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Journal: When Life Sucks

Journal by ryanisflyboy

Words to live by from Ryan:
"The glass isn't half empty. It's completly empty."
"When life hands you lemmons, take cover."
"There is only one good thing in life, and you just screwed it up."
"Keep trying, it can only get worse."
"When you can't laugh, cry. A lot."
"Look at others and realize you will never be like them."
"Do whatever it takes to numb the pain, and keep doing it."
"Screw up every chance you get, this way you'll think you're ahead."
"Fool yourself into thinking things will get better so you can keep proving yourself wrong."
"Remember the guy at the end of the parade that cleans up horse crap. Nobody cares about the horse crap guy, but he still thinks he's in the parade. He is better than you."
"Stand in awe of love, it's the only thing that makes sense."


Journal: The new beta version of quake III rocks.

Journal by ryanisflyboy

I just got done fragging all kinds of freakers. I like this new beta, what is it... 1.27h or something. Any how - fixed TONS of problems that I always despised about Quake. Way to go id miesters! Now why would I bother to tell you about this wonderful time I'm having with Quake? Because I want to try out this new journal feature. And as we all know when we get new toys to play with - we use them - then drop them like yesterdays stinky alpha code. So here ya go. Just another usless entry into a journal I more than likely will be excited about for several days - then forget about til 4 years from now.

User Journal

Journal: Welcome to my journal.

Journal by ryanisflyboy

Wow. Slashdot continues to amaze me with ever increasing coolness. Now I actually get my very own web journal to play around with - and it happens to be hosted at a site I visit 16 times a day. Now... the question remains. Will I write in this thing? And who will read it? Humm. Only time will tell.

"I got everybody to pay up front...then I blew up their planet." "Now why didn't I think of that?" -- Post Bros. Comics