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Comment: CS/Game Development (Score 1) 173

by runexe (#30225514) Attached to: Computer Games and Traditional CS Courses

I know some other schools have started similar programs - but I thought I'd point out that WPI started a new program specifically for game development/design/art/etc.: Interactive Media & Game Development. They've also recently redesigned their undergrad CS curriculum - although I think that was mainly to be more accessible to non-majors (e.g. ECE's, etc. - WPI being a primarily engineering school).

Comment: Re:Too early yet (Score 1) 334

by runexe (#29627945) Attached to: Legal Code In a Version Control System?

Considering many hospitals are funded through their municipalities (counties, etc.), I don't see how this ends up being a dramatic change. If someone gets treatment and isn't able to pay - the hospital eats the cost == the funding source (city/county/state/paying customers/etc.) eats the cost. So, how is this any different from the situation we have today?


+ - Users Rule in Software Development

Submitted by jamesrayge
jamesrayge (1073048) writes "Software developers are wise to study the Web for clues about user behavior and desires. Despite the complexity, challenge, and sheer effort that goes into delivering results to their desktops, as far as users are concerned it could all be a mashup. Will developers realize this? http://blogs.dovetailsoftware.com/blogs/main/archi ve/2007/05/16/users-rule-in-software-development.a spx"

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.