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by rtb61 (#47440359) Attached to: Biohackers Are Engineering Yeast To Make THC

Drug dealers still have lots of cash to pay off politicians to keep drugs illegal and their profits flowing. Expect it to take a while longer than that. The Pharmaceuticals will also want it banned until they can patent it. That THC CBD (plus other elements) combination has such wide ranging health impact because it likely triggers the placebo affect, not in the way people expect but via a direct chemical triggering of that affect, forcing the body to switch from stressed starvation mode to high metabolic feast mode (making double blind testing interesting).

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by rtb61 (#47440315) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

There is a difference between human pathogens and other pathogens, we don't get dolphin flu and they don't get hepatitis. Taking one quick look at Wichita Falls and it seems those idiots should take the simple step of banning lawns but I suppose freedom to waste water on something your will burn fuel cutting comes first. Also make the installation of rainwater tanks compulsory at all locations. Make dirty vehicles a matter of civic pride.

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by rtb61 (#47440279) Attached to: Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

The only brain membrane that is of concern is the one that let's out greed driven bad ideas. The biggest risk with attempting to recycle storm water and sewerage as drinking water are right wing thinkers and cost saving or profit gaining short cuts. By far the majority of places when they attempt this do not do it as drinking water only as irrigation water, reason why, risk. The risk is enormous, you just have to keep in mind some extremely dangerous water borne diseases and just one system failure and now that whole town ends up with that disease, town goes bankrupt as a result of civil suit. I will be interested to see if they can get insurance coverage for this idea and how much it will cost. Personally based upon Texan ideal for taking money saving or profit gaining ring wing short cuts I'd be moving out rather than taking that chance.

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by rtb61 (#47437723) Attached to: "Internet's Own Boy" Briefly Knocked Off YouTube With Bogus DMCA Claim

Taking the DMCA in it's full wording, it seems it can be sufficiently twisted around to claim that a false DMCA takedown is in fact infringing the copyright management systems of the actual owner of the copyright who can then launch a DMCA claim against the false claimant who is using DMCA against them, especially via an automated system. This would enable the pursuit of criminal charges and the big dollar fines. So when a firm or individual makes repeated false claims thus impacting the copyright management systems of the legal owner and via that method stealing the copyright to the work, they are then criminally liable for that theft.

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by rtb61 (#47437669) Attached to: Sand-Based Anode Triples Lithium-Ion Battery Performance

Here is the rub, as they continually improve batteries committing to a production line becomes harder. Getting say fifteen years of life out of a battery production line becomes impossible with batteries improving every year and your production line being way behind latest technology.

So there are certain levels in development where sufficient gain is made to commit to a production line even though the batteries will be out of date or the production line is based around a much reduced life with substantial impact on battery price. This is aided by government subsidises, making it possible to initiate a battery production line with less than optimal outcomes.

Of course producing batteries builds the infrastructure and pays for more development. It is getting pretty obvious though that full scale electric vehicles are no longer that far off as battery technology continues to develop and companies can commit to major battery production lines with a required life to pay for that production line.

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by rtb61 (#47437629) Attached to: New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

The problem is at their core they fail to recognise there are two organisations, hard business under M$ and creative works under MSN. They have allowed M$ to be a continual drag upon MSN and really failed to capitalise on it's value. Doing silly stuff like lessening the brand with outlook, live and bing over advertising and lessening page view worth and crippling creativity by leaving it stuck under M$ management.

They should split the company and allow MSN to achieve it's worth whilst they milk windows and office for all they can. The cloud has been severely impacted by the shenanigans of the NSA. It looks like he global cloud is at an end, already under threat in Russia and China and likely to fragment further. Appliances are back on the table and likely to dominate as trust has been pretty much permanently destroyed. Even something as simple as a mobile phone is seeing storage capacity increase as people want to store locally and backup at home, trust is being abused at every level of business both by corporations and government agencies.

They need to focus on plug and play appliances, creating a home stack or a business stack. At home that means a big screen display, modem router with storage capacity, phone, pc, notebooks, family notice board (web, mail and internet server all built in). Business tends to be much just greater capacity, greater demands on reliability and more units in the stack. Software taking a back seat to supplying the appliance complete, ready to go and just plugging into the stack. Hard copy is also part of that stack whether 2D or 3D.

They should also not shy away from Android or Linux it just leaves them looking incomplete and less than professional. Lock in opportunities are shrinking especially as major markets will actively block it, not anything to do with M$ but all to do with the US. Many countries let is slide for surprisingly long but now they are actively legislating against it, so now adding in other OS's keeps them in those markets.

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by rtb61 (#47435487) Attached to: Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

They build the hardware, however they do not make or have access to the source code or take the lions share of the profits. So more a source code demand along with an economic preference as well as pay back for communications exclusions. You seriously didn't think there were not going to be repercussions for that. The government of China knows full well the US government is run by US corporations, hence any actions taken by the US government against China's interests will be paid back by economic attacks upon US or applicable multi-national corporations. Thus forcing the US or multinational corporations to make their puppet alter it's policies with regard to China. Get used to it, every time the US misbehaves Russia and China as well as large chunks of the rest of the world will take it out against those that control the US government and force policy change.

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No claim can be made about the moment of his decision, it was his own. Clearly no plan had gone into a more peaceful exit via nitrogen or drugs, instead a more brutal immediate method was chosen on the spur of the moment, that moment where the stresses of continuing exceeded the survival instinct. No one is a slave not even to their own life. It is really rather shallow to pick apart someone's demise. The law enforcement agency was clearly to blame purposefully apply as much stress as possible on order to force compliance to their demands, a ludicrously inflated sentence or false admission of fault for a reduced sentence. That pressure succeeded forcing a spur of the moment decision, one that ensures escape.

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by rtb61 (#47423319) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

There are hundreds of billions of dollars of tribute payment from vassal states in the pretend buy of those aircraft. No matter how bad they are they need to be made and sold in order to collect those tribute payments. In fact the worse they are the more money the US will be able to collect of those vassal states as they pay through the nose in repairs, bug fixes and upgrades.

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Let's check the differences. On a PC I can still watch a DVD on my big screen at the same time. Note the appear equally as large as my PC screen is far closer to me than my big screen TV. On my PC I can play a full range of FTP MMO, free flash games on the internet. I can browse the internet while watching TV. Never to forget I have a fully functional upgradable, dual bootable Computer and not just a games console. I can also buy much cheaper games without having to pay a quite expensive console tax and games discount sooner. With PC at a lan party everyone has their own screen so far better multi-player gaming. I have found every console port to be not that good games pretty much dumbed down PC games with clumsy controls.

When comparing a console to a PC, you are really only comparing the additional cost of turning a PC into a gaming machine versus the console and the loss of use of your TV or a second TV (youch, you have just paid for your PC gaming rig). Gaming consoles of course do suit a particular IQ range of the video gaming market, there is not doubt about that and I'll stop there.

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by rtb61 (#47412753) Attached to: Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public

You just don't seem to get it when "endanger his country's ongoing intelligence operations" are criminal activities, they are 'CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES' and are by law required to be reported, to the public so that they can be investigated and prosecuted. Now the reported part has been done, but of course in a very blatant corruption of the law, the investigation bit is sort of happening but not happening whilst of course the prosecution part of not happening at all.

That was the whole idea to basically end, his country's ongoing 'illegal' intelligence operations. What the fuck do you not get about that!?

In a democracy the public has every possible right to know every action of their government if it will impact their vote, to with hold information that will impact the public's vote is a blatant anti-constitutional corruption of that democracy and those who do it should be investigated, prosecuted and imprisoned, every single last one of them, no matter how many thousands of those corrupt arse holes there are.

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