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Comment: Re:I wouldn't mind the NSA so much if... (Score 1) 160

by rtb61 (#49351235) Attached to: NJ School District Hit With Ransomware-For-Bitcoins Scheme

The US does not back coups, bwa ha ha, except when they do

Now if was done to an insider corporation or corporate executive, you can bet, they all would go all out to track the criminals down and have it solved in short order.

Comment: Re:Prepare to restore from backup often (Score 1) 191

by rtb61 (#49351145) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

I have a even simpler option. Use a pass phrase that you can easily remember. Now before you use that pass phrase, pass it through an encryption program that will encrypt it in the same manner every time. Then use that encrypted content as the actual password. Now that encryption is done locally on the fly and it never passes across the internet nor is it stored any where, except locally. By the addition of one step it becomes very complex whilst still in reality being easy to remember. When you want to access the password, simply type in your easy to remember phrase, access the encrypted password and preferably cut and paste it in. You could use a separate encrypted password for every site all actually based upon you one preferred password, each encrypted password being different based upon including the site name into the encryption algorithm. You could build all of this into the browser, so you only need a local master password to access many different sites with many different passwords. This could be a core function of web browsers, rather than an add on. So 'easytoremeberpassword' becomes '23d5n039tn310(ME))()@JFjfjfs@#%NFI@' now good luck with that. It works better because password checking programs could double the processing time between each failed password attempt (it doesn't tale make attempts to slow the process way down) and if they have the password, when text recognition programs try to figure out that it is the password and not just another failed encrypted pass, simply fail to recognise when they have the password.

Comment: Re:What difference does it make (Score 1) 74

by rtb61 (#49351027) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

To stupidly force the creation of apps that will run on people's computers randomly accessing all kinds of sites all over the internet to flood the databases with hundreds of thousands of bogus entries. Nothing does more to destroy databases than bogus entries that poison it to death. When 90% of your browser data requests are fake and cancelled prior to retrieving the data, what are they left with, apart from a massive bill ten times bigger than they expected. Let's just flood the crap out of meta-data, they want to pry, let them pry into an completely fake illusion.

Comment: Re:Why not? (Score 1) 74

by rtb61 (#49350989) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

Because the more people who vote for the non-colluding parties the sooner change will occur. Doing nothing, surprise, surprise, surprise achieves exactly fucking nothing. Want change then start working towards, don't have to win, you just have to try and who knows you might have some fun annoying the crap out of them.

Comment: Re:Using PayPal to pay for a nuke... (Score 1) 49

by rtb61 (#49350959) Attached to: PayPal To Pay $7.7 Million For Sanctions Violations

So paypay needs to do exactly what mastercard does when it comes to paying bribes and laundering money. Issue business debit cards that are not in the persons name. They give the bribe recipient the card and the bribe recipient can spend the money available, with all expenditures going against the laundering companies income tax and all purchase by the bribe recipient are hidden. So basically they give birth to fake people, as corporations and the corporate pretend person spends the money not the real individual who is actually the corporation. Why do you think they bother with all that paperwork, lie, cheat and steal, it is simply how they deal.

Comment: Re: it always amazes me (Score 1, Insightful) 336

by rtb61 (#49334059) Attached to: Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb

I can not think of any one worse than North Korea having one and wait, yes they have them and nothing what so ever is happening. Now, why is this so? Easy, asshat chick hawks the world over are happy to send people to kill and die to feed those chicken hawks own pocket books and egos but when it comes to those chicken hawks risking their own precious skins, well, a great big fat fucking no, no, no, on that. The reality is, no one on this planet is safe from nuclear weapons, even the chick hawks lives would be at risk and as such, no matter how autocratic, how insane, how destructive, how psychopathic, they always protect their own precious skins and don't use nukes, well, at least as long as the other side doesn't have any, then of course it is killer babies and the need to wipe them out.

Comment: Re:The stupid is strong with these people! (Score 4, Insightful) 147

by rtb61 (#49334021) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists

The reason for the law "The DTCA is intended to simplify trade between Australia, the US and the UK" that being imports from the US and UK. So yeah, it basically kills research in Australia on purpose, to force it into import only mode, to ensure those other two countries can buy primary resources and lots of land with funny money from two countries rapidly sliding into bankruptcy. Note the same political party is looking to raise university fees to US levels and open market the education loans. Australians are only meant to be servants for the future owners of Australia (after he made sure his daughter got a scholarship from a soon to be fully funded private university and a no work job and the person who tattled, to ensure they aligned with US styled freedom of information, was prosecuted). They did fund medical research though, but want to make big cuts universal health care, the rich only will get the use of Australian tax payer funded medical research.

Comment: Re:it always amazes me (Score 2) 336

by rtb61 (#49333969) Attached to: Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb

Just like it did with, North Korea, Pakistan and India. They all occurred after the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Remember this, they engineered nukes without computers, uncertain of whether or not it would work. So computers and knowledge that it is possible puts it in many countries reach. The reality is denial of nukes to Iran is all about leaving them open for invasion.

Comment: Re:Security theater (Score 1) 224

by rtb61 (#49332029) Attached to: $1B TSA Behavioral Screening Program Slammed As "Junk Science"

Well, if they are living in a country without all that dumb stuff going on and they are likely to be quite aware of that, they will holiday at home, rather than run the risk of an abusive attack by US border authorities. Why spend thousands of dollars to be abused, threatened, treated like a terrorist, have you stuff stolen before you even leave the airport. Demand good manners and you will brutally arrested, detained and abused for 24 to 48 hours and then deported, so seriously why bother when there are so many other better choices.

Comment: Re:it always amazes me (Score 0, Flamebait) 336

by rtb61 (#49331885) Attached to: Feds Attempt To Censor Parts of a New Book About the Hydrogen Bomb

Well, that's not true at all. Fact is Israel quite simply want the US to attack Iran so that in the kerfuffle and the increase Middle East chaos, Israel can sneak around and steal more land and kick out more 'undesirables'. The nukes or claimed nukes are just an excuse. Truth is once a country gets nukes, all talk of invading stops cold. So the US runs around the world effectively promoting nuclear weapons because it is the only way to be safe from invasion by them and factually it is.

Comment: Re:Hasn't been involved with Greenpeace since 1985 (Score 1) 572

by rtb61 (#49310937) Attached to: Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic

Gees dude you can even count, here is a list of the income of the largest oil companies., and no, I will not add it up for you (that is the money being generated by your drill baby drill, burn baby burn, side of the argument, not tens of millions but trillions of dollars). Lobbying in just one election in one country Dude science is not "rhetoric" talk about subconsciously exposing yourself.

Comment: Re:Wait (Score 1) 128

by rtb61 (#49310547) Attached to: Why Is the Grand Theft Auto CEO Also Chairman of the ESRB?

You use the term "and/or" but you clearly do not know what it means I simply choose one of the specific options of the three available options you provide, so violence or sex or violence and sex (violent sex which is what you have when you mix violence and sex). It seems you also have a problem with the word 'rant' http://www.thefreedictionary.c.... A stated calm personal opinion is not a rant.

It is not 'just humanity' but the state of our current human society. Humanity has expressed itself in many ways over millennia, some worse and some better, we seem to be sliding into worse at this stage, compared to different era's ie just in the last century.

Comment: Re:not just unlikely, completely avoidable. (Score 1) 70

by rtb61 (#49310445) Attached to: Government Spies Admit That Cyber Armageddon Is Unlikely

Not only is it going on but it is strongly indicative they are intending to do something very naughty in the near future, which is why the push to surreptitiously trial out various methods because they know full well the majority of the world will disapprove of an impending action, a South American adventure seems most likely.

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them.