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Comment Re:a classic economics problem (Score 1) 554

You don't necessarily even have to charge money for the electricity.
According to TFA part of the problem is people leaving the car plugged in after it has finished charging.
So put a price on time spent plugged in but not charging. That would ensure people do not waste any time plugged in, while still providing the incentive of free fuel for the cars.

Comment Re:He might be right on the point of law here... (Score 1) 305

It replaced a business unit with a contractor (perfectly legal), and that contractor happened to use H1B Visa holders (also perfectly legal).

H1B is meant for when you can't find the competency locally. Clearly that is not the case here, since the contractor could hire the old employees.

Comment Related Dilbert (Score 1) 583

HR departments have learned that most people will accept whatever low-ball initial offer is made, and companies take advantage of that fact. Of those that do negotiate, most of them do a poor job of it, using the lowball offer as the starting point for negotiating.

Anchor price Apparently it works in salary negotiations too.

Comment The biggest positive effect of no ads (Score 1) 611

The biggest positive effect of no ads would be that sites could stop with the click-baiting.

Today lots of sites write misleading sensationalist headlines or leave out important details in summaries just to maximize the click-through and the number of shown ads.
Imagine if all those writers spent their time on writing text that benefits the reader instead of the advertiser.

For that I would gladly pay $230.

Comment More people need to work less hours (Score 4, Insightful) 343

If 12 people spend 40 hours each doing the work of only 10 people, there are two ways of eliminating the wasted time.
They think two people have jobs that don't need to exist. A better solutions appears to be that all 12 people spend less hours at work.
How would society benefit from having two more unemployed people instead of having 12 people that can spend more time with their kids (or doing whatever they want to do instead)?

Comment Maybe Netflix is too big for peering agreements (Score 4, Interesting) 520

The no cost peering agreements between the major ISPs is based on the premise that traffic flows both ways in approximately equal amounts.
Netflix is something like 30% of internet traffic and it's mostly one way. They are so big they produce more traffic than many entire ISPs.

They may be so big that no ISP can peer with Netflix's ISP without disturbing this balance.
Is it possible that the solution is that Netflix basically are forced to have multiple ISPs and connect directly to many networks?

I can see that this could lead to problems as has been mentioned elsewhere in this and many other threads, but maybe there have to be exceptions to the general rule.

Comment Re:"recovered to full employment" (Score 1) 118

If you're expecting it to mean 100% employment for all software developers then no that's not the case, because in every industry there'll be a few percent of incompetents who are just always unemployable no matter how desperate that industry gets.

There will also be competent people working for companies that go bankrupt or the local office gets closed or are for other reasons looking for a new job.

I read somewhere that 1.5-2% unemployment basically means "everyone" is working.
As an example, 1% unemployment means on average people are unemployed approximately 1 month every 10 years

Comment Requires root access beforehand? (Score 1) 75

I find this sentence from the article interesting:
"I flash this image by leveraging root access in the Android operating system to write to the boot block device"

Isn't it usually rooting you want to achieve when you unlock the bootloader?
Or is there already a root exploit available, and this will allow you to not only root a stock image, but instead load custom images?

Comment Re:Wrong question (Score 1) 307

When you see wind farm tax breaks, do you get upset about wind power generation companies taking advantage of tax laws?

No, because that is the intention of the law.

When companies make deductions for expenses in foreign countries, the intention is not that they create fake expenses in tax heavens that exactly match the profits they make elsewhere.
The intention is this: If they actually produce value in other countries, the profits from that value should be taxed there.

1: An American company deducts a million dollars for having a subsidiary with 10 programmers in Germany = OK
2: Same company deducts 100 million dollars for having a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands that does nothing but send invoices for 100 million dollars = NOT OK

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