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Comment: Re:Isowhat? (Score 1) 94

I had to read TFA to figure out what isostatic is. "Bizarrely enough, if we wanted to reach the Earth’s mantle, our best bet would be to dive down to the ocean floor and dig there; we’d “only” have to go through maybe 3 km of crust, as opposed to upwards of 25 km atop the Himalayas. This concept is known as isostatic compensation, and was actually uncovered by the famed British astronomer George Airy."

Gerorge Airy died in 1892, so I don't think this is really 'news'.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but I've got the killer app (Score 1) 93

by rwise2112 (#49663643) Attached to: Apple Watch Hack Adds a Browser For Your Wrist

I'm building an iPhone app that tells you (on your iPhone screen) what time it is on your Apple Watch.

It's a way to use your phone, so that you don't have to glance at your watch.

It's going to be awesome. Next I'm going to make a way to show you the iPhone alerts on your Apple Watch, on your iPhone.

I'm seeing a lot of potential here! Maybe one day we won't have to wear a watch at all to tell the time and see notifications...

Comment: Re:Seriously (Score 2) 213

by rwise2112 (#49094125) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

So yes, those elevators do solve an actual problem. They're not the best solution (hooks and/or screws are cheaper and at least as effective, probably more so, while taking up less floorspace), but they are a solution. For suckers.

But one of the reviews says: "The damn things do lower noise, increase dynamics, remove haze, and open up the top octaves. Once you listen to their effects, even a skeptic like me has to admit that it is hard to take them back out of the system. Music sounds more like music with the Cable Elevators in place. I recommend them strongly, especially given their price!".

How can you argue with that? LOL

Comment: Re:But then don't some have to go FASTER than ligh (Score 2) 139

by rwise2112 (#48887463) Attached to: Scientists Slow the Speed of Light

Not a physicist, but a cyclist and an engineer--

If the population travels as 'c' on average, and they have proven that some photons slow down... Doesn't that mean other photons MUST be traveling faster than c? My impression is the relativity has no bearing here--by traveling at 'c' they are already breaking that equation. The peloton works because some move back while others move up. This blurb seems to only discuss the "back" part.

Try reading about phase and group velocities. In fact some EM waves have velocities above c, but these can't convey information so aren't a problem for relativity. This article has a decent discussion of it and other things that go faster-than-light.

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