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Comment: Re:"That can be reversed on request" (Score 1, Insightful) 111

by rtb61 (#49565911) Attached to: New Privacy Threat: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection

So let me get this straight rich gits with chauffeurs get priority over everyone else because why, why the fuck, why? So do you or do you not count a professional driver in the car with one, just one fucking person actually travelling to a destination. That other person is just a labour saving device and not a person going to a destination, yet the rich git in the back gets priority over the nobodies who can not afford a limousine with an associated driver. Should a taxi with one passenger be in the HOV lane or not, reality is no but in order to favour limousine passenger, oh yeah.

Comment: Re:How you drive: (Score 1) 194

by rtb61 (#49565837) Attached to: The Engineer's Lament -- Prioritizing Car Safety Issues

So car safety should take into account in the other half of "Its how you drive the car more than what you drive that get's you into trouble", assuming a two car collision and one making a mistake whilst the other is just an innocent victim of that mistake. "So is is what you drive and how others drive, that gets people into trouble".

So the whole system should be revised because statistics prove it is extremely dangerous and causing a huge amount of pain and suffering. Just barely reasonable for the past and most certainly not good enough for the future.

Comment: Re:Hello Captain Obvious (Score 2) 54

by rtb61 (#49557595) Attached to: Declassified Report From 2009 Questions Effectiveness of NSA Spying

So why the release? Are they finding it really hard to recruit people hence, "Very few working-level C.I.A. analysts were told about it." As in come join the CIA and NSA we are not all psychopaths douche bags who get sexually aroused by prying into everyone's privacy, the power, the power.

Yep, they are not all evil and pathetic but until they start prosecuting the corrupt, they have no hope of being respected and that especially includes Darth Cheney, the number one conspirator behind all that mess.

Comment: Re:That's Great and All (Score 1) 89

Poker is a game of chance, straight probability calculations nothing more nothing less. Beyond that it is about reading the players and that has nothing to do with poker. So I am 'ass'uming they are inserting butt plug stress monitoring probes and using that to associate stress with betting styles and to be able to assess when a players arse puckers with relation to the quality of their cards and the bets they make.

Comment: Re:Damn... (Score 1) 479

by rtb61 (#49557507) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

Men who shave want to look prepubescent because, WHY? Does that prepubescent look attract them, do they prefer women with shaven legs that look more prepubescent because, WHY? Growing a beard is normal for by far the majority of men, why pursue an unnatural act in order to look more child like because WHY? What exactly is the purpose in modern sexuality of looking more childlike? Everyone take note.

Political activism also threatens corporate interests and they are the ones with money to pay for all kinds of stuff, including assassins and mercenaries. The deployment of mercenaries, killers for hire has been really active in the last decade and the US Government in all of it's corporate driven insanity is pushing it. Who was behind it and who benefited most.

Comment: Re:Homeless galaxies (Score 1) 60

by rtb61 (#49557461) Attached to: Cosmologists Find Eleven Runaway Galaxies

The answer to that would be, 'er', yes. It indicates that astronomical motions are for more chaotic than imagined and hence as you go down from large to small so that chaos would reflect in more errant objects. So yeah, we can quite readily be impacted by dangerous objects at any time and it behoves us to try to do something about reducing risk, the smaller the objects the more prevalent they and the greater the risk of impact. So finding high risk objects and reducing that risk. It's like the the stupid, why study volcanoes can not do nothing to stop them, what a waste of time. The reason of course to study volcanoes is to figure out when they will erupt and ensure harm to people and property is minimised.

Comment: Re:Snowden is a hero (Score 2) 107

by rtb61 (#49557421) Attached to: Officials Say Russian Hackers Read Obama's Unclassified Emails

Rather pointless for the Russians to hack the Whitehouse, the puppet house, nothing there but implied instructions from their corporate campaign donors. Want to know what the actual American government is doing, Russia needs to hack the boardrooms and homes of the US's dominate corporate leaders to find out what is actually going on and to be able to get actionable data. This to bring them down or to force better behaviour, lots of dirt there and of course even more in the tax havens positive gold mine of US and western government corruption.

Want to know what is going on don't watch the puppet show, just mock it's subservience and incompetence (good people are more likely to be loyal to their fellow citizens then corrupt corporations), pay attention to the psychopaths pulling the campaign strings. Shine a light in those shadows and watch the cockroaches scatter no matter how rich they are and how much power they 'think' they have.

The new cold war is US Corporations VS the People of The World.

Comment: Re:sage (Score 1) 337

by rtb61 (#49557381) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

So who supervises the children, who ensures they play well together, who ensures they learn life and citizen lessons, who ensure the actually learn the material. Let me guess armed guards with tasers and handcuffs, they are really fucking cheap and hell, when it comes to the US the will be more than ample law enforcement types who would switch to school enforcement in order to 'play' with the kiddies, hell there would a whole bunch of pseudo conservative, pseudo religious types who would pay to play.

Quality staff, providing a quality adult child interaction to ensure good psychological outcomes and as a side issue provide knowledge, this why the parent are forced to work to feed the indulgences of the rich and greedy. Oh wait it's the America solution, the children of the rich get that and the children of the poor, well, they get the child molesters. Let's all follow the American way, be greedy, selfish and cheap when it comes to other peoples children and let's generate profits anyway possible, including the cheapest possible people looking after their worthless children.

Comment: Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 1) 473

by rtb61 (#49557341) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?

Everyone knows exactly what is causing the shitiness, douche bag lawyers, writing crap non-warranties, so manufacturers don't give a crap how bad their products are as long as those same douche bag lawyers can fend off enough angry customers to generate a good profit, selling shit likes it gold. PR=B$ (public relations lies) can also work to convince customer they are the only ones, by flooding every media channel with lies about how good the products are and how they are the only ones with problems, including and especially fucking forums. Corporate douche baggery is the problem, companies run by psychopaths is the problem, companies running governments in order to block government management consumer protections from working properly is the problem and those shitty products and shitty software is just a symptom.

Comment: Re:It's my choice to kill my kid! (Score 1) 608

by rtb61 (#49552799) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

Nothing to do with any of that at all. Simply letter of the law stuff and children's rights versus parent's rights under a countries constitution, yep, they are equal. So I am male and these is only one answer for a male when it comes to abortion, I do not support it but it is the women's right to choose. Basically, pretty much I am male and hence abortion, it is most definitely not my right to choose, one way or the other. When you carry the burden and you take the physical health risk, then you get to choose. Now to take the idea beyond birth, would be to get the male to take full legal responsibility and risk for all the child's future behaviour including and especially that child's criminal behaviour, then and only then could the male be considered to have a say in abortion or not.

Comment: Re:This never works (Score 2) 303

by rtb61 (#49552717) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

Let's be honest by far the bulk of content except maybe landscape channels sucks balls at 4K. Botox dead faces, awful plastic surgery, crappy acting, set flaws, bad special effects, poor camera work, stupid shit like lens flare and the list goes on. Never of course to forget the blatant bullshit of 3D double vision (now there was a truth they managed to hide for years, lying bastards). DRM or more accurately the theft of everyone digital rights pushed under the PR=B$ lies of digital rights management (they really are sick people when they come up with that blatant double speak).

This has nothing to do with anyone's digital rights and everything to do with censorship in hardware, in your home, that you are forced to pay for. Don't pay a licence fee for your wedding videos, see them blocked until you do. Can't play old content on new hardware because you can not transfer it as you are actively blocked from doing because they specifically want to charge you for the same content over and over and over again, well, suck it on up losers. Are M$ evil, you, betcha. Why are the evil fuckers at M$ so desperate for it, monopoly in collusion with a 'PATENTED' DRT (digital rights theft) method, that is the pay off for them, that and a long term plot to become the dominant global publishers and drive most others out of business.

Comment: Re:Copypriveledge The Right To Steal Copies (Score 1) 301

That still does not answer the question of measuring the value or harm of the content and whether it is worth protecting at public expense, nor paying the cost of that fair and reasonable test. Copyprivilege should not be automatic but must pass a public test and pay the cost of that test, to ensure that the cost to society of that artificial unjust protection is measured as being of true value to that society.

Comment: Re:There ought to be a law (Score 1) 114

What needs to be carefully looked at is interpretive laws and the way they actually work in application. The rich basically use their wealth and lawyers to abuse the poor. Not only can the rich most abusively annoy the poor and get away it, they can also claim any imaginable action of the poor is annoying and ensure the poor are punished for it.

Just to be clear about an understanding of annoyance. A criminal runs up and shoots people in a bank and takes the money. Now don't you think that criminal finds in annoying when police investigate the matter, find out who did it, hunts the criminal down and arrests them. Don't you think the criminal finds the prosecution, judge and jury annoying when the evidence in presented and the criminal is successfully prosecuted. Now don't you think the criminal is extremely annoyed by the correctional services people who will not let the criminal run free to able to commit more crimes.

Be very, very careful of the legal dance with the idea of annoyance because the most glaring example, don't you think investors find it annoying when unions demand better wages and conditions for their workers, extremely annoying, let alone an actual strike. Don't corrupt politicians find protesters to be extremely annoying and look those corrupt politicians actually do seek to prosecute those people expressing their political rights under what are basically annoyance laws under another name.

Comment: Re:defend? (Score 2) 63

by rtb61 (#49549073) Attached to: Pentagon Discloses Network Breach By Russian Hackers

Don't you get it, it works the American way. Eye for an Eye. One person from a country attacks me, then I am allowed to attack anyone from that country for any reason and in any way, as well as attack all those from that country who would try to stop be attacking some one in that country.

So in computer parlance, let's all play the electromagnetic pulse game because that is really going to work so well for everyone.

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