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Comment ah yes - the new Corporate Buzzword (Score 1) 105

word came down a few months ago from on high - we need to learn how to do SDN and become experts at it - we have none of it in our environment and no one knows how to support it or what our use for it would be - and we're the network guys but Cisco must be trying to sell us something

or their hands on a Network Week magazine - one of our dumbass Level 1 phone dorks musta left it in the john.

Comment here's the problem - there's no road to Nome (Score 2) 465

I live in AK now and have been to Nome where gas is $6 a gallon

Why? Because there's no ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE to Nome

You not only have to build a bridge to one of the most remote parts of the Seward Peninsula - You have to then build an entire road for hundreds of miles down the Seward Peninsula to Fairbanks over land that is varying between Permafrost and regular road - (and you can build for one or the other but the permafrost is changing) - Sure, you could build an "Ice Road" but same situation -

I'm not saying it's the WORST idea in the world - Anchorage has the 2nd busiest Air Cargo terminal in the US - (Nashville is 1st I think) and we're ideally situated for Air over the North Pole, and maybe Naval thru the Northwest passage, - but there's no Rail line - and no Road from the Seward Peninsula to the Lower 48 - Hell, half the villages out there are still on the honey bucket system. The Bridge would probably come ashore at Wales, and you can drive to Nome - but from there you're back to Cargoship - so will the US create that kind of Infrastructure in AK? We can't even get the broken stuff fixed so I don't foresee new stuff.

FYI - the Road to Nome has been tossed back and forth but there's no palate in AK right now for new Infrastructure since the budget deficit caused by dropping oil prices.


Comment Data Center Implementator? (Score 1) 420

they may be able to source say, something like network support overseas, but at the end of the day, when hardware fails or need replacement or new installs in data centers in the US, you still need those guys who can do cabling, swap 6509's and so forth -

I think the idea of a overseas proof career in IT are over, however. Ensuring you are always at the top of your game and being up on the latest skills even if it eats some of your personal time can go a long way though


Comment it'd be easy to sell an older Deckard (Score 1) 299

I could see a story where as a Replicant, his cells were programmed to appear to age as the years went by for the same reason they would implant false memories - to keep the unit thinking it was human and able to do it's job

OR they could ditch that train of thought and just say he was never a Replicant in the first place like most of non-geek America believes, but making him one gives a lot of room for the plot to be better than him just coming back out of retirement to hunt more skinjobs

Comment Atari 2600 - Raiders of the Lost Ark (Score 2) 222

this was probably the hardest game I played in the old days - it took me a month to figure out all it's secrets and figure out how to get the Ark of the Covenant - (the final tricky point was snagging a parachute on a branch that dragged you into the mesa the Ark was buried in) -

but man when I beat it - holy crap - also the first Atari game I recall where you needed to play it with both joysticks - one to select items and one to move the guy


Comment Re:CCNA is no picnic (Score 1) 317

Billy, with GNS3 and IOU integration in a Virtualbox, you can recreate enough routing and switching topologies to pass the CCNA without buying any hardware - I would argue it's much easier now than when I got my ccna (1999) and folks had to buy 2500's used for 500 bucks each to get the hands on

of course, you could read Todd Lammle's CCNA book back then and pass it but I digress


Comment who the hell uses a 6500 as their ISP router? (Score 1) 248

I've been a Cisco networking guy for 10+ years - the 6500 series is a Distribution/Core technology for the LAN - it's definitely been milked over the years but the 4500 series is basically designed to phase it out

some of the 7600 routers (the older bricks) - I can also understand - but seriously - if you are a core internet provider, why the hell are you using a 6500 router for the BGP routing table of the internet? Put that thing in a dorm room and buy yourself an ASR 9000


Comment already under the BW cap boot in Anchorage (Score 1) 475

in AK, GCI - the broadband provider, has caps and I've gotten a 250gb cap - since I telecommute, I couldn't risk being slowed down but our Internet essentially comes in via underwater cable from Seattle

Actually, I usually only hit 60% of it even downloading 1-2gb a day of stuff like linux distros, tv torrents, and so forth - but it's a pain when your pc crashes and you blow 20% of your bandwidth redownloading your games

it would burn someone hosting 50TB of ripped mp3's on torrents - but meh

Comment you're obsolete in 5 years (Score 1) 323

in my field - (network operations/engineering) - my skillset has to essentially rotate out every few years - a CCIE told me if we weren't learning whole new skillsets, we were obsolete in 5 years -

having said that, being in a huge company with a complicated network gives one a bit of security from knowledge of where things work, but several old timers I knew grinding till retirement let their skills go - and as the legacy technology went out, they became less and less useful till they were basically 1st level techs


Comment it's bad enough with regular passwords (Score 1) 150

I already have to tell friends and family to use a alphanumeric password not based on a dictionary word - I was helping a friend find out why her wireless charges were so high, and using backtrack and some basic documentation - (knowing almost nothing about wireless security) - I was able to find out her wireless password based on the fact she was using a regular word in my dictionary list

wireless = never safe

Comment always a bit of a disappointment (Score 1) 178

lilke most of us in the 90's, I loved the X-wing/Tie Fighter assault games - you're IN the tie fighter, man - awesome!

After the multiplayer - (X-wing vs. Tie Fighter) - I was always disappointed they didn't keep upgrading and updating that universe - the Dark Forces/Jedi Academy games were good - but Battlefront didn't do much for me - neither did Rebellion - (a Masters of Orion ripoff) - it seemed like they were always a few months behind whatever the big thing was and came out with less interesting products sometimes...

really miss the old X-wing and Tie Fighter games though....dang - wish I had them set up on a 486 somewhere


Comment there's a reason they're overpricing this drug (Score 5, Insightful) 556

average life expectancy according to an article on the BBC is extended by only 3 months -

with results like that, you have to overcharge like hell to get your money cause the patients will only be around three more months than usual if they weren't taking the drug -

but if you're desperate and dying anyways, why not blow 2 months salary on a 120 day supply, right? And yet, I have no sympathy for the drug companies - I wonder why....could it be their way of using lawsuits to keep generics off the market for a few extra years while they re-release a "timed" version of their product?

Drug companies are vultures - and I'd love to see more university/public funding of this research for the public interest and less for the profit motive - especially when lives are at stake

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