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Comment Re:For now... bite me (Score 2, Insightful) 108

Exactly. I love how they make it sound like they are OK'ing us to encrypt. Fuck you... thats like them OK'ing me to paint my living room a certain color. I'll encrypt (or paint) however the fuck I want to in my business or my personal dealings. If I have even the remotest reason to suspect I'm using backdoored software, I'll change the shit. They can't "allow" something they constitutionally don't have access to.. and they try to amend the laws they need to be fucking tried for treason.

Comment All software/firmware should be exposed for review (Score 4, Insightful) 166

All of it is doing things that would make us riot in the street if we had insight into its behavior. People need access to every piece of code for every thing they own and should have the right to change it if they deem it necessary. Hardware and Things do not = software and we should have the right to buy the thing but decline or change the software if we don't agree with what it does and how it does it. Change nothing about how we pay for it, people deserve to get paid if they so choose, but they don't deserve to force their backdoors, cheats, anti-consumer behaviors etc on us if we don't want to use their crap.

Comment Re:Lemme let you in on the secret... (Score 1) 494

This does have everything to do with open vs closed source. You can't blame big business for doing anything they can get away with to make more money. The only reason they do shit like this is because they can. The only TRUE way to combat it is transparency. Even laws don't stop it as evidenced by VW and emissions requirements. If the code they put in their car was 100% transparent, you can be damned sure they wouldn't have done it.

Comment Re:Lemme let you in on the secret... (Score 0) 494

Firmware and Software does not equal hardware. Everyone should have the right to modify software after they pay for it. Or they should not have to use it at all. If they want to buy a device for the devices sake and put whatever software they choose on it, there should be no restrictions to them doing so.

Comment Lemme let you in on the secret... (Score 4, Insightful) 494

Its not just VW. Its not just the auto industry. It's all over the corporate world and our governments. Everywhere there is closed source software, your stuff that uses that software is being used in anti-consumer ways. I wish people would wise up and say enough is enough. If 99% of the source code for the stuff we use every day were suddenly made public, there would be nothing short of riots in the streets. I'm not advocating that people and companies who write firmware or software should not be compensated, but I am absolutely advocating that the public be allowed to see and change the software for the stuff we purchase.

Comment Re:Move and die (Score 1) 351

They can't have it both ways. They want to give me unlimited bandwidth that is limited and has a surcharge when I go over my unlimited limit. They want to shove malware at me through ads. They track me despite me saying they can't. They want me to trust anyone that they trust. No thanks. I'll use my adblocker and keep my internet to displaying only explicitly what I have asked it to display.

Comment I thought it was the other way around (Score 1) 411

My damn VW turbo diesel got 10MPG less after it got around 300 miles on it and I brought it back multiple times to be checked and they said everything was fine. I was swearing up and down that they have a program that reports better fuel mileage while it is still likely to be on a lot and be being test driven.

Comment Re:When you didn't ask to install it. (Score 2) 165

No, I think its way earlier than that. Software is malware when the device owner isn't in control of the software. If it communicated with anyone or anything in a way that you are unable to view, start and stop communications then it is malware. If it does things without asking you telling it to or at least authorizing automated activity, it is malware. If it enables secrecy between your device and a 3rd party that you aren't privvy to, it is malware.

Comment Common sense = none (Score 5, Insightful) 283

Its not computers, magnet schools, charter schools, teacher pay, higher taxes or any of those even when statistics sometimes hint at showing otherwise. The commonality is involved parents who help their kids when struggle, demand they toe the line when they get hardheaded, and have expectations for success. Its just not politically correct to say so because parent involvement lines up so closely with racial lines. Not exact, but close enough.

Comment Re:Black Boxes??? (Score 1) 247

Oh, it absolutely is tracking. If I am not in control of something I own divulging information without me being able to allow or deny it, then it is tracking even if its just a speed history. People's things should not be able to be used against them (or even for them) without them allowing it to happen.

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