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Comment Re:pptthh (Score 1) 288

I think that story was about either the Atlantic in general, or Florida in particular. A hurricane hasn't made landfall in Florida in something like a decade now, which was pretty similar to the entire east coast. When Sandy hit it was not classified as a hurricane. I heard a climatologist on NPR mentioning how hurricanes don't care about what happened the previous year.

No major (Cat 3+) hurricane has made landfall on the US mainland since 2005 (Wilma). This is also a record, though not one the warmists like to talk about. After 2005, the doomsayers were predicting tons of (east coast) major hurricanes being the new normal.

Comment Re:Betteridge's law of headlines says ... no (Score 1) 264

But that comparison is unfair, since the most disgusting cartoon porn about imaginary creatures is ultimately not harming anyone, it's simply an eyesore, while your crap is directly and actively hindering humanity's efforts to rise above its past and seek a better tomorrow.

Spotted the SJW.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 4, Interesting) 569

You break it - you buy it. And you broke a lot of countries.

So you want the US to go full imperialist? It's an idea; solve the Mexican illegal immigrant problem by annexing Mexico. Send in a team of special prosecutors (perhaps ex-US Attorneys headed by Christie) to bring the corruption down to New Jersey levels, then admit the Mexican States to the US.

Comment And the winner is... Vox Day (Score 2, Insightful) 1037

Yes, the social justice clique burned the awards to the ground to stop any Puppy-nominated candidate from winning. But all Vox Day (the Rabid Puppy leader) wanted was to take the award away from that clique, and he was openly willing to burn it down. They did it for him. Bravo.

The Sad Puppies this year were run by Brad R. Torgersen. He's the most moderate of the puppy group. He explicitly wanted the Sad Puppy slate to be apolitical, the best works around. So on the slate were works by people in the Social Justice clique, and works by those who were neither puppy nor SJ. All the clique had to do to save the award for themselves is vote for those works. But instead they hounded some of their own people into withdrawing their nomination, and refused to vote for those neutrals (e.g. Jim Butcher) who remained. Once again, bravo, SJW/CHORFs; in stomping on as decent a person as Torgersen you gave victory to Vox Day.

Comment Re:Is K-12 CS really necessary? (Score 1) 184

I just checked out the University of Maryland College Park (my alma mater) Computer Science program. They have no prerequisites in Calculus or Physics. In fact, they have no prerequisites (beyond general university entrance requirements) at all: "If you list Computer Science as your preferred major and are admitted to the university, you will start directly in our program."

There are 4 CS classes you can test out of (but without credits) if you do have previous experience; you can also test out of Calculus II. AP credit is accepted for Calculus I & II; IB for Calculus I.

Comment I don't think K-12 CS is a good idea anyway (Score 4, Interesting) 184

US primary and secondary schools are good largely at smothering any love of learning or a subject that children have. Like to read? Here's a bunch of dull books you are required to read and give a report on. Like math? Here's a billion problems to work on, and don't dare sneak a peak ahead in the book to find the easy way (or write a program on your computer to solve them). Interested in history? Here it is in the driest form possible, please regurgitate on command.


Do Old Programmers Need To Keep Leaping Through New Hoops? 242

Nerval's Lobster writes: In recent years, it seems as if tech has evolved into an industry that lionizes the young. Despite all the press about 21-year-old rock-star developers and 30-year-old CEOs, though, is there still a significant market for older programmers and developers, especially those with specialized knowledge? The answer is "yes," of course, and sites like Dice suggest that older tech pros should take steps such as setting up social media accounts and spending a lot of time on Github if they want to attract interest from companies and recruiters. But do they really need to go through all of that? If you have twenty, thirty, or even forty years of solid tech work under your belt, is it worth jumping through all sorts of new hoops? Or is there a better way to keep working — provided you don't already have a job, that is, or move up to management, or get out of the game entirely in order to try something startling and new.

Comment Re:AT&T had zero choice (Score 4, Informative) 82

Of course AT&T had a choice, they could have gone to court. That would have stopped it right there. What could the NSA do, shut them down?

Trump up criminal charges and get the CEO of AT&T thrown into pound-me-in-the-ass Federal Prison, just like they did to the only telecom executive to refuse them. This ain't the bush leagues.

Comment Re:Police chief should be fired (Score 1) 220

Expand the tweet to say "Well, yes, I did have sex with my high school teacher."

Why not expand it to "Well yes, I did have sex with Morgan Fairchild, who I have seen naked on numerous occasions?" Because that would be about equally accurate.

The tweet being responded to:

âoedid @R_Sagehorn3 actually make out with [name of female teacher redacted in court filings]? prolly not.â

The response:
"Actually, yes".

Now, I'm an old fart, but I'm pretty sure "making out" still refers to amorous activities _short_ of actual sex. So you can't even get unchastity.

This wasn't a felony, it wasn't a misdemeanor, it wasn't an accusation of any sort. It was one person talking shit and another person playing along. No reasonable person (of which, I will grant, there are few in evidence in the administration of any high school) would take it seriously.

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