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Comment: AMD vs nVidia video acceleation (Score 1) 212

by ruinevil (#40413969) Attached to: XBMC Developers Criticize AMD's Linux Driver
If you've ever lurked Doom9, you'll realize that AMD/ATi cards are very narrow in the types of AVC files they will accelerate, when compared to nVidia. And this is on the well supported and well funded Windows side.

They might have some support in the drivers, but Linux video acceleration is a clusterfuck, some really convoluted setup that makes PulseAudio/ALSA look like a sane design.

In Windows, video players will simply drop to software decoding if it can hardware decode, but in Linux, the video players try to hardware decode anyways, resulting in garbled video.

My nicest card is AMD, but my ancient Pentium 4 with a NV 8400 can DxVA more files... and it needs to.

Comment: GCC's move to GPLv3 caused this. (Score 2) 711

by ruinevil (#39987719) Attached to: FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC
I believe it was really the Tivozation rule of GPLv3 that forced FreeBSD to abandon GCC in their base. FreeBSD wanted to ensure that a specific version of GCC would be in their highly integrated base operating system. The FreeBSD base has no real comparable analogue in the Linux world, but its a system that is tested and designed to work together from the pseudocode to the final compiled product. GPLv3, with its Tivozation clause, however, made this tying together essentially illegal.

Also the BSDs have long since desired to remove GCC from their base system simply because it has a different license than the rest of the base. They attempted using PCC, but the code it produced was not optimized to a level comparable with GCC. clang/LLVM however, is both BSD licensed and produces well optimized code. Its also newer and cleaner code; sometimes rebuilding everything from scratch helps (though usually not).

Comment: Re:Java dying? (Score 1) 205

by ruinevil (#39559665) Attached to: Mozilla Blocks Vulnerable Java Versions In Firefox
Mainly... its often slower C/C++, so the simple presence of the Java icon makes both programmers and users exasperated and annoyed.

Secondly, people hate it the same reason colleges love it, it forces sane programming techniques, like Pascal did.

Thirdly, it is abstracted away from machine code, so you cannot understand what your algorithms do in assembly.

Comment: Lightsquared vs ATT, Verizon, Sprint.... (Score 1) 178

by ruinevil (#39044307) Attached to: FCC Bars Lightsquared From Using Airwaves
The thing is GPS technology is in tons of random electronics. Since GPS satellites are essentially transmit their identification and an accurate time, GPS is used to keep time in everything from ATMs to our power grid to consumer "atomic" clocks.

Cellphones also use GPS signals to triangulate their position on earth, so that they can connect to the nearest tower with minimal power. This is more FCC doing its real job, protecting everyone from this interference shit.

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