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Comment: Re:LOL Microsoft (Score 1) 141

by batkiwi (#49625307) Attached to: Microsoft: No More 'Patch Tuesday' For Windows 10 Home Users

On my windows 10 box running 10074 right this second:

-hit start button on keyboard
-type "ping -t" and hit enter
result: command prompt window with ping running against

-close that window
-hit start button on keyboard
-type "cmd" and hit enter
result: command prompt window pops up at c:\users\myusername
-type "ping (IP)" and hit enter
result: pinging

Exactly the same as in windows 7. The only difference is that it is ALSO running a search in the background and popping shit into the results window while you do it, but if you hit start, type something, and then hit enter it will run it.

Comment: Re:Issue will be resolved... (Score 1) 347

by batkiwi (#49245509) Attached to: FCC Posts Its 400-Page Net Neutrality Order

You've just described the Australian NBN in a nutshell (before the current government started fucking with it).

The government runs GPON FTTP to every house in populated Australia (there's other plans for remote areas). Those FTTP lines wind up in at ~30 POPs around the country. Any ISP can go into any POP and provide access to users (so you can do regional, or you can do the whole country if you choose). The ISP pays a ultility fee for using the fibre back to the NBN, and the consumer pays a single bill to their ISP without worrying about whose DSLAM they connect to etc etc etc like in the "old" world.

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