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Comment: Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 108

by rtb61 (#49143263) Attached to: Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation?

Basically it is a different market. Face it people that buy Apple do not really buy all that wisely, if they did, Apple would have a whole lot smaller profit margin. So they target that Apple market where people will pay more for the same thing because 'er' 'umm' it feeds their ego that they can spend more, they are 'hmmm' 'special' consumers ;D.

Comment: Re:Semantic games (Score 4, Informative) 46

by rtb61 (#49143223) Attached to: OPSEC For Activists, Because Encryption Is No Guarantee

Problem with your analysis, damned if you do, damned if you do not. Many of the activities of the three letter US agencies have become largely criminal with gross and purposeful misinterpretations of the law and this not in pursuit of justice but in the pursuit of the psychopathic ego of many out of control 'agents' or upon the direct orders of political or corporate appointees. So doing nothing is no more or less effective at getting you door kicked in, being threatened with real and impending death for any reason imaginable including not obeying orders fast enough, a barking dog, happening to have some item in your hand at the time, any item. Then you and all other people in residence at the time being physically assaulted, really assaulted, not grab you hands put them behind your back and being handcuffed but thrown to the ground kicked and jumped on, a bought of "stop resisting' with more blows to the head and then of course your home trashed and your stuff stolen. Then if they hate you ludicrous bail conditions the ensure you remain in jail for years during an hugely purposefully extended trial and the inevitably had sucker you have been in jail for years, plead guilty and you will released with time server ha ha ha.

Basically you are attempting to defend yourself against really lazy and self serving types who in reality wont be bothered with the real leg work, the real reports or any real effort.

Besides it can be hugely fun. Be overtly covert, make a big show of analogue person to person communications. Don't be lazy yourself, do everything you can person to person, the more the merrier and the more wasted spy vs spy efforts. In the whole spy vs spy vs the rest of us, being overt, exposing your efforts, being more public about your activities, serves to protect you and will inevitably expose their spy vs spy efforts to the ridicule and derision it so often rightly deserves.

Comment: Re:#1 slashdot article submitters (Score 2) 239

by rtb61 (#49134945) Attached to: 5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken Sorry couldn't resist but you dog eat dog ideas of economics just beg for that response.

Employment has largely gone into minimum wage service industries because a bunch of douche wankers want to order people about, you know, all those clinical narcissists and psychopaths that everyone would normally be better of ignoring but of course psychopathic and narcissistic mainstream media has pushed out those ideas of somehow being of value in their world of selfishness, greed and poseur status. So the big scream is on eliminating or reducing minimum wage so that ass hats can have as many service types at their beck and call, bowing and scrapping.

Reality is, a lot of people balk when service industries is the only choice and well eating the rich (and not in the fun way for the rich), becomes far preferable. Watch out for those unemployed white collar types, they are really into plotting and scheming and when they become economically disadvantage, watch them rouse the mob in order to start introducing the rich who made them unemployed and demand their fawning service to

Comment: Re:Fad Ahead? (Score 1) 127

by rtb61 (#49134589) Attached to: Inventors Revolutionize Beekeeping

No you do not want to set up a honey making business, you want to sell a gadget. If you just want the delusion of having a bee hive and them printing money for you in your backyard with you never having to do anything, erm yeah, OK and if that were the case you would not even have bothered with attacking comments. Of course if your marketing, selling and promoting a gadget, then your comments seem far more in alignment with your intent. It seems the people who actually in reality do tend bees, don't hate harvesting the honey, but they actually enjoy it. So yeah, it seems to be a solution to a problem that only existed in the mind of the inventors. You would be the dude that handed out the eggs to the children at an Easter egg hunt because it was easier for everyone all round doing it that way.

Comment: Re:Don't complain about 'the Intenet' (Score 1) 187

by rtb61 (#49134303) Attached to: Google Now Automatically Converts Flash Ads To HTML5

Don't complain about those sites, script and cookie block them and never return, also if you have a free moment, target the advertising agency and their scripts and cookie block them and if you have a moment more to spare, go to the product or service site and script and cookie block them. You know sending out a passive aggressive email to all in those in the firing line probably would not hurt either, the web site, the advertising agency and the seller, let them all know that you loathe them and will be doing everything reasonably possible to deny them any income not only coming from you but also those you associate with.

So it their ads are pissing you off, let them know how much they are pissing you off and let them know you will be actively marketing against them from now on, not only in personal expenditure but in broader social exchanges with others and avoiding the out of control corporations in question.

It is up to people to set limits upon abuses by basically economically abusing the abusers.

Comment: Re:Breaking news! (Score 1) 148

by rtb61 (#49134149) Attached to: Artificial Intelligence Bests Humans At Classic Arcade Games

Hate to break it to you but that was done, years and years ago, it is really easy for computers to do that stuff. The really hard bit it to analyse the environment and from that analysis create an internal virtual environment that you can base your calculations and optimum decisions on. It really is difficult for computers to analyse the visual environment, understand what is within that view and how the various elements will behave as changes occur. So virtual computer robotics is pretty easy because you skip that whole extraordinarily difficult area of actual real time environmental analysis. Fast track robotics development means you would skip that area whilst developing appropriate robotic responses in virtual environments, you could cunningly fund this by creating animation content using those robots.

Comment: Re:Thanks (Score 1) 22

by rtb61 (#49134091) Attached to: 3 Million Strong RAMNIT Botnet Taken Down

It's internet janitorial work. No fame, no money and no promotions, so basically everyone does not much at all about it. Consider the NSA hacking all over the place, noticing all of this stuff, doing basically nothing about it (basically who gives a fuck it's a defensive security issue) except of course seeking to exploit it. So how come various governments are not going to their security agencies and saying why you do bloody nothing, why you bloody ignore it, why you pretend it doesn't exist, why you so busy hacking all politicians, activists and journalists communications that you basically ignore in your face criminal activity, apart from the odd effort and only at the behest of a major corporation, all other citizens can basically fuck off with the computer security problems.

Comment: Re:Turns out agencies don't really work like that (Score 1) 145

by rtb61 (#49123517) Attached to: Attention, Rockstar Developers: Get a Talent Agent

I thought in the performance arts segment, most work was obtained based upon their 'performance' on the casting couch with agents just subtly confirming their clients 'er' flexibility and such, prior to 'er' direct contact (let's all forget that ego bullshit and marketing crap, so they can sell product they attach their names, faces and bodies to, all a for profit delusion) . Keep in mind a lot of the best 'er' performing performance artists are so bad at actually performing (not the casting couch performance) that animators now have to fix the work of dead faces, plastic faces and simply can't act faces. Somehow I think most coders aren't going to really fit that market and those that are, well, the reason they are will be for the same reason performance artists do it, they are crap at their claimed profession.

Comment: Re:Surely they meant (Score 1) 87

by rtb61 (#49123423) Attached to: Can Tracking Employees Improve Business?

Basically this will lead to two distinct classes of employment, the tracked serfs and the untracked freemen. Freeman will quite simply tell their employers to go jolly well fuck themselves and make a point of inclement violence if any attempt is made to force use of the devices. 'UNIONS', looks like there is a real and urgent need for them after all.

As for the cheeto munching gutless serfs, what is it the exploitative 1% say, "slaves are slaves because they want to be slaves" (freeman of course fought for the freedom to obtain and keep it). So choose you children's future, brave of free or gutless serfs.

Comment: Re:Good grief... (Score 1) 668

by rtb61 (#49109481) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge

Let's be clear here a computer science or masters degree teaches you not one whit about how a computer works in terms of physics or chemistry. subjects aren't even really touched unless you decide to pick them up. Other sciencey topics not touched include biology, geology, meteorology for a start. So yeah, computer science degrees are pretty light on when it comes to science and heavy on programming which is of course language learning, so technically more of an arts degree than a science degree and when it comes to producing code for people, many of the other arts subjects are actually of more value than science subjects. People who do science degrees of course pick up quite a few computer subjects.

Comment: Re:I'd suggest to recommend uninstalling windows t (Score 1) 134

by rtb61 (#49102989) Attached to: Homeland Security Urges Lenovo Customers To Remove Superfish

That 90% OS's is of course, one great big fat lie. Let's try and count mobile devices in that and as they greatly outnumber desktops and that doesn't include servers either. So yeah, windows, they are well below 50% and falling fast with regard to OS installations. When it comes to Lenovo and superfish and their intent was to 'supplement the shopping experience', seriously piss of you public relations shit heads, that makes them a dead product manufacturer for at least a decade, simply not to be trusted, redirecting searches, hidden and hard to remove, simply totally and grossly unacceptable, anybody who buys any of the products even from a bargain bin is foolish.

Comment: Re:My two cents... (Score 1) 182

by rtb61 (#49102943) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can Technology Improve the Judicial System?

Catch with a rehabilitative system versus a punitive punishment system is, what do you do with people who do not rehabilitate. So minimum length sentences with extensions for those who fail to rehabilitate and for those who will never rehabilitate, life extensions. Logical but a little harsh, well, for the person in question not so harsh for potential future victims. It is really horrible when a person is released after punitive punishment only to be further radicalised and then goes on to commit worse crimes until they are caught and prosecuted again. Fines should of course became percentages of annual income to ensure equal impact of the penalty and incarceration should be about approximate rehabilitation time for the offence and for the individual as well as mitigating risk implied by the individual repeating those actions or worse.

High court judges should be appointed with their qualifications reviewed as well as questionable paid associations and they should be a one time thing for a set term, definitely not more than a decade.

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