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Comment: Re:Congressional Pharmaceutical Complex (Score 1) 213

by rtb61 (#47793333) Attached to: States Allowing Medical Marijuana Have Fewer Painkiller Deaths

And for all those who die in the interim, 'MEH' something in the hundreds of thousands globally and the tens of millions who continue to suffer in pain but think about the pharmaceutical companies profits, the billions lost (or more accurately left in people's pockets rather than being extorted out to pay for patented pain relief), apparently your thought for them is, 'fuck you there is money to be made' at least three years worth and that's without the lobbyists and a religion based ban, 'WOOHOO" billions more profits.

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by rtb61 (#47793223) Attached to: Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

It's all just a matter of legal principle. Can any internet company be publicly ordered to break laws in other countries, regardless of where it is based. So M$ is challenging the order to publicly establish a principle and protect it and all other internet companies in this regard. Technically speaking all other internet companies are now getting a free ride on M$'s dime, so it seems sometimes they do pay back to the industry. This is an important principle of law and something the US Federal government should be paying attention to and legislating to ensure the future of all US internet companies is not severely threatened.

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by rtb61 (#47771035) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Simple solution, continuous live streams, camera goes offline and the officer must immediately return to the station. So four hour charge and officer returns to station during lunch break for a new battery pack. Advantage of live stream is the data can be stored independently of officer and his station and only be deleted once it has been cleared of any policing activity. Of course the Feds would love hundreds of thousands of roving live stream cameras to tap into.

Now the big problem dropping the ring wing knee jerk fuck wit idea of performance based policing and police to put public interactions on a time limit. Police should be allowed to take as long as necessary in order to de-escalate situations rather than taking the quick route of emptying their magazine into difficult persons.

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by rtb61 (#47763215) Attached to: The Grumpy Programmer has Advice for Young Computer Workers (Video)

But no "Grumpy Programmer" ever really gets to be a "Grumpy Programmer" until they cease being a 'programmer' and become a system salesperson 'er' accounts manager 'er' system consultant 'er' systems integrator 'er' company representative basically what ever title suits for a failed to keep up with language changes programmer.

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by rtb61 (#47763191) Attached to: Comcast Tells Government That Its Data Caps Aren't Actually "Data Caps"

In this case bought ain't necessarily bought because all the content creators and up loaders are also looking to buy politicians to ensure that content creators and up loaders can continue to distribute content without having to pay an ISP publishing fee. So everyone hates the major ISP those asshat incumbent telcos and those creative types can garner a huge amount of public support as well as paying lobbyists for politicians. I think you will find those bought and paid for politicians will come under a huge amount of pressure to take as much money from the telco incumbents and then turn around and stab them in the back, what can they do about it, they are poison and every politician will likely do the same.

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The way I use my smart phone like means the opposite. The phone can take messages, hence using it in burst seems the most convenient way to use it. Left in one room of the house and only picking it up to check for messages and making a burst of calls, as I wander around and then putting it back down. Sometimes taking it with me and sometimes not but definitely not always taking it with me. So consider that phone in your pocket a stranger and don't expose anything to it you wouldn't expose to a stranger.

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by rtb61 (#47753469) Attached to: Numerous Methane Leaks Found On Atlantic Sea Floor

Except we have no record of how old the methane seeps are, their discharge levels over the past hundred years no how many others there are, how old they are and their discharge levels over the last one hundred years. Fortunately methane breaks down pretty readily However large combined released will substantially alter climate for a short period until the break down and all sources count in composite. So the big threat is warming oceans suddenly releasing a burst of methane, in addition to melting permafrost releasing a burst of methane, in addition to what we release and in addition to flood debris resulting from increased regional precipitation and this lasting for some number of years until the breakdown of methane catches up. Those unknown number of years likely to be quite catastrophic climatically speaking.

So current models don't really take into account surges of methane because they tend to be catastrophic and scientists don't like to work with catastrophic models, just the same as astrophysicists still resist catastrophic planetary formation as the norm and prefer no catastrophic models. Creating models that work well with chaos is really rather difficult. However doing research and taking precautions is always worth while otherwise we as humans would not accept paying insurance ie if we believed we 'would' have a car accident we wouldn't drive and if we believed we would not have an accident we would not buy car insurance and yet we drive and buy car insurance, this due to inherent chaos on the roads. I bet you have insurance.

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Of course no one would guess what the NSA is 'really' up to by providing this database. The NSA are creating another database, who searches what when. They are tracking every search, who did it, how it associates with other searches made by that person over time. Nothing like being able to extort the guys with guns in uniforms or which county mounties to feed to the feds, or which feds to gain control of. Using this NSA database would have to be a seriously dangerous thing, best left to an assigned clerical officer to conduct all the searches prepare a report and thus obfuscate the nature of the individual searches. The database is bait and also a means by which to attempt to legitimate criminal acts, the initial with out warrant invasion of privacy.

Just to remind people what privacy really is all about. Slaves have none, no privacy of person, all of their body was accessible to their master for what ever abuse their master was inclined too, the slave had no right to private property and the slave had no right to private thought or expression. Privacy is all about ceasing to be a slave, a right to privacy of person, privacy of possessions and privacy of thought. The more rights to privacy you lose the more you become a slave. The more they take, the more they will want to take, until you are fully enslaved. That is the real reason to fight for as much privacy as possible to keep the threat of slavery as distant as possible.

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by rtb61 (#47745559) Attached to: 3 Years In, a "B" For Tim Cook's Performance at Apple

Cough, cough stock buybacks do not count for shit All you are doing is using existing profits to reduce the number of shares, so reducing capital to artificially inflate share price. This is normally done when executives have no idea what to do with failing numbers mounting and still want a bonus.

Apple is a marketing company and eventually inevitably the marketing goes stale and the consumer fad fails and then it is forced to compete on product qualities and price which of course butcher profit margins which hammers share price and hence requires stock buy backs to hide the damage.

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This is exactly why News Corporation got the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott elected on the basis that they would kill the NBN because broadband is killing News Corporation and you need look no further than MySpace to see what kind of internet fuckups they are, bought for $580 million and sold for $35 million. With the 70% dominance in news and a months long propaganda campaign the got corrupt politicians elected who immediately set out to kill broadband in Australia and the news competition it provides. However that blatant propaganda killed the trust of Australian public for Newscorp and Fox not-News et al and they are losing market share all over the place.

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In that case ISPs should offer the far cheapest versions of storage to keep traffic on their network but they always get greedy. Of course a smart storage vendor could just run around from ISP to ISP acting as the middle man and organising those ISP to provide storage and reduced traffic costs with the storage vendor managing mirroring etc to minimise bandwidth costs.

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It is the good old building contractors method. No matter how bad the plan and how bad the specification, quote it exactly as indicated and build it exactly as indicated with zero margins and then charge 100% margin on all the work required to fix it and actually make it functional. Over specifying works often means getting exactly what you asked for no matter how bad it is. So either do it in-house or keep the specifications to a minimum only defining the required outcomes not how to achieve them and split the work up as much as possible, so hopefully at least parts of it will be functional whilst other parts are fixed.

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The reality is, it matters not the bait of the hook as long as it catches the fish. What brings people into video gaming is pretty arbitrary, what keeps them their and keeps them playing is what counts. You'll find the majority of those that start with simple games on phones will end up expanding their game play to more advanced games on more advanced devices. Social networked games still have a ways to go, people quick linking their phones to play a shared game with their own view on their own screen, in a local, in person, environment.

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by rtb61 (#47734507) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

In that case your comment would be accurately defined as a 'straw man' as it did not relate to the incident in question. The counter comment brought it back in line to what actually occurred and 'OH no what about the Wookies" means nothing. It is a civil matter and as such should have only been treated in the civil courts. The actual action only fully demonstrates the current corruption of democracies and the justice system by psychopathic corporate executives.

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