facebook, I'd be a person of interest but not doing anything illegal. When I go out and search for recipes for poisons, I'm still not illegal but I should be under watch, especially if the poison is generic household items which I may have on hand. Once I start illegally gathering personal information about the targets I claimed I want to kill, would I not be conspiring to commit murder? What if I owned a gun, would that be enough? (Remember that this person was a Cop and had a Gun, as well as a position of authority to abuse, and could have been legally stalking victims without anyone's knowledge on "patrols")

If you believe it's reasonable, would you want the guy as a neighbor? Invite them over over for dinner? If so, good for you. I'd prefer to see a person like this under watch and psychological monitoring at a minimum.

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