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Comment Re:Store? (Score 1) 118

I'm a bit confused by this argument, but I think it's clear, Yoshi Mon, that you seem to think that selling Free Software is wrong.

Now, if we can all accept that the FSF's stance on this is that it is like Free Speech, not Free Beer, as Richard Stallman himself said. The idea of a free market does consist of the same basics of buying and selling, but it takes a different look at property. Once you have bought a piece of software you should be able to look at the code, modify the code, and redistribute your modifications provided that you attribute correctly. Credit where credit is due. This simply ensures that anyone who innovates gets paid, it's a fair spread of wealth. The age old comparison of the car being that you buy a car, you respray it, you change the tires, you modify the engine, you put leather over the seats, give it a nice steering wheel cover, and you re-sell it. There is an entire industry for this in cars, houses, furniture, but in software it's illegal? The GNU GPL, and the entire philosophy of Free Software is specifically designed to fix this problem of it being illegal in the first place, to create a Free Market. So, buying free software is a substantial part of Free Software's creation.

What I'd like to know is _why_ you think it is wrong to pay/charge for Free Software?

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