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Submission + - NITdroid : GNU/Linux Android on Nokia n770+ (

rzr writes: "For the ones, who didn't notice that GNU/Linux Android is ported to many (if not all) platforms...

After the n810, now the n770 can support Android..

Note that n770 is the weakest Nokia Internet Tablet (64MB 252MHz) and near to become obsolete since Nokia did not release any updated firmware for years now (beside hacker's editions which are more buggy than official releases).

Don't set this fantastic little toy aside yet, since it's quite easy to install NITdroid if you follow this tutorial (w/ video)

The project is called NITdroid , the community is growing and a new website is about be online.

All this was possible because android and maemo are opensource and the most important : a few hackers devoted their time on this just because it was possible..."

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