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Comment Re: Problem with the solution? (Score 2) 193

I've been on those planes.

Yes, the service is pretty good - a lot of their cross-country flights are being upgraded to those thinner plastic seats to cram more passengers in and there's no seat-back screen anymore. Only problem is you have your phone, pad, or computer and no in-seat power in cattle class.

On a recent flight from FRA to LAX, the aging 747 had this installed and you had the screens in business class and the wifi on your device with 2-3x the selection. Better than 2 years ago when they had CRT's hanging over the aisle.

Comment Re:The Struggle (Score 1) 410

You know nothing then.

The state of the schools in the LAUSD in the late 70's to mid-80's compared to today gives absolutely no insight on my attitudes towards segregation.

All I asked is: Why is no one is asking to integrate schools with a supermajority of hispanic students?

I then supplied proof that these schools do indeed exist and the 90%+ was not an exaggeration.

Comment Re:The Struggle (Score 1) 410

Well, the first thing that came to mind when the article mentioned "declining diversity" was yet another swipe at white males. The homophobia caused by the unmentioned boogeyman was yet another, this time at CIS white males.

Diversity as I hear it used nowadays typically means "we need more minorities". When our schools were predominately white, we needed diversity. So we bussed diversity in from minority neighborhoods. Demographics have changed over the years and now many of our schools are no longer predominately white, but 80-90%+ hispanic.

No one is asking for diversity anymore.

Comment Re:Holy war? (Score 1) 152

There is one significant difference.

While I never owned an Aibo, I do have several Roombas. The Roomba lacks one thing Sony put an effort into with the Aibo - a programmed personality put in something that looks like what most people would be attached to: a cute clumsy puppy. This is much more amusing to interact with than a hockey-puck shaped noisemaker that zig-zags around the room bumping into things like a drunk sailor. The Roomba has the personalty of a soap dish, but I do have to admit it is sometimes entertaining watching one work its way out of a tight spot.

The Aibo is designed to interact socially with humans, the Roomba is designed to clean your carpet. It all depends on your use case as to which is better.

Comment Re:$30 (Score 1) 515

Ah, Munich. In 2014 you can still get a day pass for about 8 euro that covers the city. Less than 20 euro will get you the same pass with transportation to/from the airport included.

You cannot compare that city's public transit system with that of Los Angeles or San Francisco. Munich is light years ahead of the US. Unless you have to take the U6 when Bayern Munchen is playing, then it just plain sucks.

Comment Re:Close to owning (Score 1) 374

The egg only has 50% of her DNA, so it's not her body.

Let's make it more simple:

The human body has 46 chromosomes. 23 from the man and 23 from the woman. If the pre-embryo is female, one pair is XX. Male is XY.

So, if the pre-embryo is a female, then it's a 50-50 split. If male, then about 49.5% of the pre-embryo is his and 50.5% is the woman's - based on the presumption that there is less genetic material in a Y chromosome compared to an X. Therefore, she has a majority stake at best (XY) and an even split at worst (XX).

Then again, there's mitochondrial DNA which is solely provided by the female, that would probably put ownership in the woman's court in all cases except for the following situation:

Things get muddied when you have some pre-embryos with multiple X or Y chromosomes. One would have to find out which parent they came from first. XYY syndrome - father has majority rights. XXX syndrome, one would have to determine which parent's reproductive process malfunctioned before assigning parental rights.

Comment Re:Energy use (Score 3, Insightful) 332

They had a nuclear power plant in San Diego. San Onofre.

They're shutting it down instead of refitting/repairing it because the operators figured there would be too much trouble jumping regulatory hurdles and endless delays from the government and environmental groups that had little interest in, or were openly hostile to letting the plant operate.

Comment Re:There's This Little Thing Called the Constituti (Score 1) 306

You missed the part: who shall flee from justice, and be found in another state .

One would have to be in the state that forbids the activity, commit the crime and flee to another state.

Then you can be extradited.

Otherwise Texas would be busy nabbing everyone in the U.S. who orders stuff from Bad Dragon.

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