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Comment: Re:Sauce for the goose (Score 1) 162

by russotto (#48685521) Attached to: Sony Accused of Pirating Music In "The Interview"

The mere act of /fucking using/ something you purchased is at least two copies according to fairly established law, which is why you can purchase software and not have the right to use it.

You should have read the next chapter of your textbook, because while there is precedent for that, it's no longer good law in the US. Reason? 17 USC 117(a)(1)

Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, it is not an infringement for the owner of a copy of a computer program to make or authorize the making of another copy or adaptation of that computer program provided: (1) that such a new copy or adaptation is created as an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a machine and that it is used in no other manner

This only holds for software, but for music, the Diamond Rio decision holds "space shifting" as fair use. I don't know that there's law specifically on "space shifting" audiovisual works.

Comment: Re:Ethics? (Score 2) 555

by russotto (#48641319) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

1) the core claims of Gamergate have now been shown to be overblown at best

The initial claim turned out not to be a simple quid pro quo. The person who gave the favorable mention of Depression Quest turned out to have been mentioned in the credits for the game, however. He gave a mention to a game he was involved in the development of. This is certainly less headline-grabbing than sex-for-coverage, but I don't think it's any better. Either way it's a tempest-in-a-teapot at that point... but the more people started looking, the more rot they found.

It's clear at this point that there's a group of "gaming journalists" who give favorable reviews to their friends and political allies while giving unfavorable reviews to others on the same bases. And who are contemptuous of gamers, though that's not in itself unethical.

there is no public evidence that any of the claims of harassment or threat at question were fabricated, only speculation

There's little public evidence on either side about threats and harassment. The most well-investigated threat (to Anita Sarkeesian) seems to have been from someone in Brazil who she already knew about and has been threatening her since long before GamerGate got going.

A lot of the so-called harassment is just people responding publicly to statements made publicly. That's not harassment. Dot-mentioning someone on twitter is not "harassment". Making a response video to someone else's video is not "harassment".

Do you really find it hard to believe that these death threats are genuine?

As with harassment, a lot of these so-called death threats don't even fit the form. They count things like "I hope you die" or "Go kill yourself" as death threats, when they're clearly not. Some of these death threats were actually threats and actually happened, but "someone sent me a death threat therefore my opponents are wrong and evil" still doesn't hold together.

Comment: Re:Excellent! (Score 2) 555

by russotto (#48639589) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

"Femenist agenda?"

Are you dense or do you not understand gaming isn't a zero-sum game? You can have a billion more ladies making games and that doesn't mean games like Hatred or Call of Duty are going anywhere.

No one objects to women making games. But who was it who ran a successful campaign to get GTA V pulled from Target Australia because, specifically, of misogyny?

Comment: Re:Echo chamber within a hate group (Score 2) 555

by russotto (#48639477) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

EVERYONE outside your echo chamber ONLY sees harassment and hate coming from people using that name. The name "GamerGate" is synonymous with a hate movement.

GamerGate isn't an echo chamber. GamerGaters do in fact question each others positions and claims. And sometimes find them wanting, as in the case of a pro-GG person who claimed he was physically assaulted and forced out of the apartment he shared with his girlfriend because of his pro-GG stance.

It's not surprising GG has a bad reputation; when you fight the press you can't expect anything but bad press.

No, see, you can STOP F*#^%& USING THE NAME "GamerGate". It is poison. It kills your point. The name was coined as part of the initial hate attacks on Zoe Quinn.

Except that it wasn't coined as part of that particular bit of chan drama. It came up a month later -- coincidentally, just as the "gamers are dead" articles came out.

Comment: Re:why is it AP? (Score 2) 208

You don't need basic computer education early. You need basic math education early. You need people to learn the basics of arithmetic early enough that you can move on to other things later, but still before high school -- other things including Boolean logic and alternate number bases as well as algebra, geometry, trignometry, and the usual.

Comment: Re:They're a resource, not a "problem". (Score 2) 307

Computer Science *already has* a massive gender divide. Taking the nerds who are making the topic hostile to women and forcing them into close proximity to the few remaining women is a recipe for a completely gender-based educational program.

If you're going to be anti-nerd, you're going to lose out on most of your best students. It's not mere accident that CS and nerds go together.

And of course as a nerd myself, if you're anti-nerd and consider nerds to be a problem, I'm against your programs; you're just another nerd-despising member of the mainstream, dressing your hatred up in progressive ideology.

Comment: Re:Embrace, Extend, Extinguish Whites/Asians from (Score 2) 307

I don't know, perhaps you should ask the GP poster, who posited that somehow, anybody showing enthusiasm is being "shut down by the professor" who is "cruelly rebuking them" by telling them "Let's talk about this item of common interest together after class, rather than distracting everybody in the class with topics that aren't relevant to the class."

Which actually seems like a pretty nice way of putting it, if you ask me.

Not "anybody showing enthusiasm" Specifically "guys" showing enthusiasm. Nobody but you (assuming you're the same AC) said anything about Hadoop or Erlang or any other irrelevant subject during a lecture about C; the language of the course was Python in any case.

And what the enthusiastic guys were told was "You're so passionate about the material and you're so well prepared. I'd love to continue our conversations but let's just do it one on one." This was a _stock_ answer, so obviously not a sincere invitation but rather merely a politely-phrased rebuke.

Comment: Re:Let them eat cake! (Score 2) 307

You are absolutely correct. African Americans are the ones who chose to separate from American culture. When the US Constitution was written, African Americans volunteered to be slaves and quite vociferously demanded that they were only as 2/3rds of a person.

Can always tell a knee-jerker on this issue, because they've heard of the 3/5ths compromise but they don't know which side was which. Bonus points for getting the number wrong though.

Comment: Re:Let them eat cake! (Score 2) 307

But people who follow your line of reasoning will be almost entirely those who would have acted that way anyway.

Game theorists?

If one group is going to define things as "us vs. them" and make the categories immutable, members of the other group have to play along or be at a disadvantage.

Do I unreasonably stereotype you? Then perhaps you should consider whether you do that same thing to others.

Hmm... let me consider that...... considered. No, you're just an ass.

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