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Comment Re:Crooks are afraid of the dark, too (Score 1) 290 290

Did you miss the bit about a 20% increase in car accidents, you are arguing the ability of old people to walk in the dark, seriously, really honestly seriously. Like who gives a fuck about that 20% increase car accidents and all the associated injuries and death 'er' 'um' old people can buy a torch, oh I get it sarcasm (somehow I don't think you know how to use it properly).

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 861 861

I don't like to rent and to be clear it is factually a depreciating capital investment. So yes a car is a valid investment, investments do not need to gain value as much as provide value. So the depreciating value is meant to align with the value received in it's use, if the depreciation exceeds the value of it's use, then it is a bad investment, if the depreciating value remains higher than the value obtained via it's use, then it is a good investment (think of it like claiming money has now capital value because it is under a mattress vs in a bank vs in the hands of corrupt pension funds soon to disappear or in car terms a vehicle driven once on week to church on Sundays vs a taxi). Problem is as a depreciating asset, that depreciation will wildly exceed any value obtained from use, causing major problems in new car sales, unless manufacturer supplied conversion systems become available. So when talking about investments talk about investments do not make specious arguments. Yep, there are investment geeks out there who actually understand all the economist crap, some of it logical and accurate and some sheer utter crap with the full intent of deceiving people (to hear the good stuff you needs to listen to smart business people privately talking to other smart business people and not the crap spewed to ignorant punters, especially by politicians and main stream media).

Comment Re:DC power? (Score 1) 234 234

Yep that windows 10 marketing hype and B$ reviews are certainly getting more than a little over the top. That don't seem to be doing that well though and they are running into a real problem. As they push more the windows 10 hype is starting to becoming more annoying and putting people off, so they try harder to promote hype and instead of winning converts they are just becoming more annoying. I think their key market is baulking and looks to be waiting more than a quarter for the B$ to die down so that reality can start to leak through prior to wasting the effort and frustration on yet another unwanted upgrade.

DC makes sense with your own battery capacity and only using minimal AC from the mains as emergency charge up, if you solar capacity or battery capacity was too small. So likely houses will go all DC as it is much safer and reduces capital cost (all appliances without transformers), with AC only going to the battery outside. Mains power could of course become hugely expensive with so little current flowing to pay for that infrastructure. Interesting problem though of medium and high density dwellings with insufficient area for power generation, not to bad if they are all together but really bad when they are scattered amongst low density dwellings with sufficient area to generate their own electricity.

Comment Re:Crooks are afraid of the dark, too (Score 1) 290 290

Well, but according to the grandparent article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new... reffered to in this article, this article is bullshit "Research suggests that road accidents have risen by 20 per cent in areas where street lights were switched off." So a twenty percent increase in car accidents, so shit for brain austerity fuck wit has simply shifted the cost from the rich back to poorer tax payers driving back home from work in the dark or driving to work in the dark. Hey, 20% increase in car accidents, death, dismemberment and permanent disability, so the fuck what, as long as the rich pay less tax and he sleeps better. How well are those 20 percenters sleeping after their car accidents, how many as sleeping permanently. How much would sane countries spend to reduce car accidents by 20%?

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 2) 861 861

Investment value is the real gnarly problem here. What do you think will be the future value of high priced exclusive infernal combustion vehicles, in the second hand market when gas stations start shutting down. How are new ones going to be sold, with a limited life span and perhaps no future second hand value. In fact those companies that start afresh without the burden of an infernal combustion past or capital loss in equipment, engineering, now empty patents, will have a huge advantage.

As countries try to dump fossil fuels on a shrinking market, so the price will temporarily drop until economies of scale collapse and regulations ban the pollution. The switch from infernal combustion to electric will be a whole lot messier than most people think unless cheap conversions become possible.

Comment Re:Some mods worth paying for (Score 2) 40 40

The biggest problem of paying for mods is copyright. Modders often borrow from copyrighted content to bring life to other games, often making the game much better with borrowed content than it was without the addition. So the big legal battle would be guaranteed to ensue about what is fair use and what is not fair use. All done for free tends to skirt that issue.

Comment Re:Caps Lock used to power a huge lever. (Score 1) 683 683

The secretaries were also the reason for QWERTY. I've worked with a bunch of businesses and it was always suprising how many decisions the bosses secrety made, often the pretty the secretary the more power she had. Still why has QWERTY lingered on and for fuck sake why are we teaching to children whilst teaching them alphabetical order at the same time.

Comment Re:spying: good when we do it, bad when they do it (Score 1) 122 122

Well then, let's hope those hackers do not use the information to fly drones around the place firing off missiles seemingly at random. That or spends billions of dollars to take over countries only to generate civil wars. Then there is the whole idea of blackmailing all the worlds political leaders to ensure they obey the dictates of US corporations, no matter how many of those countries citizens are harmed by those dictates.

Bucket loads of people do DIE as a result of those things, you mean it could be worse than that or do you mean those other things might happen less as a result. So which generates the greater number of casualties a few dead American spies or the hundreds of thousands who die as a result of the actions of those American spies. Especially when those spies were not serving justice or freedom but to serving corporate greed and slavery. I think you view about American spies is wildly exorbitantly biased, yeah those honourable people who believed in freedom and justice from decades are long, long, gone. Now they are amongst the worst criminals of the lot, some worse then third world dictator varieties, well, toss up there, after all America propped up a lot of those third world dictators.

Comment Re:Um... (Score 1) 255 255

Now would that be Chrome on Android vs FireFox on Android or Chrome on Windows vs FireFox on Windows or Chrome on Linux vs FireFox on Linux or just all jammed together. A lot of Chrome numbers come from Android and FireFox not being the default loses out in a big way on the mobile phone platform, especially when a lot of the default actions on a mobile phone reach out to the internet to do local use stuff.

Comment Re:Cycle of life (Score 4, Insightful) 132 132

For companies is it not quite the same. Reliable older company treats it's staff and customers well. Along comes the psychopath vulture capitalist who works out they can buy the company for more than it is worth and the dress it up for sale by trading on trust while delivering cheap crap, getting rid of expensive stuff, wiping out after sales service and support and voila big profits for a few quarters until it all goes boom but then it has been sold by then.

Reality is companies pretty much keep going until the slick psychopaths take over all full of charm and bullshit and try to fill their own pockets for as long as possible until the company goes belly up as a result of their total incompetence beyond their skill and getting employed. They of course focus all their efforts on blaming everyone else for the problems created by the psychopaths.

Want to keep companies going longer, really easy answer, start testing for psychopathy before letting new executives in the door.

Comment Re:Whistle blower (Score 5, Informative) 591 591

Oh a comedian, US corporations are pretty malevolent, from pharmaceuticals lying and killing people to generate extra profits, to oil companies taking cheap ass short cuts and killing people to the US military industrial complex actively promoting war for it's own sake and killing people. These psychopaths run the US government and that pretty much makes the US government as malevolent as it gets.

What the US government press really wanted to say in the press release "We were breaking laws all over the world in collusion with US corporations and mostly getting away with it, so fuck Snowden and as a warning to others who believe in honesty and justice, we will kill him and any other traitors to Psychopaths Incorporated 'er' the US Government". This is not about justice, this is about promoting the take over of the whole world by US corporations and enslavement of the worlds population. Of course psychopaths being psychopaths, it really is all about promoting global chaos because psychopaths thrive in chaos, it is quite simply who they are.

Comment Re:Can the new buyer be worse than DICE? (Score 1) 550 550

How about bring them back and crowd fund a slashdot commentators buyout. We know the goal is to get maximum value by pretending the purchaser will be able to control commentating and moderation to turn it into a propaganda channel but we also know that fails every single time they try it.

Comment Re: Now I won't feel guilty about using Adblock (Score 4, Insightful) 375 375

Choosing whose ads you allow to run and whose you block is the reason why I use https://noscript.net/ in preference to adblock, a bit more work but it lets me choose who ads to run and whose to block. So blocks for intrusive ads (Content first then ad), blocks for just hinting at blocking volume control (seriously how big an asshat are you), blocks for auto running videos (my choice not yours whether or not to watch the video), blocks for shitty product advertisements (be selective in whose products and services you will promote) and, blocks for supporting nasty web sites (don't support bad web sites with advertising revenue). Some of this stuff should be regulated and bad ads and ad agencies should be prosecuted.

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