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Comment Re:tbh (Score 1) 144

And, if you didn't get it fixed, you'd go to renew your tags through your motor vehicle department only to find that your car is ineligible to be registered.

The government here in Ontario has already stated that they will require proof that the fix was applied before these cars can be re-licensed. I can only imagine many provinces and states will do the same.

Comment Re:Isowhat? (Score 1) 95

I had to read TFA to figure out what isostatic is. "Bizarrely enough, if we wanted to reach the Earth’s mantle, our best bet would be to dive down to the ocean floor and dig there; we’d “only” have to go through maybe 3 km of crust, as opposed to upwards of 25 km atop the Himalayas. This concept is known as isostatic compensation, and was actually uncovered by the famed British astronomer George Airy."

Gerorge Airy died in 1892, so I don't think this is really 'news'.

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