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Comment: Re:Offense: (Score 1) 350

by rtb61 (#48673999) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

As with all legislation, just like contracts, you never know how, good or bad or how they will exactly be interpreted, until they are tested in court. The fun thing about trying to sue them of course is what you are entitled to do under the discovery process. The corporations have no qualms about suing government and try all sorts of things on all of the time. It is about time the electorate did exactly the same thing, form temporary political activism groups and class action sue corporations and the government for all sorts of things. Pretty cheap to try on and by spreading out the cost and using as much volunteer labour as possible, likely reasonable cheap in the long run compared to what they will have to spend.

Comment: Re:Actually.. (Score 1) 225

by rtb61 (#48671403) Attached to: Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball

IMDB ratings are a complete and utter waste of time. The majority of initial ratings and reviews in the first few hours and days will be single posting ratings scoring it at 9 or 10. The same thing will occur on DVD release. So the IMDB score is just a measure of how much the dick heads at the studios are willing to spend with PR=B$ firms on deceitful reviews. Amazons sucks because it purposefully fails to fix it by allowing review and rating filters to block utterly pointless reviews and ratings. As for the others, meh, still similar problems.

Comment: Re:I'm Gonna Say "Yes" (Score 1) 232

by rtb61 (#48671379) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

Well, that would be the exact reason why to say no, the main video gamers are participant orientated and little bit of viewing is more than enough. It is the failed jock strap douche's that watch sports, hour after, boring hour, after oh my super boring hour and they are not bored at all, just deluding themselves that they are on the field ie computer games can of course right there and then enter their field. Also in the real world PvP is not so much player versus player but purse vs purse. The greed balance of selling virtual junk for real currency versus allowing people to win for free. Let people win for free instead of admins logging on with powered up characters kicking those cheap bastards arses who are not spending enough.

Perhaps they should be looking at the Olympics from the other point of view, should they either just stop or end the lies about amateurs or simply stop lying and make it all professional.

The internet delivered a great thing for most geeks and nerds, the opportunity to escape sports broadcasting and the advertising associated with it.

Comment: Re:Offense: (Score 0) 350

by rtb61 (#48671247) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

UK laws, significant core difference to the US. Citizens do not bring charges, they are a witness, it is the state that bring charges for crimes. So the citizen only reports the crime. You also have to be careful with difference between facts and opinions. You are free to express you opinion no matter how nasty but it must be expressed as an opinion. However you are not allowed to make false statements of fact. You can target and challenge organisations and deride them however you can not target and challenge their members and deride them. So hate speech, make a false derogatory statement of fact targeted at individuals. Not hate speech, render an opinion about an organisation no matter how derogatory. Quite simply freedom of speech is the right to express an opinion and not the right to lie, if fact there are a whole range that expressly forbid lying in a whole range of circumstance not least of which is perjury or just like what happened in a very recent US grand jury, an intent to submit witnesses who you knew to be lying to the grand jury as if those witnesses were telling the truth and to the press and the public at large, in fact the whole world got to see first hand the corruption in US injustice system.

Comment: Re:Very doubtful it was North Korea (Score 1) 275

by rtb61 (#48671205) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

Except of course Putin managed to dump a 30billion dollar debtor nation on the EU without alienating the Russian electorate, in fact he gained significant popularity. The US of course spent 5 billion dollars to create that 30billion dollar debt and in fact managed to get the EU to pay Russia for a lot of energy that the Ukraine would otherwise never had to pay for. Seriously, Ukraine so corrupt and Russian intelligence services did not know exactly what was going on and did not seek to make significant gains by it, rather than prevent it from happening. Merry Christmas from the US to the EU your present is a huge debt, a fascist nation and a gold old Fuck You ;D (the US state department representative even said it out loud).

Comment: Re:Does he stand a chance? (Score 1) 161

by rtb61 (#48664179) Attached to: 'Citizenfour' Producers Sued Over Edward Snowden Leaks

The government has a duty of responsibility to ensure the public is informed of any actions the government takes that will have a substantive impact upon how the public will vote at the next election. This is especially true in party politics. So a law suit against the currently in power political party, that failed to inform the public of actions that political party took when in power that would impact the vote of the public is quite reasonable and would be targeted at the income of those politicians directly and indirectly derived from the elected position. You have to remember those politicians did purposefully conspire to keep information from the public when they knew the public would disagree with those actions and seek redress at the next election. This does infringe electoral laws, where a political party is banned from pilfering government funds for electioneering purposes, this really does include keeping secrets as part of that political party marketing exercise. So no matter the nature of the secret, if it will have a material impact upon the next election, the political party in power is required to release that information, rather than spending government funds to keep the public uninformed, so that the public will still vote for them in that next election. This would also tie into the government failing to prosecute criminal actions by the government, which can also be tied to political parties seeking to gain and keep power and be subject to similar class action redress.

Comment: Re: MITM legalized at last (Score 1) 290

by rtb61 (#48664105) Attached to: BT, Sky, and Virgin Enforce UK Porn Blocks By Hijacking Browsers

Others of course dislike you immensely. Specifically those who profit by the marketing and sales of all those products associated with mutual non-reproductive masturbation using various parts of the body and of course based around the qualities of your clothing, your car, the jewellery you provide, the quality of the restaurant, the quality of the hotel ie how much you are basically willing to spend on mutual non reproductive masturbation, so that you can brag about your success rate.

If any government were actually serious about a safe internet for children they would create a parallel encrypted one which interconnects schools, from which unlicensed adults are excluded and that is supervised. Of course that is not what they want because of course very unhealthy commercial manipulative marketing targeted at children would have to be banned. What they really want to do is 'accidentally' ban political activist sites, news sites that tell the truth, labour sites and basically any site that challenges the power of major corporations.

Comment: Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 1) 327

What you are seeing is second set action directors taking over and the effort spent on story is the bare minimum required to attempt to tie the action scenes together and generally it fails pretty badly. Greatest comparison of before and now, they killed one Vulcan in the wrath of Kahn and the viewing public went nuts, they destroyed the whole planet Vulcan in 'Star Trek' and the viewing public did not give a crap. The most memorable thing was a suspended cadet becoming the captain of the fleet flagship of the federation of planets because from the gut thinking is better than an experienced lieutenant commander who is an instructor at the academy the cadet was kicked out of, something straight out of Saturday morning cartoons. You can tell how well the movie did not by the temporary initial release tied to marketing and what else is available to watch at that time but by how many TV series it launches, including animation. So no successful reboot that was all just B$ marketing, a complete failure and now each time another star trek movie is made people care less and less about it.

Comment: Re:Gawd I hated it! (Score 1) 234

by rtb61 (#48663781) Attached to: The Slow Death of Voice Mail

Voice mail correction. Do not bother with the phone number, most voice mail services allow call back. A spoken phone number on voice mail is a real pain, requiring repeating of the message. So greeting and message only. I will eventually press keypad 6 once I remember to pick up my phone from the other end of the house.

Comment: Re:I never have understood (Score 2, Interesting) 263

by rtb61 (#48663703) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

More accurately those at the top whose power is tied to the US dollar continue to manipulate global capitalism in favour of their choice through global media and government propaganda. Capital is imaginary it's only real value it tied to countries primary resources and how it's currency equates with the value of those primary resources. The US with it currency is largely parasitical falsely tied to many other countries resources which the US forced through with economic and military warfare. The attack on the rouble is already failing which is exactly why corporate media is now hyping up potential collapse, it is simply not real.

You have a group of multi-national corporations who are orchestrating the attack via their puppet the US government. Problem is they are loyal to no one and most certainly not each other. Basically when the opportunity comes to profit by betting the other way, the rouble over the dollar they will break ranks because the know the Russian rouble is backed by primary resources and the US dollar is only backed by propaganda.

Circular reasoning, paying of debt generated by creating more imaginary US dollars where they debt was created by creating imaginary US dollars makes no sense at all outside the sleazy world of the US Federal Reserve. Pointing to the US being the last military superpower as defining the value of it's currency, is a really, really, bad thing. You might as well say, I have a gun and it is pointed at your head, this piece of printed paper can buy your resources because if you do not agree I will kill you and take those resources anyhow. That same gun pointed at your head also applies to paying off debt with more funny money, accept it or die. US exceptionalism always blind to it's own evil actions. A global anti-US coalition is growing and it is as a direct result of US exceptionlism being paraded across the internet and some of the truly awful things some idiotic US politicians say in public that the rest of the world can hear. That 'BRICs' association is going to generate an huge amount of money out of the failing attack on the Russian rouble, it is not like it wasn't expected.

Comment: Re: not original (Score 1) 186

by rtb61 (#48663313) Attached to: Uber Pushing For Patent On Surge Pricing

So in the case of Uber, government subsidised electric taxis or mini buses make sense in order to get more private drivers off the road and to make that form of public transport more accessible at regular expected prices. So take taxis licence bought in bulk and limit them to one per customer, so as to block profiteering from bulk purchases at inflated price to keep the little person out and to force them to work for far reduced wages, an interesting idea and one I support whole heartedly.

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