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Comment: Re:costs still too high (Score 1) 83

by ryanmetcalf (#43562277) Attached to: Lawrence, KS To Get Gigabit Fiber — But Not From Google
There are currently 3 ISPs in Lawrence:

-Not going to cover AT&T tiers, it's been covered in other threads

-Knology (formerly Sunflower), which has 4 major tiers
-Gold $72.95 (50mbps/unkn up)
-Paladium $57.95 (variable/variable)
-Silver $47.95 (18mbps/2mbps)
-Bronze $32.95 (3mbps/1mbps)

-Lawrence FreeNet
$37.98 (byo modem) for (10mbps/10mbps)
$47.98 (modem inc) for (10mbps/10mbps)

Source: I'm a resident

Worm Wriggles Through Yahoo! Mail Flaw 186

Posted by Zonk
from the descriptive-imagery dept.
Jasen Bell writes to mention a ZDNet article about a clever new worm affecting users of Yahoo!'s email service. The virus uses a flaw in JavaScript to infect a computer when an email is opened from the user's web-based mail. From the article: "The worm, which was spotted in the wild early this morning, has hit the remote server more than 100,000 times, forwarding Yahoo e-mail addresses harvested from unsuspecting users, Turner said. Although the worm is spreading quickly, and no patch has been issued, Symantec is rating the threat a '2.' The security vendor uses a 1-to-5 rating system, with '5' as its most severe category."

Comment: Would they? Of Course they would! (Score 1) 559

by ryanmetcalf (#15456059) Attached to: Proposal to Implant RFID Chips in Immigrants
"Would immigrant workers trade their privacy for the opportunity to work in the U.S.?" Yes, they would trade just about anything to get in the US, if they are willing to risk death in the Arizona desert. Hundreds of illegal immigrants die each year of dehydration, would they be willing to lose a little privacy for the chance to work in America? Yes.

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