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by haruchai (#47437677) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

So do car drivers as I've noticed over the past 40 years. Take away the insurance requirements & penalties and North American drivers will behave just as badly, probably worse and definitely far more lethally.
Auto drivers aren't better people than cyclists; they're merely under greater external control. Period.

Comment: Re:Requirements for a DMCA takedown. (Score 4, Informative) 151

What's really needed (short of scrapping the whole thing) is to change the law so that DMCA takedowns must be of the form "I declare under penalty of perjury that I am the owner of this copyrighted material, and it is being used here in violation of my copyright." And start putting some of these bastards in jail for perjury if they keep this crap up.

That's how the DMCA is already written. The problem is the lack of enforcement, not the law.

Comment: Re:and... (Score 4, Insightful) 151

Read a DMCA claim wording _carefully_.

What is sworn under penalty of perjury is that you are, or are authorised to act for, the copyright owner of the allegedly infringed work....

Correct. And since they're not authorized by the copyright owner of the allegedly infringed work the statute should kick in.

There's no way out. Someone perjured themselves and it's high time they get to see the inside of a jail cell. This crap stops tomorrow with one single example. Right now, there's literally no downside to filing thousands of frivolous claims. The worst that happens is... nothing. The whole point of the DMCA is that you can take stuff down but you have to put your own ass on the line in order to do so.

There's tons of precedent for this, by the way. If I call the police and say "so and so robbed my house today" and then, when they come and investigate and find no evidence that my house was robbed I say "oh, well, not really" - I'm going to jail in that case. That's filing a false report and it's a crime.

We do this for a reason. The DMCA was written like that for a reason. What we see right now is the direct result of lack of enforcement.

Comment: Re:Don't sweep it under the rug as collateral dama (Score 2) 151

Is it me or is the mere fact that they automated the takedown notices speaking volumes of how frivolous the whole matter has become? Take them all down and let God sort them out, or how is that supposed to be?

Am I the only one who thinks it's about time for some (serious) fines for frivolous takedown notices? It's not like they don't cost the media providers anything.

They're already supposed to be sworn under penalty of perjury, which beats the hell out of a "fine". The mechanism is already there, it's just that nobody seems to be interested in enforcing it.

Whoever sent the takedown notice should be looking at jail time according to the law.

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While a simpler and more conservative design, a helicopter like this already exists: The Eurocopter (now Airbus) X3.

Not yet in production but several functioning machines that already reached speeds of 472 km/h.

Yeah, but we need one that travels in miles per hour.

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Am i the only one who thought the may day was about the soviet style communist celebrations?

I have trouble trusting it on name alone. But you have a good point as well ss many others.

You're not the only one who noticed that. The utter cluelessness to start with "May One" and they move to calling it "May Day" is staggering.

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Who the hell is going to sit down and scan a few million lines of source code with Microsoft looking over your shoulder and hope to spot a backdoor or two in the process?

Even then, how can you be sure that the source code they show you is the stuff you're actually running?

What a PR stunt this is!

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