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Comment: Re:It's my choice to kill my kid! (Score 1) 605

by rtb61 (#49552799) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Nothing to do with any of that at all. Simply letter of the law stuff and children's rights versus parent's rights under a countries constitution, yep, they are equal. So I am male and these is only one answer for a male when it comes to abortion, I do not support it but it is the women's right to choose. Basically, pretty much I am male and hence abortion, it is most definitely not my right to choose, one way or the other. When you carry the burden and you take the physical health risk, then you get to choose. Now to take the idea beyond birth, would be to get the male to take full legal responsibility and risk for all the child's future behaviour including and especially that child's criminal behaviour, then and only then could the male be considered to have a say in abortion or not.

Comment: Re:This never works (Score 1) 271

by rtb61 (#49552717) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

Let's be honest by far the bulk of content except maybe landscape channels sucks balls at 4K. Botox dead faces, awful plastic surgery, crappy acting, set flaws, bad special effects, poor camera work, stupid shit like lens flare and the list goes on. Never of course to forget the blatant bullshit of 3D double vision (now there was a truth they managed to hide for years, lying bastards). DRM or more accurately the theft of everyone digital rights pushed under the PR=B$ lies of digital rights management (they really are sick people when they come up with that blatant double speak).

This has nothing to do with anyone's digital rights and everything to do with censorship in hardware, in your home, that you are forced to pay for. Don't pay a licence fee for your wedding videos, see them blocked until you do. Can't play old content on new hardware because you can not transfer it as you are actively blocked from doing because they specifically want to charge you for the same content over and over and over again, well, suck it on up losers. Are M$ evil, you, betcha. Why are the evil fuckers at M$ so desperate for it, monopoly in collusion with a 'PATENTED' DRT (digital rights theft) method, that is the pay off for them, that and a long term plot to become the dominant global publishers and drive most others out of business.

Comment: Re:Copypriveledge The Right To Steal Copies (Score 1) 292

That still does not answer the question of measuring the value or harm of the content and whether it is worth protecting at public expense, nor paying the cost of that fair and reasonable test. Copyprivilege should not be automatic but must pass a public test and pay the cost of that test, to ensure that the cost to society of that artificial unjust protection is measured as being of true value to that society.

Comment: Re:There ought to be a law (Score 1) 110

What needs to be carefully looked at is interpretive laws and the way they actually work in application. The rich basically use their wealth and lawyers to abuse the poor. Not only can the rich most abusively annoy the poor and get away it, they can also claim any imaginable action of the poor is annoying and ensure the poor are punished for it.

Just to be clear about an understanding of annoyance. A criminal runs up and shoots people in a bank and takes the money. Now don't you think that criminal finds in annoying when police investigate the matter, find out who did it, hunts the criminal down and arrests them. Don't you think the criminal finds the prosecution, judge and jury annoying when the evidence in presented and the criminal is successfully prosecuted. Now don't you think the criminal is extremely annoyed by the correctional services people who will not let the criminal run free to able to commit more crimes.

Be very, very careful of the legal dance with the idea of annoyance because the most glaring example, don't you think investors find it annoying when unions demand better wages and conditions for their workers, extremely annoying, let alone an actual strike. Don't corrupt politicians find protesters to be extremely annoying and look those corrupt politicians actually do seek to prosecute those people expressing their political rights under what are basically annoyance laws under another name.

Comment: Re:defend? (Score 1) 61

by rtb61 (#49549073) Attached to: Pentagon Discloses Network Breach By Russian Hackers

Don't you get it, it works the American way. Eye for an Eye. One person from a country attacks me, then I am allowed to attack anyone from that country for any reason and in any way, as well as attack all those from that country who would try to stop be attacking some one in that country.

So in computer parlance, let's all play the electromagnetic pulse game because that is really going to work so well for everyone.

Comment: Re:they've been trying to "join" for a while (Score 3, Interesting) 74

by rtb61 (#49549051) Attached to: German Intelligence Helped NSA Spy On EU Politicians and Companies

Here is a question and what point does a countries espionage agents cease to be their agents and become more accurately double agents working for another country. So did German intelligence do this or did German nationals working as American espionage agents do this. The law would say, that they were not German Agents but American agents who happened to be German nationals working in German intelligence services. The exact same thing applies to most of the others in one eyed, eight blind mice group.

Those double agents are not working in the interests of their country, they are working in the interests of the corrupt US corporations that control the US government. Imagine nine countries intelligence services all managing the global fuck up that has been the 'WAR ON TERROR'. Now how many of them were actually treasonously 'in the know'.

Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 0) 204

by rtb61 (#49549017) Attached to: Allegation: Philly Cops Leaned Suspect Over Balcony To Obtain Password

The most noticeable thing about abusive law enforcement actions in the US, only the law enforcement (let's be clear the US does not have police it has law en-FORCE-ment). Not really US law enforcements fault, not really. Some one else is selecting the people to become law enforcers, somebody is training to poor selections to be law enforcers, somebody is setting policy for those poorly selected and badly trained law enforcers, to ensure they act as revenue generating law enforcers. Take a long hard look at the difference between law enforcers in Conservative Government zones and police in Progressive zones. Not just locally but globally, yep, the people you select to run government are smooth talking, self serving, idiotic fuck ups, who are only capable of knee jerk simplistic thinking and voila you get the results you would expect.

The American reaction is like blaming all dogs for some dogs being bad. There is a huge difference in selection and training for a guide dog for the blind and a junk yard guard dog. Conservative American politicians in their ignorance and stupidity are putting junk yard dogs out on the street and getting the results you would expect.

Comment: Re: So let me get this straight (Score 1) 675

by rtb61 (#49548953) Attached to: Except For Millennials, Most Americans Dislike Snowden

Amongst the over 55s American Exceptiolism runs rife. Their viewpoint, who gives a shit what the NSA were doing to foreigners, foreigners are all sub human only Americans, well, certain Americans are actually human and should get human rights. This extends to foreign countries, only Americans have rights in foreign countries and those foreigners, 'er', 'um', it is up to their government to provide them rights 'AGAINST' the actions of the American government or American Corporations (with tiny defence forces and no nukes, snark, snark, if they try we will kill all that resist and they do exactly that and then fucking celebrate it). Regardless of anything they will say when answering a survey. That is the reality of American exceptional and America has no allies as far as those Americans are concerned, no country whose citizens have rights within their own country if those rights would in any way infringe about Americans in any way shape or form, no matter how much those actions are against the law in American (only when applied to American citizens, well, most citizens of course, exceptions being pretty bloody obvious). Thanks to the internet, America is pretty much advertising exactly this to the rest of the world, winning hearts and minds, not so much.

Comment: Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 1) 298

Useful arts; documentaries, instruction manuals, text books, reference books, factual news, the air hostess given instruction about emergency procedures at the front of a plane, puzzle books (in terms of mental exercise), historical performances, instructional videos etc. Of course we could just subsidise their production rather than paying for them over and over again. As for the rest, I am quite comfortable leaving it up to a publicly representative body reviewing content and deciding whether it is worthy of copy protection or not and justifying to the public what social value is in that particular content or why is was deemed worthy of publicly funded protection or why is was rejected and deemed not worthy of protection at public expense.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 1) 331

by rtb61 (#49543215) Attached to: Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy, Drawing Obama Apology

So let me get this straight. It is illegal in America for law enforcement to shoot someone in the back because they are too lazy to chase them but when it comes to dirty filthy coloured foreigners, it it legal to blow them to bits and any one near them, when they are no where near you nor any kind of current threat you, they just maybe, might be in the future, as for those standing around them, er, they deserved it for 'er' aiding and abetting, including the children. Or is the reality just, "Ohh I'm bored staring at this screen, let's blow some people up and make up shit about them, set the drone on auto and knock off for a long liquid lunch". Any claims are just that empty claims, prove it in a public court, lets see the evidence, let's see that evidence challenged.

Comment: Re:Bah ... (Score 1) 99

by rtb61 (#49543197) Attached to: Bloomberg Report Suggests Comcast & Time Warner Merger Dead

Not true at all. After discussion, the psychopaths at the top felt that Time Warner Comcast would have too much power and that they would all collude against them to destroy the merger. The US government as just another obedient media channel just gets told what to say, by the owners of the other media channels, does it and then pretends they decided what will happen.

Yes, they might collude for world domination against us but they want to dominate each other as well and hence do not in any way shape or form trust each other. It is rabid dog, eat rabid dog at the top and the only bitch of that is, they are all continually putting the bite on the rest of us.

Comment: Re:Dell, HP, Panasonic (Score 2) 405

by rtb61 (#49543185) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

Their ability to sell PC made by others makes them a retailer and not a manufacturer. Ditto Apple and the rest. So ACER is right they are with a few other 'ACTUAL MANUFACTURERS' will be the last ones left standing until various countries decide it is in their national security interests to be able to securely make their own. You can bet with 100% total surety that, it will happen and it is just a matter of when. In order to subsidise that secure local manufacture governments will actively subsidise retail sales, no matter what anyone says, in terms of security it makes total sense and in fact it would be mind bogglingly stupid not to do so.

Russia has pretty much already announced it will be doing so in the Crimea, the US will undoubtedly follow suit to ensure protection of the military industrial complex and NASA. You can expect France and Germany to follow suit. China is of course way, way ahead in that area and Japan will undoubtedly seek to protect it's local industry. So either technologically independent in a technological world or a slave to other countries control of your technology and the infrastructure dependent upon it.

Comment: Re:Here's to hoping they don't find oil (Score 1) 151

by rtb61 (#49543151) Attached to: Yellowstone Supervolcano Even Bigger Than We Realized

I think you need to spend a wee bit of time watching lava flows. Atmospheric ones, ones in the rain and ones under the water. Sure the out most layer cools but then it insulates the inner layers and they simply stay hot ie lava tube https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.... So the tube walls cool and the lave at their core remains hot enough to leave the tube empty and you are simply doing the opposite. You are not cooling an out of control backyard barbecue but a major geologic formation. So how big the hole, how many 'centimetres' beyond the hole will you actually be cooling the cubic kilometre mass and what will you do with that steam pushing all the water out. So all you did was create an artificial geyser that would run for who knows how many millennia until the hole fills up or vanishes in the next eruption.

There is no safe way to change pressures, anything that changes pressures in the system could cause a partial collapse in one area with a shifting of forces to weaker area and you have triggered a full eruption. Keep in mind you are not eliminating pressures, you are only shifting them, gravity and a thermo nuclear core still keep generating the exact same pressure in conjunction with the mass of 'RAFT' of solid rock, the crust we walk on, floating on it.

What is the solution, figure out where the problem areas are, when they will be a problem and don't be anywhere near them when that is about to occur. Screw with them and you will only shift the problem to another area, not eliminate it. Want to be safe from them, colony is space is the only real solution. Just the way it is.

Comment: Copypriveledge The Right To Steal Copies (Score 5, Interesting) 292

How about the core of the problem. Copyright is an artificial construct, people want to make stuff, sell it and keep it, the ultimate have your cake and eat falsity. We owe you nothing, not one thing for making it, you make it's your choice. What you do with it is your choice. Keep it secret, destroy it, release it, make a hard copy and stick it up your arse, all your choice. Nothing what so ever to do with the rest of us, not our choice and most definitely not our responsibility, you made it your choice, so don't want to released, keep it secret, nothing what so ever to do with the rest of us. So why the bullshit of forcing us to protect it like we own it, we don't it yours, do with it what you will.

The reality of copyright kind of stops there, sure the token thing of ensuring a person who didn't create it can not claim they did but it pretty much stops there. Now you release it, your problem, nothing to do with the rest of us. People copy it with their equipment and their materials, again nothing to do with the rest of us, as such, so what. For the famous car analogy, you make a self replicating car and complain when people us it to make copies and for some reason expect the rest of us to stop them, even when they supply all the equipment and hardware to make those copies.

Now taking that into account, do you understand why copyright was meant to be limited. OK we will humour you and give you limited protection, like a decade. Then the creative artists cease to be the concerned parties and publishers take over and not one scrap of creativity in them and demand that we enable them to basically print money and pretend it's real because they have enough money to corrupt government. So copyright a token limited right, whoops, privilege not a right at all, as you are attempt to claim ownership of something someone else produced, something some one else paid for and some things some one else has a right to, the copy.

So copyprivilege is the legal illusion of allowing some to steal other peoples copies that they have created and not only steal those copies but make them pay for creating them after they already paid to create them. That copy is actual property, it used actual materials and equipment and those people who made it paid to make it have a right to it. So seriously what gives anyone the right mind you the 'RIGHT' to steal it. Yes copyright is theft, the right to steal copies legally made by others (they were made with legally owned material, labour and equipment) and pretend they were not legally made because, hmm, 'GREED'. That is the only reason in the majority of instances, as that content in the majority of instance has no public value and in fact quite a large portion of it is damaging too society and in reality as such is of negative value to society.

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