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Comment: Re:now what? (Score 1) 261 261

This - it's 10.30 april 2nd, not april tools day, and even logged in im still getting this stupid unreadable bullshit, and im NOT getting whatever the hell button you're on about above. I'll check again in a month or so to see if you've gotten back on track with geek/IT news and not deliberately pissing off your readers.

Lab-Grown Leather Could Be a Reality In 5 Years 165 165

fangmcgee writes "Lab-grown leather apparel could hit the runways in as little as five years—all without harming a hair on a single animal's head, according to Andras Forgacs, co-founder and CEO of Modern Meadow, a Missouri-based startup that's approaching meat-and-leather production from a tissue-bioengineering, rather than farming, point of view. Backed by Breakout Labs, the grant-awarding foundation headed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Modern Meadow seeks to combine regenerative medicine with three-dimensional printing to synthesize leather and ultimately meat."

Comment: Re:You know not of what you speak (Score 1) 289 289

so at what point does being worried about the state of your countries political affairs and the direction that the laws being introduced seem to be headed consitite anything but prudence? "The United Kingdom is felt by some to be moving quickly in the direction of a police state,[7] with biometric identity cards,[8][9] continuous surveillance and long term detainment without trial all having been introduced by the government." (from wikipedia on police state) Wow.. seems like they have the basis for what people are worried about.. And now they're introducing yet more measures... but anybody who says anything to that effect must be a moron cause zimbabwe is worse.

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