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Microsoft Shoots Own Foot In Iceland 476

David Gerard writes "The Microsoft Certified Partner model is: an MCP buys contracts from Microsoft and sells them to businesses as a three-year timed contract, payable in annual installments. Iceland's economy has collapsed, so 1500 businesses have gone bankrupt and aren't paying the fees any more. But Microsoft has told the MCPs: 'Our deal was with you, not them. Pay up.' The MCPs that don't go bankrupt in turn are moving headlong to Free Software, taking most of the country with them. (Warning: link contains strong language and vivid imagery.)"

Submission + - Microsoft Shoots Own Foot in Iceland (yaxic.org) 1

David Gerard writes: "The Microsoft Certified Partner model is: an MCP buys contracts from Microsoft and sells them to businesses as a three-year timed contract, payable in annual instalments. Iceland's economy has collapsed, so 1500 businesses have gone bankrupt so aren't paying the fees any more. But Microsoft has told the MCPs: "Our deal was with you, not them. Pay up." The MCPs that don't go bankrupt in turn are moving headlong to Free Software. Taking most of the country with them. (Warning: link contains salty language and vivid imagery.)"

Spacecraft Buzzes By Mercury 62

Riding with Robots writes "The robotic spacecraft MESSENGER is making its second fly-by of the first planet today, skimming just 200 kilometers above the surface. The fly-by will reveal portions of the planet that have never been seen before, but the main purpose of the maneuver is to prepare for an orbital insertion in 2011. The mission site offers extensive information, along with the first pictures that are already arriving on Earth, with many more expected in the coming hours and days."

Submission + - Valid HTML + Google? Yeah right! 2

xarium writes: "With all this hype about how good (or bad) various browsers are at passing the acid tests put forth by the W3C, many seem to be oblivious to the equally important "validation test" which ensures that compatible browsers have valid HTML to work with. We demand that Microsoft fix their browser to, at least seem to, make an attempt at compliance, but what about website compliance? Websites have an equal share of the responsibility.

Test Google's front page and laugh

Most websites, those which don't pass, usually have only a few fairly technical and nit-picky kind of mistakes; Google however is beyond ridiculous; the validator has to guess at numerous points because the pages are so badly constructed that it's amazing any browser renders anything at all. Not a single one of Google's various websites comes even remotely close to being valid (as any kind of HTML) — in fact, I can't even find one that is well-formed."
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Journal SPAM: Special Counsel Removes Potential Evidence with "DoD-Wipe"

A U.S. official overseeing a probe of former Bush aide Karl Rove yesterday refused to give federal investigators copies of "personal files" he deleted from his office computer, after it was discovered he hired a private computer-help company to erase all the hard drives belonging to him and two deputies. Special Counsel Scott J. Bloch hired a firm to perform a D


Submission + - Germany has a dirty dirty seceret (depletedcranium.com)

DrBuzzo writes: "Germany is ruled by a coalition government headed by the "Green" party. The party has taken a hard-line stance against nuclear energy, planning to close all reactors. They have championed environmentalism and spent more money than any other country on wind and solar energy. The "renewable" energy program in Germany is touted as an example of how a country can transition to solar and wind energy.

But there's something they don't talk about: Coal. They're not only keeping open coal plants, they're building them! Yes, nearly every major coal plant in Germany is being expanded, some rank amoungst the largest in the world and burn 80,000 tons of coal PER DAY. And new carbon-caps are being considered for everything from home heating to airlines, but the coal plants? They're exempt. Another related article here: http://depletedcranium.com/?p=239

Does that sound green? It's not green at all. It's a dirty filthy secret they don't want to talk about..."


Submission + - Google experimenting with user-modified searches (networkworld.com)

carusoj writes: "Google is experimenting with letting users add, move, and remove search results. You can promote the results you like, remove the results you don't, and add URLs that you think are more appropriate. The move raises lots of questions, including whether Google would use this information to influence its PageRank system."

Submission + - Portraits of the Homeworld (esa.int)

Riding with Robots writes: "Two space probes have delivered striking new images of Earth in the past few days. Yesterday, Japan's space agency released still frames from new HDTV videos that capture stunning vistas of Earth rising and setting over the lunar horizon. Today, the European Space Agency has posted the first shots from the Rosetta probe's latest encounter with its home planet as that spacecraft swung by to get a speed boost on its way to a distant encounter with a comet. These first views come from Rosetta's navcam — the full-color views will be up soon."
The Military

Submission + - Military to have Invisible Tanks by 2012 (news.com.au) 1

lewko writes: "New technology that can make tanks invisible has been unveiled by Britain's Ministry of Defence. In secret trials last week, the army said it had made a vehicle completely disappear and predicted an invisible tank would be ready for service by 2012. The new technology uses cameras and projectors to beam images of the surrounding landscape onto a tank."
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Submission + - Ubuntu Google $199 PC challenges Microsoft and com (itwire.com)

WirePosted writes: "While the One Laptop Per Child program tries to hawk underpowered US$200 computers in lots of 10,000 to third world countries, Walmart has put quite powerful Ubuntu Linux PCs on its shelves retailing for $199. What's more, the PCs from Taiwanese vendor Everex, come pre-installed with a range of popular online applications, including Google's office suite and Skype, among others."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Linux in Retail for under $200 for real. (pantagraph.com)

cozytom writes: Walmart has a Linux PC for under $200 made by Everex pre loaded with a version of Ubuntu Linux, called gOS. Includes a VIA procesor, 512MB of memory, and 80GB HD. They are only for sale in only 1 in 8 stores, so not wide spread.

Submission + - Google Goes all Black in San Francisco for Energy (solarpowerrocks.com)

SunnyDE writes: http://www.solarpowerrocks.com/solar-competitions/google-goes-all-black-in-san-francisco-for-energy-conservation/ This is what you see if you go to www.google.com right now and you live in San Francisco. I guess they're doing geolocation specific homepages now. Yikes! Google's trying to raise awareness for solar power! Alright, alright, not JUST solar power.
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Submission + - Cold Spring Harbor Suspends Chancellor Watson

mosel-saar-ruwer writes: We all knew that it was only a matter of time, and tonight, it's offical: Cold Spring Harbor has suspended its Chancellor, the Nobel laureate, Dr. James Watson. Watson now joins Harvard's ex-President, Dr. Lawrence Summers, among prominent academics who have learned that there are some topics which we just don't broach anymore. Oh well, so much for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of inquiry. By the way, there was some worry earlier this week that Dr. Watson might actually be arrested in England, for having violated the British "hate crimes" laws; here's to hoping that he at least makes it home without being imprisoned.

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