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Keep pursuing the cheapest labour and pretty soon you will have no one to sell your code to, as no one will be afford to buy the devices to put the code on. It's all about balanced economies, not the greatest possible exploitation, not unlimited growth, not the highest possible productivity which in reality implies the cheapest possible labour (when will you guys and gals wake up to that one, what did you really think all that spin about increasing productivity really meant).

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by rtb61 (#48016739) Attached to: FCC To Rule On "Paid Prioritization" Deals By Internet Service Providers

Well to be factually accurate Uncle Tom Obama the Choom Gang Coward, did not change his tune at all, it's just that his and his administration tune did not in any way shape or form match that tune. Admittedly Obama is not on his own in this as he only signs off on the voting of the senate and the congress. So the president is more of a look at the other hand magic thing to distract people's attention whilst the actual decisions are being made in the congress and senate. Remember this, the congress and senate have it within their power to cut the presidents roll down to just a empty figure head role with no power at all. It is only corporate America and mass media that want you focusing in on the President and ignoring your representative in the congress and senate and contacting them directly, via phone calls or via snail mail or email.

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Before you can apply the physics of space battles you need to look at the tactics of space battles and how you would apply those physics.

Regardless of movies and TV series, planetary systems are completely undefendable from toxic dust clouds in counter orbit, to triggered solar flares, to the obvious stealthed high yield warheads fired from beyond detectable range, the ways to attack a planet with the area in space to defend are just to great.

So first up, evacuate those you need to fight the war to a space fleet and take that fleet to the nearest light years big dust cloud. This hides the fleet and provides the resources needed to supply the interstellar war, whilst you wipe out the oppositions planets, unless of course they do the exact same thing. This of course pointing to the futility of wars in space and highlighting the need to nip the problem in the bud.

Any existing space faring race will of course eliminate or any species entering space if the species is deemed to be an 'uncontrollable' threat. Of course as region become substantively older this mitigation of threat will likely be passed off to less advanced societies as a measure of their development.

So space battles are just for computer games because there is absolutely no way to defend or win anything. The most realistic interstellar wars are of 'influence' bound around, genetic and social engineering and we are just really starting to learn how advanced technology can really make it happen, at a 'mind boggling' (heh heh) level.

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Regardless the individual or corporate day, hour, minute traders are toxic to the corporate market and the destructive influence they have on the management of corporations.

Two things need to radically change, stamp duties on share transaction need to rise to at least 1% to slow down the desire to trade and the speed of transfer of shares need to be slowed down, so to at least 30 or even 90 days between the the purchase and sale of shares. This will hugely stabilise the share market and have a major influence on the management of companies and the desire to fabricate an illusion about the wealth of a company for short term share gains.

A push needs to be made to shift value of investment in shares from short term capital gains back to dividends and transaction taxes along with hugely slowed down trades will do that.

+ - Instagram has been blocked in China->

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An anonymous reader writes "Facebook-owned photo-and-video sharing social networking service Instagram, has been blocked in mainland China as a storm of protest is underway in Hong Kong. The decision to blocked Instagram was taken by the nation's number 10 after photos and videos of police using tear gas at protesters surfaced on several social media sites including China's answer to Twitter,Weibo. The move is to prevent images of the protest from reaching the eyes of the world."
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Catch is even that has limits. Once battery technology is there and you can combine wind with solar and can store at least 48 hours average use, than it is all over for the except for supplying medium and high density housing together with commercial and industrial but the residential market will go solar with battery storage.

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Restricting access to major corporations when it comes to surveillance technology without informing the general public seems of course, 'WILDLY SUSPECT'. Seriously WTF are these idiots thinking. Their private for profit partners and contractors are now actively sharing in the deployment and use of various espionage devices without detailing what is being done and providing that information to the public.

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One thing I found interesting right at the beginning was about whether information and knowledge should be free. It would seem logical that a core level of information and knowledge should be freely accessible on the internet and be provided by the state. The core of this information being all about the management system of the state (being local, state or federal), what they are doing, how they are doing and why they are doing it, something of vital importance to a democracy. Expanding upon this of course is a general public encyclopaedia of knowledge and instruction, so that the public can make use of the management information provided. So how close are we to a state funded and managed 'Wikipedia' as part of state information and education systems, basically to save the whole community access costs and to provide the necessary information to be a real democracy (no lying allowed if caught then prosecuted). No guaranteeing the people will bother to access it but if they start doing it from an early age as a part of their education then it is likely they will keep going back to it as they age.

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Of course if you want to pay less tax you need to revise administration of some functions of government. For example emergency services should all go from local to state funding and management, this of course eliminates management systems replicated hundreds of times, a huge savings. Schools should go from local to state funding and management, again management systems replicated hundreds of times eliminated, a huge savings. All hospitals and medical services, again huge savings. Even sewerage should go from local to state management and major sewerage farms could service many communities, taking gravity into account. Cut back local government, to local streets and footpaths, local parks, stormwater systems, community services like libraries and, community centres and of course planning and approvals. Their main role should be pursuing the state for greater provision of other services. Now you can just whine and whine and whine or you can be proactive. Want to save taxes then cut out repeated systems of management and do so real bureaucracy trimming. Savings in there could be as high as 50%, huge. Even federal tax savings, as management of provision of funding is cut back from monitoring thousands to just 50 again a huge savings. Of course just whining about it and pointing out to those who monitor this forum how much you absolutely hate and loath paying taxes, will work much better.

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Just plain nuts. The road and footpath out the front that provides access to your property. The sewerage system that removes the shite you produce. The stormwater system that keeps your property from being flooded. Access for communications systems. Emergency services including police and fire brigade. Schools, apparently you need some education. Local taxes versus Federal 'income' taxes. Some sort of planning control to prevent neighbouring property being turned into a dump. I gather you want everyone else but you to pay for them because when you pay for them it is theft and when everyone else pays for them it is your right.

So local communities keeping your property viable and yes, you have to pay for it.

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by rtb61 (#47999433) Attached to: FBI Chief: Apple, Google Phone Encryption Perilous

A warrant is the legal right for authorities to search yourself and your possessions at a particular location. Whether successful or not, whether they gain access or not is arbitrary. Just like apparently the requirement they return the searched property to it's original state and not apply a state sanctioned free of court review punishment by 'trashing' the property, especially considering how destructive they could be in the search for a micro SD card (demolition of the property and sifting of the rubble and then walking away with a meh).

So lawful warrants are not thwarted, the right to search does not imply the right to a successful search, that failure to achieve a successful search is an indication that the search warrant was unfairly and falsely granted. Access is the problem of those conducting the search and not the victims of the search. The victim of the search is not required to assist in the search, not required to tear apart their own furniture, empty their own cupboards, smash open their appliances, nor destroy plates their and cups or throw their own clothes on the ground after ripping them open.

The search warrant is a notice to the victim of the search of the right of the authorities to conduct the search. If the victim does not unlock the door, authorities may use other methods, the laws governing minimum force require that they contact a lock smith and not use a battering ram to smash open the door. However, as of course as the search warrant is all to often used as a method of punishment for a perceived lack of cooperation and or perceived lack respect for authorities, any idea of adhering to minimum force laws are corruptly ignored.

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by rtb61 (#47991795) Attached to: Emma Watson Leaked Photo Threat Was a Plot To Attack 4chan

OK how about some appearance equality. Why wasn't that speech presented by an old, unattractive muslim women with daughters, a person who has experienced gender inequality her whole life and is seeing her daughters undergo the exact same thing. Why is some mass media defined skinny person with limited knowledge and experience given preference at the UN ahead of, well, tens of millions of more knowledgeable and experienced women. Apparently for certain people inequality in their favour is A OK, number 1 but when it even hints going against them it's terrible.

So UN appearance inequality A OK because it fucking sells, screw you! This from grumpy fat bearded old geek (not really all that grumpy but certainly bloody cheeky enough).

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by rtb61 (#47991755) Attached to: Australian Senate Introduces Laws To Allow Total Internet Surveillance

Reality is quite clear, conservative politics equals exploitative politics and Anti-terror laws equals anti-poor laws. These laws are all designed to protect the rich from the middle class and the poor, laws that you can protect yourself from only if you have sufficient money and laws which can be used to abused anyone who does not have enough money.

The unreality of conservative politics when they are all about conserving nothing, they don't want to conserve resources, they don't want to conserve the environment and they don't want to conserve labour. In fact they want to ruthlessly exploit resources, ruthlessly exploit the environment and ruthlessly exploit labour, yet they bloody continue to call themselves conservatives to hide their true exploitative nature behind a word, a marketing fraud.

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