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Comment: Re:Of course! And you never need more than 640K RA (Score 1) 373

by rullywowr (#44510359) Attached to: Hybrid Hard Drives Just Need 8GB of NAND

Having RAID on the drive itself mostly defeats the purpose of RAID (excepting RAID 0, but even that has issues with this approach). RAID is best for combating downtime due to hardware failure. By sticking both "disks" of a RAID-1 on one drive, you have no recourse if one of those "disks" fails. You can't swap out half a drive to let it rebuild on a good 'disk'.

I was thinking more like RAID 5 or other models with redundancy, just in the same housing. HEY! don't be stealing my idea lol.

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by rullywowr (#44510225) Attached to: MS: Windows Phone 8 Wi-Fi Vulnerable, Cannot Be Patched

Some folks argue that the stories (or, rather, the presentation and discussion of them) are unfairly slanted against Microsoft. For me, it comes down to this:

When a company has a warchest in excess of 500 billion US dollars, as well as immense market penetration in a variety of domains -- desktop operating systems, web browser, word processing software, spreadsheet software, etc. -- it is expected to have its act together.

(CompanyX AND 500 billion dollars) != "its act together"

For example:

Windows ME

Windows Vista


Games for Windows Live/Steam DRM

Surface RT

Xbox One and their DRM strategy (until it was revoked)

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The main issue is that if a traditional HDD fails, there is a small chance for data recovery. There also may be a short period where you can catch the drive "on it's way out." When a SSD fails, it often fails spectacularly...often "bricking" the entire drive or corrupting the entire contents.

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