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by rworne (#46791207) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

Odd Sony is mentioned. We have a Vaio sub-notebook built in 1999 that still runs like a champ. The battery is shot and there's no replacements to be found, but it does the job as long as you are willing to put up with Windows 2000 (it shipped with Windows 98SE). We have two Sony alarm clocks going on 10 years that are still going strong.

My 1st gen PS3 dies every year like clockwork, with Sony happy to fix/replace it for a fee.

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by rworne (#45711075) Attached to: US Light Bulb Phase-Out's Next Step Begins Next Month

I made my comment "tongue in cheek", but I am getting to the age where 20-30 years out are starting to look more and more grim. the 23 year lifespan of these bulbs will put me into my 70's. So if one does burn out, I'll probably break a hip replacing it.

Hell, I was just old enough to watch the moon landings, Now I'm starting to believe I won't be around to see a manned Mars landing.

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Over the 23-year lifespan (25,000 hours on, 3 hours per day) of an LED bulb, it will cost $39 in energy, compared to $48.75 for a CFL or $211.25 for an incandescent

I look at it in a different manner.

I switched over all the bulbs to LED knowing that with their 23 year lifespan when they start burning out I'll be either dead or too senile to care about them anymore. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm done changing bulbs for the rest of my life.

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On both trips I've made to NC in the last year I've found the typical $15-$20 LED bulbs for $5 at Costco's. Bought $200 worth and made the switch.. I don't know a huge between the LEDs and incandescents. I just wonder if Costco is making a profit selling these for $5. Never seen them that cheap anywhere else.

Lots of local utilities are putting out rebates on these bulbs. These rebates are applied prior to purchase, so you will see differences in the shelf price depending on where the retailer is located (and who their local utility may be).

For instance: When the Philips 60W "bug light" LED bulbs came out in 2011, they were approx $40 or so each. Full price here in Los Angeles. Though if you skipped over the county border to So Cal Edison territory, the price dropped to $17. This is how I stocked up on the ones here.

We have been very happy with them, even though they are pretty ugly when off.

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Lets look at it this way:

Horses take a long time to mature. These things take a week or two to assemble (assuming they go through QA procedures, environmental, shock & vibe, etc.)
Horses can go for couple days or more on food. This thing only a couple of hours.
Horses spook easily and less easily with training. These will never spook.
Horses can follow simple commands. This can follow complex commands,

Both need fuel and water. Horses need lots of support by bringing their food/water to the battle field. But a lot of us are forgetting another project: EATR. With the addition of this tech and a gun, this new robot can run around, hunt, kill, and devour victims as a fuel source.

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You don't need to be a business to get a business account. At least that's the way it works with Verizon. It's just another set of tiers in their service (more expensive ones). All I needed to do was just ask for it and briefly tell them why.

You are spot on about the benefits of a business account.


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You forgot to add Thunderbolt Firewire 800 to that list.

What's also nice is these Apple adaptors are plentiful and readily available. I doubt it is the same for Samsung.

If I were to get off a plane in a strange city and found I forgot a cable for my rMBP, I can get one at a local Best Buy, Fry's or Apple Store. I cannot say the same for proprietary Samsung cables (well, maybe Fry's has some Samsung love and BB would be a long shot).

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Not quite silence. I have the Bose (I know, I know) noise canceling headphones and they work great for their intended purpose - cutting out noise. They do not totally cut out voices though - but people in the next room, A/C noise, etc. should be silenced.

Do those rainfall, wind, cricket and water noise generators have headphone jacks? If they do, using one with these headphones should do the trick shutting out the noisy outside world.

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You do not need to wait a couple of years. I purchased a Samsung TV (LN-750B model - although not for the smart TV functions) and they promised all sorts of applets for the TV. Netflix being one of them.

9 months later, a new model comes out and Samsung releases a firmware update for my model. What does it do? Locks the set to the last available firmware and makes it unmodifiable. Then they drop all support.

Netflix never appeared for it either. Better to have an expensive "dumb" TV and a cheap smart box to attach to it.

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by rworne (#41748495) Attached to: The Struggles of Getting Into the App Store

My experience with the app store has been totally different.

While I do embedded code for a living, I wanted to learn to write iOS apps. I am by no means a really good Obj-C programmer (but I am improving). My first hobby app suddenly looked like it might be marketable and I prepped it for app store submission.

When I got my one app rejection (on my first submission) I got an electronically generated letter that was sort of vague as to the reason. I responded to it, I got a response by a human in only an hour or two explaining in simpler terms what the issue was and what they expected. I resubmitted that afternoon and in a few days it was up and on sale. There have been no rejections over any of my subsequent updates.

I also had to push out an update about 4-5 days before the iOS 6 release due to a stupid coding error that iOS 6 would no longer let me get away with. It sat in the queue until iOS 6 was released then suddenly the app went from waiting, to in review to ready for sale in a few seconds. It came out when they did a dump of all the other iOS 6 apps. I suppose if an app has a certain number of sales and decent feedback they do not spend much time on it during reviews when crunch time is upon them. This has happened more than once - on the 5.0 update and the 4.0 update too.

Releasing at other times, I usually have 5-6 day waits. My last release (approved today) took a bit more than 8 days.

I have no complaints so far in my 2+ years on the app store.

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The book "The Killing Star" by Charles R. Pellegrino and George Zebrowski.

One of those "first contact" novels, where "first contact" is by relativistic weapons slamming into Earth wiping out every living thing. All to the tune of Michael Jackson's "We are the World" warbling over every RF frequency.

The aliens then go on a hunt chasing down any last remaining vestige of human society, with possibly the last breeding air of humans captured and kept as zoo specimens.

And there's even more to the ending, and it's depressing too.

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