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Comment: Re:Taking responsibility? Ha! (Score 1) 435

by russotto (#47554283) Attached to: Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

I suspect that this conversation is a lost cause; but it's worth pointing out that that is one of the reasons why public health types get twitchy about prescription opiates.

Such public health types need to be introduced personally to some major trauma -- then made to follow their own advice about skipping the opiates during recovery.

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by russotto (#47554235) Attached to: Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

Actually there probably are some, people who got addicted to prescription opiates they started using for medical reasons, and switched to heroin because it's cheaper and because they can't get enough legally and weren't getting good medical support for getting out of the addiction.

So what you're saying is prescription opiates are a gateway drug for heroin?

Comment: Re:Pft (Score 1) 956

by russotto (#47515339) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

Every time some man acts like an ass to some woman, it counters 10 men being perfectly civil. If you don't like it, try to keep your bro's in line. It turns out they're assholes, and no one likes assholes.

It turns out I neither have power, authority, or even influence over those "bros". So, you can take your collective guilt elsewhere; I'm not buying.

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I know, Occam's Razor would explain this by simply having all airline employees be psychic, but in fact, when you call and talk to someone, they note what you talked about, then when you call and talk to an entirely different person who magically knows what you talked about before, they're just reading that note. OMG!

I've never actually had this experience when dealing with an airline; I typically have to explain the situation to each employee, often more than once.

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I find it also exceptionally hilarious that this attack is coming from the Tea Party, considering that they are nominally libertarian. Buffet, Gates, and Adelson ARE their masters of the universe - at least, they would be, if the Tea Party or the libertarians had any sort of consistency in their beliefs. Instead, this diatribe exposes them for what they really are: run of the mill politicians who are just more xenophobic and nativist than the other politicians.

The idea that the Tea Party is libertarian is silly. The idea that Warren Buffett is libertarian is ludicrous. He's the guy who is well known for claiming he doesn't pay enough in taxes.

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At which point they bring a foreign worker over and train them in J2EE and Joe Bob's Serialization Framework

Nope. They bring a foreign worker over who already has, on paper, the required (and often impossible) experience in J2EE and Joe Bob's Serialization Framework. The foreign worker then fakes it. And that's assuming the job ad wasn't just a phony to substantiate a green card application for the foreign worker already in that position.

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The problem with UI design is it is subjective, it depends heavily on who your target user is. The "good designers" of the past were catering to a particular type of user who no longer makes up the majority of customers. They were indeed good at what they did, but the market has shifted and thus a new crop of designers are trying to work out what serves the majority of user now well.

This is the UI design version of "the lurkers support me in email". The new crop of designers is enamoured with particular design principles which are simply bad. Pretty much every technically sophisticated user hates them, and many of us can explain in detail exactly why they suck. So the designers claim they're designing for a new kind of user who isn't technically sophisticated in order to silence their critics. Management is perfectly willing to buy this line of bull... at least until the bad design hits the regular users who may not know exactly what is wrong, but they DO know it is wrong, and out come the torches and pitchforks.

The good designers of the past were _already designing_ for the same sort of user the new designers claim to be designing for; that's been the case since about 1984. This new user who likes the new stuff... basically doesn't exist.

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