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Comment: Android != GNU (Score 1) 807

by rzr (#38567340) Attached to: Why Richard Stallman Was Right All Along
The article started not that bad, but not through the end "This is why you should support Android " Seriously ??? Quoting mr RMS : "Even though the Android phones of today are considerably less bad than Apple or Windows smartphones, they cannot be said to respect your freedom." I am not here for bashing android, but where are the GNU phones folks ? openmoko ? meego/maemo ? tizen ?

Comment: Touch friendly (Score 2) 378

by rzr (#38321904) Attached to: GNOME 3 Wins Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Award
I have been tested all desktop for more than a decade and So far this is the best UX I can use on a touchscreen, note that KDE Active is less polished so far And I've been using also on my home laptop for months , kde at work , and lxde on older computer ... Check how linux mint tuned g3 to keep g2 look and feel ...

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