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Comment Re:fair competition (Score 1) 201

Map of London, that has been replaced by effective GPS. The problem is operators licences, they should block mass purchase with one greedy douche bag buying them up, then slapping massive profit margins on them. Want to fix the problem, one licence per customer and you must be the 'majority' user of that licence. This should be extended out to all regulatory licences, one per customer and they must be the majority user eg fishing licences. This corruption of the principle of regulatory licences to feed the greed of corporations at the expense of the general public must stop. Taxis would be much cheaper if they were all strictly owner operator.

Comment Re:Yeah, I thought this problem was solved (Score 1) 101

More simply, the lowest tender rarely produces good results. Just because they contracted the lowest tender to clean the towers does not mean it was actually done. So they tendered for a piece of paper saying it had been done and someone went up there and drained the system and immediately refilled it. Incompetence is not as destructive as corruption and corruption is what always gets incompetence in the door, greed driven stupidity.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 178

Argumentative idiot how big are the DC current losses in the wiring within a single home, seriously, how big. Also what produces the highest quality lighting DC or AC. To stupidly claim DC is as dangerous AC is just so PR=B$. Psychopathically determined to win an argument rather than discuss anything, go on have the last word.

Comment Re:Never should have gotten past R&D (Score 1) 151

So exposing a plot by executives to falsely inflate their bonuses at the expense of investors would get you fired, hmm, probably not, in fact the exact opposite. Basically a whole swag of liars in on a scam to inflate their bonuses, nothing more and nothing less. The attitude, so what if we get caught, we will keep our bonuses and the shareholders will get fined, bwa hah hah. This is exactly what happens when you put psychopaths in charge of anything.

Comment Re:America (Score 1) 379

Having trouble detecting psychopaths, easy solution test them all when they run and make the results public. Due to genetic conditions psychopaths fail many directly measurable emotional response tests, they absolutely can not fake it. Doing that test will solve many problems especially when it is extended out to other government employee like police officers, intelligence services operatives and analysts, doctors, nurses and teachers.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 383

I just read it as being "Kill em all, let God sort em out". The whole idea that it is an acceptable excuse that 'er' 'um' we are dropping so many bombs we cant really track them all, is just so offensive. Sounds more like orders from the military industrial complex ie drop more bombs, the fourth quarter profits are running a little low and, you need to fire off at least ten more missiles if you are going to achieve quota for early retirement.

They should stop dropping bombs mass murdering people if they do not know what the fuck they are doing. Whoops tee hee is not acceptable for mass murdering people.

Comment Re:Brave polling, but in real life? (Score 1) 202

Please sir/maam bend over this desk, it won't hurt much and if you don't resist you might enjoy it. Want to keep your dignity and the dignity of all those others subject to the same thing, resist. The more we resist the more likely that the person asking you to bend over will be prosecuted rather than you. From my perspective I will enjoy resisting far more than I would selling out my soul bending over, for others sure for what ever perverse reasons they prefer bending over. Slave or free person make a choice.

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 1) 178

An AC wired house vs a DC wired house, death awaits you at every outlet in an AC house and it does not with a DC wired house and DC appliances will be cheaper. Branding on power systems will define their capital value, that has not occurred yet. You are stuck in the cave, basing everything that will be on what was.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 2) 347

I gather you are saying that IT workers are inherently corrupt, incompetent, ignorant and stupid and would be incapable of managing their union (a big ole screw you for that insult). Yep, that $100 dollars a year versus salary losses of tens of thousands of dollars a year (saving pennies to lose pounds is the appropriate term). Unionising will solve many problems and only create one real problem, corporations attempting to corrupt those unions (face it the coolaid sucks after decades of main stream media propaganda versus the reality of history during that period, yeah, I know the internet sucks balls because it blocks the main stream media news cycle because old stories live on for ever instead of being forgotten when proven false).

So it is all really about crushing wages and employment costs as well as getting free training paid for by other countries, whilst increasing the profitability of local training. You could imagine the likely outcome where the cost of training will outpace the income to be recovered from that training, you can not beat free imported training paid for out of other countries taxes.

So keep buying the propaganda with reduced salary and worse employment conditions and inflating training costs because of course IT workers are far to fucking stupid to manage their Unions, OHHH YEAH (that idea is just so insulting).

Comment Re: Involuntary analog emissions (Score 1) 41

Analogue transmission are not possible over fibre optic cable, hence they are tied to the power supply, a continuous connection from the power station to the appliance (so monitoring main power transmission lines for unexpected patterns of course digital on analogue means variable burst transmissions). So internal and external networks with no direct connections that includes power and data and shielded structures and this only for current technology gear.

Long term solution, governments being a whole lot less naughty and thus the need to keep secrets from citizens (to prevent custodial sentences for the various members of various naughty governments) diminishes (forget the lie of keeping secrets from other governments, Manning most emphatically and heroically proved that false).

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 2, Interesting) 178

The cost of complete solar systems panels and batteries is offset by the capital value they add to the property, so unlike renting a power connection and burning capital as energy, it gives the home owner something to sell. So the cost of a complete system has less impact due to the retained capital value of the system (developing branding of complete systems will have a major impact in this ie powered by Tesla or say Toyota vs a cobbled together system), pretty much no different to the air-conditioning or cooking appliances they would power.

The more this comes into practice the more rapid the shift to DC only appliances in the home this not only reducing the cost of those appliances but also the solar power system. Likely it will be cheaper to drop the mains connection than pay a connection fee and for the additional components of a home power system to allow AC into and out of the system, keeping in mind the less power the mains power system supplies and can be charged for, the higher the rental cost for that connection to the power station (interesting problems for medium and high density dwellings versus homes). Gas as energy for cooking and heating has even worse future outcomes (except for power generation due to the polluting nature of coal ie coal dies first, then oil and then gas).

The demand for energy will continue to grow as more accessible energy allows the conservation of other resources (cheap nature water sources versus desalinated water) and more effective recycling (better recovery of resources from waste).

Disrupting these logically changes are the psychopaths of capitalism trying to squeeze blood out of all of us in order to further enrich themselves and damn the long term consequences, attempting to extend the profitability of the fossil fuel resources they own for as long as possible before dumping those investments on pension funds.

Comment Re:Lenovo... (Score 1) 123

The reaction by the Parent of Android will also change as various manufacturers do damage to the brand of Android. You could likely see the creation of a new branding system ie badging specific phones as Android upgradeable. So phones that stick closer to the Android core and more open drivers, this to enable Google to directly update those phones via the play store, advantages for Google, it gets more people to the play store checking for updates to their phone (so get them in the shop door and keep them there), it strengthens the brand of Android and it gives Google the opportunity to sell another service, the updating of software for Android phones freeing some manufacturers from needing to do it.

It is pretty obvious that the current method of forcing smart phones into being disposable products is by welding self destructing batteries in place and thus ensuring the death of that phone/tablet and thus also blocking resale. This in turn will eventually force new regulations blocking this tactic (a truly insane abuse of planetary resources) and ensure a longer consumer life for those products.

Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 56

The other reality of course creating and maintaining road roads is hugely more expensive than laying cable, many orders of magnitude greater. So if they are serviced by a public road at a huge loss to the state (considering traffic volumes) than why is a cable strung between poles such a nation bankrupting exercise or is the assessment being based purely upon greed and the desire for unlimited profits. Keep in mind the fibre optic cable is cheaper than laying the equivalent existing copper service over that same distance. You know what I say to this, giddyap pony express we can't afford that darned telegraph, with so few users and such huge distances, uh huh.

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