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Comment: Re:Wanna buy a bridge? (Score 1) 552

by rujholla (#47470749) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

Yes the raw data is available, and the raw satellite data shows no warming for the last 17 years. GISS has been proven again and again to have been adjusted so that the past appears cooler and the present appears warmer. So when the OP says that raw data disproves this what he links to is not raw data, it is the data adjusted by GISS programs.

Comment: Re:National Interest? (Score 2) 382

You are both wrong. Current government income is at or close to an all time high. We aren't broke, we just are spending too much. And look at the times when the high bracket tax rates were higher -- revenue was down. Raising taxes only increases revenue for a year or two at the end of which people have adjusted their actions to the new rates to avoid payments.

Comment: Re:Easy (Score 1) 139

by rujholla (#45232205) Attached to: What If the "Sharing Economy" Organized a Strike, and Nobody Came?

Modern unions have outlived their usefulness. I agree there was worker mistreatment at the hands of employers, and if that kind of mistreatment returns, then bring back the unions. Currently they are just leeches sucking the lifeblood out of the workers they are supposedly in place to protect.

Comment: Re: "Financial Sense" (Score 1) 668

by rujholla (#45045307) Attached to: Are Shuttered Gov't Sites Actually Saving Money?

First Aid of all that is the job of the House of Representatives. According to the constitution authority to spend MUST originate in the house. If the shoe was on the other foot and a Republican Senate and President had passed a law that say authorized the FBI to actively prosecute abotion doctors wouldn't you want the democratically controlled house to shut down the government to prevent enactment of that law?

Second, the house is passing funding bills that say nothing about Obamacare. Bills to fund the parks department and the NIS. But the democrats refuse to even consider these, because they want the public to suffer through the shutdown. Because they feel the Republicans will suffer more backlash than they will.

Comment: Re:Thank god we have Ted Cruz (Score 4, Interesting) 255

by rujholla (#45001859) Attached to: Congress Reaches Agreement<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... On Helium

Note from TFA that the disagreement that Senator Cruz had with the bill was that he and the House supported the version of the bill that said that the money from Helium sales should go to defecit reduction and the bill that passed that he voted against had the money going for national parks and "environmental issues."

+ - Microsoft pushing BING for search in schools.

Submitted by rujholla
rujholla writes: Microsoft has been trying to push Apple's iPad aside in favor of Surface tablets in schools, and now, the Windows giant is looking to take on Google when it comes to search for students Microsoft is including features such as allowing K-12 schools to remove advertisements form search results and enhance privacy controls. Is this enough to beat the Google search quality edge? Or does that edge even still exist?

Comment: Re:Dearest Public (Score 1) 229

by rujholla (#44094499) Attached to: Obama's Climate Plans Face Long Fight

Since everything else seems to have gone in the shitter, I come back to you with a message that seemed to sell well in both campaigns: the environment.

I look forward to again gaining your broad support with a campaign of platitudes, anthemic one-word slogans, and statements that make me appear sympathetic to your issues, while actually resulting in policies that either ossify the current corporation-based lobbyist-driven structure, or expand the pervasive control of the Federal government ostensibly for good reasons but which will in fact be used to incrementally decrease your rights vis a vis that "Constitution" thingy, which I will continue to re-interpret as really not relevant to today's realities anyway.

Your President.


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