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+ - US Software Developer Wages Fall->

Submitted by russotto
russotto (537200) writes "Despite all the talk of "skills gap" and "tech worker shortage", wages for the software industry are falling, not rising. Wages fell 2% to $99,000 in 2012. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't basic economics state that if wages are falling, there must be a surplus, not a shortage?"
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+ - Modern man result of interbreeding with Neandertal->

Submitted by russotto
russotto (537200) writes "It turns out Neandertal man could, and did, interbreed with modern humans. According a study in _Science_, 1 to 4% of modern DNA from Europeans and Asians comes from Neanderthals. So next time you call someone a knuckle-dragger, remember your great-to-the-Nth grandfather probably was one too."
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+ - Man arrested for anti-cop video on YouTube->

Submitted by russotto
russotto (537200) writes "In an apparent attempt to prove that while we may still have the Second Amendment, that pesky First Amendment is obselete in the digital age, Philadelphia police arrested and charged a man for posting a video on YouTube where he says that he rejoices every time a cop is killed. He was charged with aggravated assault, corruption of miniors, terroristic threats, and harassment. YouTube, demonstrating its commitment to free speech, pulled the video for "terms of service violations"."
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