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Comment: Re:Bless you. (Score 1) 122

by rtb61 (#48921789) Attached to: Proposed Space Telescope Uses Huge Opaque Disk To Surpass Hubble

True, but it sure will alter it's attitude and orbit. A distributed system can always do more and will always be more durable, it can point in more than one direction at once, when a major target is not the focus and of course find many more major targets of interest. Should the focus be in orbit or should the real global focus be a permanent moon base, a real achievement for humanity and the required step to really reach further out. We could do it easy if we just dropped the focus on murdering each other with more and more advanced weaponry.

Comment: Re:only trying to help? (Score 1) 150

by rtb61 (#48920645) Attached to: Uber Capping Prices During Snowmageddon 2015

The reality is of course wildly different. One person can afford a billion chicken meals while ten of thousands of other people can not afford their next meal. One person creates a chicken farm monopoly and hugely inflates the profit margins and thousands starve. So the typical diversion of capitalism call for help and shit fuck no, taxes, taxes, taxes, cant help, wont help, the poor should die, now that's the reality. It is not capitalism, it never was, it is psychopathic capitalism, created by a minority to feed their ego and lusts at the expense of the majority. A minority that demands to have more than they can ever consume regardless of how many others end up with nothing and that is with no limits upon how much more. In fact the more the psychopathic capitalist has and the less everyone else has the more it feeds that broken ego of the capitalist, that ego that is fed by people begging for charity and that charity being necessary because all the means for generating any income have been bought out, purposefully and this beyond any sane measure of greed, sheer insensate greed regardless of harm in fact fed by causing harm as a measure of power.

Look at the carnage of capitalism, wars for profit, bad pharmaceuticals, a polluted world, corrupted democracy, those are the real payout of the unfettered free market.

Comment: Re:Bless you. (Score 1) 122

by rtb61 (#48918781) Attached to: Proposed Space Telescope Uses Huge Opaque Disk To Surpass Hubble

Space is not really empty we just sort of mostly empty. The bigger the satellite the bigger the target and probability becomes really problematic. Makes more sense to launch many smaller satellites that collectively can achieve the same output and although more expensive be far more durable, expandable and replaceable.

Comment: Re:only trying to help? (Score 1) 150

by rtb61 (#48918759) Attached to: Uber Capping Prices During Snowmageddon 2015

Free market guarantees shortages that is it's function. What you are really saying is if you can not afford it, meh, fuck you, ha ha, die in the blizzard. That bullshit capitalist lie has to end, in the balance between need versus greed, capitalism is all about psychopathic greed and the bullshit propaganda that it comes wrapped in.

Comment: Re:stone tablets (Score 1) 244

by rtb61 (#48918647) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Medium For Personal Archive?

Best method is to reduce expectations and use hard copy. How much of that stuff do you really need to keep, how much is best served as memories, that simply pass when you pass. How much will simply be binned, when you do pass or failed to be properly backed up there in after. The best back up method is to focus first on what you are backing up, you only need to make the choice to delete where as backing up is hard to do and must be verified and repeated again and again and again ad nauseam. If you created it once you can do it again, if you could not be bothered doing it again, did you really need to back it up in the first place. Want something carved in stone, then you carve it in stone, want it to be flexible in digital then you are going to have to work at it, verify it, audit it, do backups of backups, change media over time, change hardware over time and expect back up failures no matter what you do because time not weeks but decades makes for real effort and often as you never end up making any use at all of that backed up content a waste of time that could be better off spent on creating new memories.

Comment: Re:Portland (Score 1) 143

by rtb61 (#48918519) Attached to: New Google Fiber Cities Announced

The problem with any new infrastructure in a crowded although crap infrastructure market is the ability of incumbents to temporarily change in order to financially cripple newcomers (drop prices, provide better services) and once that is done, the very second it is done, go immediately back to it exploitative practices. That includes buying out the newcomer which is facilitated by corrupt mergers of corrupt businesses to create a corrupt mega business with the cash reserve and the credit ability to buy out anyone. Want better business don't pray for new businesses get rid of the psychopaths in the existing businesses they do not belong there and are enormously destructive.

Comment: Re:Who eats doughnuts with the doughnut men? (Score 5, Interesting) 443

by rtb61 (#48909753) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

Colour me confused but aren't police meant to be visible on patrol, reassuring the public and obstructing the criminals by their presence. Being a police officer is not meant to be about being a revenue machines on the clock but a peace officer assisting the public in upholding the law and providing a first response emergency service. So shouldn't police be more like, hmm, great app, let's try to be everywhere on it and not just sitting down on our doughnut munching lard arses, as mobile revenue machines targeting the poor and middle class.

Comment: Re:And is this a bad thing? (Score 1) 386

The issue that terrorist activity uncovers of course is what other countries are doing when they discover mentally disturbed individuals with a bent towards violence. Are they recruiting them as willing dupes to carry out acts that achieve desired political and economic goals of the controllers and not the crazy goals of the dupes. Deeply disturbing stuff, like were the Boston Marathon bombers actually set up to purposefully conduct terrorist activities in a foreign country (an act of war) and when that was denied did they retaliate, after all Russia informed the US of the nature of the individuals prior to their attempted return to Russia. How many of those acts of terror in recent years have had far deeper and much more malignant purposes, you know the bullshit of psychopaths, their sick means given value by their pretend ends. How many Islamic terrorist attacks have favoured the political goals of Israel, for example, some, many, nearly all? Does Israel have the patience or do they have a history of rushing things along, how do they treat Palestinians and how would they treat the rest of us in that light. Let's not forget Saudi Arabia that has the declared intention of becoming the capital of a Muslim Empire, otherwise what point forcing the worship of Mecca. There are a whole lot of questionable government and spy agency ethics or the lack there of going on.

Focusing in on other government spy agencies seems the far more logical and sensible choice. PS Russia you do not covertly spy on the US you overtly spy on the US, simply pay lobbyists to do you spying for you, it's allowed and in fact even demanded. Never heard of AIPAC a public in your face agency of espionage and political corruption, allowed because of course campaign contribution through a pretend US organisation all remotely administered from Israel.

Comment: Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 145

by rtb61 (#48909363) Attached to: Secret Service Investigating Small Drone On White House Grounds

The self targeting computer payload is the dangerous part. Just get it near the target and let it go. Countries of course will be able to do more with drones or more accurately aerial mines. For example incorporating the explosive within the battery, so that between individual storage cells you have a layer of explosive material and so that you can incorporate the battery metals in the high speed burn, creating a very high compression, short range detonation. There is nothing wrong with having quad copters with wings, all you need to do is to be able to rotate the back rotors through 90 degrees in order to be able to substantially alter flight characteristics and range.

In a defensive deployment you send out a few hundred networked and feeding information to each other about terrain, targets and counter measures being applied and specifically target those counter measures before penetrating deeper, each time one is destroyed it sends out a cloud of detection obscuring material, which others can hide behind. So in short and medium range applications they do represent a substantial change and test the willingness of a government to kill every bird in proximity to the defended locations and of course where the missing munitions end up. Very effective against the concentrated and exposed forces of invading armies.

So yes, smart drones do present a real security nightmare likely best solved with diplomacy and the proper application of justice rather than just inciting terror with terror.

Comment: Re:That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 386

It should be hard and it should be difficult and it should require real effort and expenditure of resources. Otherwise the idiots will bury themselves in bullshit and chase imaginary cases whilst the real ones go unsolved. A full search warrant from a judge is required in order to prevent lying short cuts. They must have a real case to investigate and not be on some self serving crusade for personal reasons. Lets just ramp that up a bit whilst we are there and make disclosure of all warrants to it's target compulsory once it expires as they have a right to know and to be able to defend themselves from accusations. This is all about perverted douche bags seeking to gain greater power via extortion, that is the reality and they want to be able to hide that activity. GCHQ does not want to be an investigatory agency for the government it wants to become the government just like there buddies in the CIA and NSA. So how stupid will the poms be, just as foolish as the yanks or not? How long will it take for Americans to get the CIA and the NSA back under control by the government rather than having them control the government? Will the poms be able to pull GCHQ bank from the brink as it is pretty blatantly obvious it is teetering over the edge?

Comment: Re:Three-month-old Continuum screenshot (Score 1) 370

by rtb61 (#48909091) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

I kinda smell an OS that generates internet hits each it time it boots up and continues to do so while it is running. Need all those internet hits and have pretend balmy bing hits to be able to sell advertising. I would have deep concerns about how invasive it is as an OS and how much advertising it will be looking to start to sneaking in.

I would hope that M$ofties does not choose to be idiots and the default is secure and mind your own business and not insecure and invading your privacy. Better make sure some features have to be accepted and turned on twice to emphasize them and most definitely are not required to use your computer, else there will be a big price to pay.

There are better market areas to head off into rather than being douche bags in their advertising market war with google, now is not the time to double down on the stupid and pay attention to customer preferences that are never expressed in bean counter spreadsheets, those pots of gold at the end of the rainbow that turn out to be just full of angry customers.

Comment: Re:Where Does He Stand On the Issues? (Score 1) 120

by rtb61 (#48901697) Attached to: Fark's Drew Curtis Running For Governor of Kentucky

You want to know who also agrees with you, terrorists agree with you, which is why they use terror to force people to do things that the terrorists want them to do. Democracy ie representing the majority and informing them sufficiently so that they can make sound decisions was all about putting an end to the rule of the minority who kept power and maintained power via terror, the terror of public executions. Whether they call themselves kings or emperors or gods, we just call them all terrorists today and their descendants are just narcissistic ass hats or worse psychopaths who should be behind bars.

Comment: Re:Link to the study (Score 4, Insightful) 351

by rtb61 (#48901213) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

So yes, the majority of people support the mandatory labelling of 'ALL' food. What exactly is in it. So what is so new about that. So some smart arse sucks in people who don't know what they are talking about thinks they win. So why didn't that same shit for brains ask people simple questions in a foreign language and laugh at their ignorance. Seriously give a few people a little more brains than average and they think they are geniuses.

It is pretty damn obvious that people want to know what is being put in their foods and screw all those that want to lie and deceive so they can stick shit in it because it is cheap and then add artificial flavours to hide the taste of that shit.

Comment: Re:Where Does He Stand On the Issues? (Score 1) 120

by rtb61 (#48901161) Attached to: Fark's Drew Curtis Running For Governor of Kentucky

So you oppose representative government, hmm, interesting, have you been investigated lately because I am sure that there are a few people that would like to talk to you after that kind of statement. So you oppose the idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people, interesting.

So democracy is mob rule, hmm, OK.

I am sure all the kings and queens of this world agree with you. All the leaders of police states. All those self serving autocrats.

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