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Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 0) 249

This is exactly how easy it is. The individual applies for citizenship and gets it. Then is issued with a diplomatic passport. The country hosting the embassy can reject the diplomatic immunity but all they can do is expel the holder of the diplomatic passport and deny them return to the country hosting the embassy. So why is it dragging on and on and on, an extended source of embarrassment for both Sweden and the UK as seeming vassal states of the US, well, exactly that. The longer it last, the greater the pressure on Sweden and the UK to back down, otherwise their lick spittle attempts to appease the US just look more and more pathetic.

Comment Re:Small correction (Score 1) 119

Erm, cough, cough, Saudi Arabia is by far the worst offender, not just racially and religious prejudiced but also hugely gender biased. So the no matter how bad any other country is, they run a poor second to Americas best buddies even when those best buddies fly planes into buildings and kill thousands of Americans. If the bribes are big enough and hidden in tax havens, you most certainly can get away with mass murder in the United States of America. Typical act of the political elite, exploit racism and prejudice to keep power, done all over the world and in many countries and even many democracies.

Comment Re:The above is informative ? (Score 1) 532

Come on a current elected US politician is recommended something along the lines of this, So at the airport all that nasty filthy rotten animal foreigners are bent over, their buttocks bared, men, women and children and they have an RFID tag injected into the buttock of the choice. I am sure there are literally hundreds of thousands of Americans who would just love to humiliate and abuse those nasty filthy rotten animal foreigners. This will get airplay overseas and immediately impact tourism to the US because of the immediate negative view this generates of US politicians and the kind of treatment tourists should possible start to expect.

It is only a matter of time before widly abusive US law enforcement realises what easy prey tourists are because they are desperate not to ruin their holidays, they can be deported on the slightest excuse no matter what US law enforcement has to them and they are very unlikely to hang around to sue. So rather than hanging poor areas to target minorities to fill quotas, it would be far more profitable to hang around tourist traps and target foreigners for cash confiscation (obviously all that money is to buy drugs not spend on food and accommodation), plus failure to carry full ID at pools (immediate arrest, big fine an expulsion), many don't speak English so limited legal access (it is only a matter of time, especially with US politicians attitudes to nasty filthy rotten animal foreigners).

Comment Re:92B (Score 1) 60

Of course it is parked in tax havens and is not parked where it was earned anywhere in the world. So still all just scummy bullshit, a typical psychopathic corporations willing to suck the life blood of the economy out of countries all over the globe, leaving people to suffer and die with major cuts backs in social services.

Don't bloody pretend like they are leaving money where it was earned, nope, disappearing into fictitious cost centres in tax havens, straight up psychopathic profit shifting. Don't want to pay taxes in those economies than you have no right to earn income in those economies.

Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 416

Your comparison is stupid. Put a new tech pack on the A10 and voila, it can do everything the F35 can just slower. Now of course when it comes to taking fire in ground support, well, all you need to do to the F35, is 'er' 'um' sell it and buy a half a dozen A10s. Obviously a PR stunt because those vassal countries required to subsidise the US military industrial complex are starting to squirm especially in times of austerity and less medical services, less education funding, cut backs of social welfare and infrastructure spending collapsing under the bullshit of private government partnerships. Everyone knows at this time it is far smarter to buy Russian, then the great profit grab scam of the F35. All corporations seem to be trying to copy the M$ tactic of every second version being awful and requiring a immediate upgrade when the somewhat better version comes out.

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 446

How about it is just reality. Radio transmission receivers exist, we make them and use them all of them time. Now we are just starting to learn about nano structures and what can be done with them. Odd genetics, exposure to non-normal environmental toxins and pollutants and heavy metal build up, upon an evolutionary basis. Self righteous arsholes of course just don't care about people and will attack them for any reason at all. Out of 7 Billion people is it likely that some people will be much more affected by radio transmissions than others absofuckinglutely. Some people can eat peanuts and for others it is a widely dangerous poison and it will kill them. Could some people develop weird nanostructures that make them vulnerable to radio transmission, say something along the lines of RFID chips, sure, weird shit happens. Start doing statistical stuff with numbers in the range of 7 billion and near anything becomes probable.

Comment Re:That really narrows it down (Score 2) 210

Ahh, so the whole Ashley Madison hack was actually a surreptitious promotion of AC DC So hacks are bad and some a truly hilariously glorious. What is even funnier is data analysis of the Ashley Madison information tended to indicate that by far the majority of 'females' were fake entries and it is not the data leak killing the company but the rampant fraud by company being exposed (so many rats caught by so much fake cheese). Who knows perhaps AC DC is hacking music.

Comment Re:No, obviously (Score 1) 258

Not really so funny. Yes, failed jock strap bully law enforcement types are really jealous of computer geeks and nerds and do hate them, this includes all those scammy ignorant politicians. So those laws were written to up scale what should be a misdemeanours as full felonies as an act of revenge for 'er' 'um' computer geeks and nerds being so, so much better at learning and doing it so easily. So you end up with greater penalties for DDOS some corporation temporarily than sticking a gun in some ones face face and threatening to kill them, Hell, if you out of control law enforcement sticking a gun in someone's face and threatening to kill them is approved policy.

Comment Simple Economic Sense (Score 4, Insightful) 29

With the huge negative impact imports have on an economy, it makes simple economic sense to avoid them where ever possible and to actively strive to promote local industry. Using free open source software makes sense. Creating government policy to make use of government university to administer, host and contribute to free open source software also makes sense. Ensuring that all business and people have equal access to government means ensuring no single corporation can dominate, control of suspend that access.

This especially in light of Windows 10 where M$ has made a huge grab for power over countries computer infrastructure, a ludicrously over the top grab for power, although it seems like they really do not realise how far they have stepped over the line. Imagine Windows 10 in your governments administrative offices, imagine windows 10 in your hospitals, imagine windows 10 in your children's school, always watching, always collecting data, logging keystrokes, recording conversations, accessing files. It almost seems like a subconscious act of corporate suicide.

Comment Re: HOSTS file (Score 2) 418

Windows 10 has just proven to be the worst of them all. Quite simply the only solution is to not buy or install windows and block all updates from prior versions of windows beyond security only updates. It is important to spread that choice far and wide in order to force M$ to produces a Windows 10 SE edition, where not only has all this crap been disabled but the code itself is completely missing from the OS install. Accept this offering from M$ and you are a bloody idiot.

Comment Re: Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 367

Dofus it is not a restriction of sex, it is the life time word of honour of an individual and what that word of honour means to that person and their own moral compass when it comes to keeping that word of honour, the one that is given before the whole of mankind and for those who believe, before God. This is not about mutual masturbation (not wishing to side line any particular combination) but about the person, about their values about who they really are. So for some, their word of honour has absolutely no meaning at all, and they will lie, cheat, steal and some will kill, all without any sense of shame or embarrassment, beyond the negative impact of their public exposure of their duplicity. So they only negative impact they feel is that this exposure has limited their ability to lie and cheat others into sex, empty marriages for fiscal gain and of course marriage for them nothing more than a temporary arrangement.

So basically Ashley Madison was a dating site for psychopaths and narcissist whose word of honour is as empty and shallow as they are and people who are pretty much too stupid to masturbate. Sympathy for them, zilch, sympathy for their partners, obviously but the partners are better of knowing and moving on, obviously not to other people who show credit card purchase with Ashley Madison.

Comment Re:Alaska (Score 2) 203

A lot of weather forecasting is done based upon analysis of past data with prior weather patterns. More accurate future weather forecasting will require analysis of future stable weather patterns. Localising data is very difficult at the moment as weather patterns oscillate somewhere between past weather patterns and future developing weather patterns.

Water shortages are subject to water usage at particular locations, so more water in areas not developed to make use of it and less water in areas fully developed to make use of existing availability.

Water as a resource is unlike other resources and totally bound to energy availability. With surplus cheap energy, there is no such thing as a water shortage, as you could condense it straight out of the atmosphere.

Comment Re:Surge Pricing - Why The Hate? (Score 1) 250

It's called bait and switch. People have an expectation about pricing, go to use the service and find they have be switched up in price because of a 'CLAIMED' surge in demand, whether true or not.

So basically pricing based upon the idea of driving all others out of business and then with the resultant surge in business a huge jump in prices. When ever anybody tries to compete, prices are dropped to put them out of business and once they are gone prices go back up again.

Anything wrong with that, well, not to a psychopaths as long as they are doing the price manipulation but to normal people, yes, there is a huge problem with that kind of predatory business practice. Especially when drivers are paying the cost of discounting and customers pay the cost of inflated prices. Yeah, pretty much ESAD Uber, we know your real intent and it ain't good business.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1034

Just to be fair, alternate sources and Wired also did it but after the Manning incident, no just NO.

I have to say, somewhere in the eighties I pretty much started ignoring all the awards as marketing bullshit because they seemed to have lost all value in predicting a good read and came off as being something paid for in a back room some where as public relations exercise to sell more copies of which ever book paid the highest commission for doing so.

It seems more like people as a result of the internet and directly comparing real opinions have decide huge chunks of the system have been gamed and are just turning around and gaming that gamed system right back. Whether their efforts stick or it fail, they win by shutting down the corporate public relations game, so another exercise in modern marketing bites the dust, the awards game.

Perhaps someone should come up with a computer game that reflects the reality of public relations exercise in awards scams, be it books, or music or movies or plays or pretty much any kind of awards scam those public relations douche bags can take over.

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