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Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 1) 420

japan is a dying country because they have no immigrants. look at the statistics about how many elderly japanese they are going to have with so few young japanese supporting them. the japanese attitude on immigration is nothing to admire, it is in fact something to pity. to see xenophobia so strong that so many japanese would rather their country slowly shrivel and die. it's pathetic sick racist self-destructive and weak. frankly, korean people are pretty much identical to japanese genetically, so the hate against koreans is just moronic

as for your attitude on hard working immigrants, i would like to know your background. if it isn't native american, why don't you fuck off with your ignorant hypocrisy and go to europe. many of the mexican immigrants have aztec mayan and other native american bloodlines far closer to the original inhabitants here, and so as a racial argument that is so popular with social retards like yourself, have more right to be here than you

btw, if your ancestors were italian or irish, they got exactly the same thuggy hysterical racist hate you heap on mexicans

if you endorse civil forfeiture, you really should educate your ignorance of the kind of abuse that has played out with that applied to american citizens. with noncitizens, that abuse will probably get far worse, and just force them to stash their money with mexican mafias. thereby actually creating the crime you and your low iq propaganda tries to pin on these hard working people

I am just waiting for the day we get some leaders with some balls who will completely dismantle the democrat plantation in all of its forms.

the demographics are clear and the nation is trending democratic. so why don't you hurry up and die with the rest of your old knuckledragging retard friends

fighting fights from 50, 100, 150 years ago that were already lost with previous waves of immigrants that are now called "true american"

btw, my WASP ancestors came over in the 1600s to new england. fought in king philips war, being scapled by native americans and scalping native americans

that's my legacy. and so according to the "logic" of you racist mouth breathers that makes me a "real american"

so granted this fake authority by your loser thought processes, i make the following judgment on you and your ilk: a guy 15 minutes off the plane from somalia or bangladesh or ecuador, if they have a positive outlook and a tolerant attitude, they therefore embody the real american spirit and real american ideals, and i embrace them as fellow real americans

rather than some "entitled* racist shitbag who thinks he's special because his bitch mother shit you out on in dirt called american, just so you could begin your life of feeling superior for false, ignorant reasons. i wouldn't want to deport you, so you could ruin some other poor country with your dim brain wattage, so perhaps you could be dumped in the marianas trench or some such, apologies to south pacific nations for the stink of your useless stupid corpse

you're simply not an american in my eyes

i mean that with every fiber of my being

you have no fucking clue what real american ideals are

all you have is whiny entitlement (ironically, considering right wing talking points on that concept)

Comment Re:Small correction (Score 1) 113

Thank you for providing an example of why mentioning Israel is a pointless sidetrack likely to do nothing apart from start flame wars. True or not it's argument fuel.

Yep. I agree wholeheartedly. It's impossible not to have an emotional reaction to the issue one way or another. If it's not directly comparable, it shouldn't be mentioned at all.

Comment Re:The above is informative ? (Score 1) 420

No, I did read the links. You obviously didn't understand them. The reason the recent history has been better is that the numbers are heavily skewed with a few World Wars, and the internal actions of China and Russia. Correct for world wars, and a few "isolated" internal actions, and the deaths you are counting are relatively steady.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 420

Because, nice as the US is, has a reputation of harassing ex-citizens. Going back to visit relatives gets you on lots of lists that need inspections, searches, and lots of questions.

I think the un-Fair Tax is evil, but if it ever passes, it'll simplify my tax liability greatly. I think the only country in the world that taxes non-resident citizens is the US.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 420

In 2012 there were approximately 67,000,000 foreign visitors to the US.


It seems likely that they don't have the perspective of a self-hating American that twists issues to show the US as a rotten country, sometimes fabricating things in the process.

I don't hate me, I hate you and your ilk that pretend that our country is not doing evil in our name, because you make it possible for them to do that. I guess you forgot about Dick Cheney lying about WMDs so that we could go bomb some cities and then give the no-bid contracts to rebuild them to Halliburton, eh? How quickly you forget, because it's so very fucking convenient for you.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 620

So tell me, how precisely is what Israel does the responsibility of a Jewish person living in, say, England who has never visited Israel and has nothing to do with it?

They are only responsible for their attitude towards it. That's why I don't condemn all Jews everywhere for the existence of militant Zionism. That would be stupid.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 241

So your convenience matters, but other people should "exercise their language skills". How utterly unsurprising.

That's stupid or disingenuous bullshit. Emoji makes an expressed thought harder to understand, while the HTML presentation coupled with a web browser makes it easier. It's exactly the opposite.

I assure you, my dislike of your ideas and attitude is quite sincere. Also, perhaps you shouldn't call people "idiots" and expect a polite response.

I don't expect if I get a polite response, and since you appear to understand English, I know that you're being disingenuous when you suggest that I implied such. Since you've demonstrated a lack of sincerity, why would I believe anything you say is sincere? That would be stupid.

here's plenty of places where you're not allowed to zoom, yet where emoji can appear.

Such as?

Such as when displaying a short message, for example. They are typically displayed in system font sizes, which are usually non-trivial to change for the average user.

And in any case, if they can render modern fonts, which are vector graphics, making said smileys part of the font should actually solve this problem. Or at least let you read the HTML source, which you above imply you're capable of doing.

Why is everything HTML to you? Is that the only technology you "understand"?

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 420

cities wouldn't care about lawsuits (which have cost some of them dearly).

Where do the cities get the money from to pay for the lawsuits? Seems most of the politicians and police higher-ups don't care too much about losing lawsuits (at least not from the cost standpoint).

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