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Submission Happy World Metrology Day->

spacefem writes: "Happy World Metrology Day, everyone. On May 20th 1875 seventeen nations, including the United States, signed The Metre Convention, setting the framework for global collaboration in the science of measurement and the International System of Units, or the metric system.

If you like the idea of the world working together on logical standards for measurement instead of just using whatever whimsical units our individual traditions dictate, May 20th is a wonderful holiday for you. If you live in Burma, Liberia, or the United States, it might be a good day to just sit back and reflect a bit. Just saying."

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Comment imo (Score 1) 494

I learned to type and spell during the same formative years. At spelling bees, when I wasn't too nervous to think straight, I would type out words in the air while I thought, much the same way other people said they pretended to write them out in the air.

As long as you can go back and mime it, what does it matter if you think of typing first instead of longhand?

anyways, learning a foriegn language is far more detrimental to spelling.

Comment Re:You don't get better by not doing (Score 1) 315

I live "next" to a nuclear power plant (ANO). It's great. They drowned a few hundred acres, so there's roads going off into the middle of the lake, but the marina is popular, and personally, I like the perpetual clouds right at the sunset.

only thing is Entergy won't give us a rate break :p

Comment Re:Gravel roads are cheap but need more maintenanc (Score 1) 717

On my road, one of our neighbors has a grading hook up for his tractor and every six months or so, he grades the road.

What was really awesome was the time someone got ahold of some busted up road (you could still see the yellow/white paint) and put it on the road. that settled it down for a couple of years.

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