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Comment Re:Yeah, right... (Score 1) 140

Problem is, not simply the policy, it is flaws in the policy that allow, say psychopathic individuals in those agencies to exploit those flaws. This demands plenty of checks, balancers and hurdles, to slow up those individuals and trap them, when they seek to exploit those flaws for their own criminal advantage. This includes exploiting those flaws for promotional advantage. Until the US justice system heals itself, it can no longer be trusted. Failure to properly prosecute torture, prison abuses, abusive charging practices, purposefully extended trials incorporating confinement (extending out beyond any realistic penalty). Quite simply until the US takes on the proper mantle of justice and integrity it should be excluded from the international justice system except where any claim made by the US government is proven in court in the targeted citizens country. Want to play bullshitting wolf boy, then be treated as bullshitting wolf boy, until you have proven different.

Comment Re:And for what? (Score 1) 223

If you are reaching for the stars, then god dam it reach for the stars, build the fucker on the moon and build the base around it to support it. Stop with these stupid half arsed set ups pretending you are doing something. I want a big arsed telescope on there on the moon where it belongs. Want more build some out in the asteroid belt as well, time to stop dicking about with token efforts at space exploration, time to get serious. Whose is the cheap luddite who is afraid to leave the surface of the earth and make real, serious investments into the future of humanity as a galactic species and not just a bunch of mud monkeys as entertainment of the rest of the galaxy. Stop fucking dreaming small, start to dream big and work to making it come true.

Comment Re:A machine... (Score 1) 372

Yeah, my neighbours leave their emptied bins out on the street for days at a time resolving that particular issue (when their parents visit they often end it by bringing in the bins themselves).

So basically M$ has decided to shove size 1000 feet into their own mouths by stupidly emphasising the idea that cortana is a female slave on purpose, just so fucking stupid. A computer assistant should be sexless unless the end user chose to put an personality in there. Whether that personality be grammy or gramps, or mum or dad, or brother or sister or revenge against a particular annoying drill sergeant (you get to swear back and it must apologise and obey) or what ever the fuck the end user finds amusing at any particular time but never ever specifically a female slave, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Apple got away with it simply because first to the post and hence people where more tolerant. Google smartly made it adjustable to preference with default largely being empty of personality computer voice. M$ should have grown half a brain and created customisable user based choices personality but of course M$ has always be 100% solidly anti-customer choice, demanding customers do it the M$ way no matter how much it sucks balls, so does cortana suck balls or just M$ management.

Comment Re:The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 1) 263

Fast vs cheap, when it comes to major environmental savings for the majority use, fast has to be ignored in favour of cheap. So flying wing, no windows (use VR), more leg room (it comes with the substantial increase in floor area made available by a flying wing, so mass no leg room limits number of passenger), no banking rudder turns only (being further away from the centre line makes banking very, very undesirable, only sufficient banking to counter centrifugally balance out the turn). Big area, means solar panels become worthwhile, especially sitting waiting on the tarmac between flights.

You also need to separate take off from flight. So say hydrogen fueled combustion engine for take off and gaining altitude as well as a weather boost (wind blowing the wrong way), bit fat wings provide loads of storage space and only a percentage of the required energy for the total flight. Batteries need to provide structural reinforcement, hmm, say the floor panels (floor frame supports the seats and people walk on the batteries, connections in cargo space).

Slow will be totally acceptable as long as it is comfortable and cheap. Things like separate cabins become possible, built around wing framing, because the floor area is there, beyond mass limits. Great big fat slow flying wings, very fuel efficient and very comfortable (with big wing tip rudders with landing gear built in, need it for the bank limited turns). Put people to sleep comfortably for eight hours and no time passes, put people together in separate cabins with friends and no time passes.

These planes will also have the advantage in operating times due to low noise output in metropolitan areas.

Comment Re:Slashdot hates technology? (Score 2) 46

VR is hugely problematic in terms of extended use. Sure it's a thrill for the first time and the first few hours but what happens on day three after say 12 hours of use, how long can people keep going before it becomes psychological undesirable and they just stop and put it on a shelf and loathe the idea of taking it down ie negative reinforcement due to psychological stresses.

Now from the Android perspective VR becomes IR and not infra-red but immersive reality, extended a smart phone into a massive in your face big screen, that you control by hand, whilst sitting or lying back and relaxing (well you body, not so much your mind, well, not all the time, sometimes yeah, immersion in an interactive tropical scene with the right sounds).

So comfortable head set ( a lot trickier than it sounds) no motion detection just 3D immersion, quality sound output to feed that immersion and just lying back relaxing whilst flexing you hands and fingers and then power than with an Android smart phone. For comfort, I suppose check out what they are doing with high bike helmets in terms of contact distribution, keeping in mind relaxing you head back on a pillow and what makes a comfortable hat and what are comfortable glasses. Extended contact with the scalp seems more psychologically acceptable than extended contact with the face ie googles. When it comes to appearance, well, admit it will always suck, so play it down, make fun of it, do not try to make it look cool, it never will, until lens design is completely redone and built into nothing more than something like a typical sun glass frame with ear buds.

Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score -1) 232

North Korea is simply a insane party for psychopaths, to play with a population to feed the egos of those at the top, something psychopaths all over the world are trying to achieve, whether they are the ones running NATO or US corporations, or terrorist armies, same shit all over the world. Why is the stalemate allowed to occur so publicly in North Korea because it is not worth any countries efforts to deal with it, in any meaningful manner.

Like terrorist armies, the psychopaths pretending to be on our side, like to keep the fear factor going so they can exploit it. So for the terrorist armies, stopping fucking naming them, stop giving them an identity to exploit, they are organised crime gangs and should only be named after their gang lords. This so that anyone joining them knows they are just going to be a gullible idiot enslaving themselves to some egoistic psychopathic freak, so the freak can enrich themselves and feed their ego on the blood of others, no lies of hiding behind religion, those freaks believe in nothing but themselves (this doesn't happen on purpose because our psychopaths want to feed the greed of the military industrial complex, they want to war to keep going for decades to come, they have publicly stated so, decades of terrorist war).

Just the same as North Korea, they do not want it to end, they are pumping the nuclear fear for all the billions in arms sales that it is worth, striving to keep it going and never let it end. Want it to end, simply cut North Korea off from everything and dump it is a problem on China, a constant economic drain an endless source of problems. Don't let them out, don't give them anything, don't supply anything and do not feed into their troll bullshit. They are trapped, do anything too aggressive and their insane psychopath party at the expense of the trapped population ends and so do they (if that trapped population are unwilling to free themselves, then convince them to choose between die trying to free themselves or die a slave, they did so once before, they can do so again). North Korea is trapped in inaction and we can be freed by that exact same inaction. Bar their ships from any port, deny them all trade, inform their population, remind them of what they once achieved and can achieve again. Once North Korea becomes a sufficient problem for China, North Korea trapped with no where else to go, will be a problem solved by China (when it is worth more to China to end the problem rather than just largely ignore it, they will). Stop pandering to North Korea, if they do anything stupid target the chain of command, any escalation and they know the result. They are a totally paranoid government, feed them mass misinformation about betrayal in their own ranks, feed their fears, let their own fears consume them but do not be stupidly drawn into the same trap.

Comment Re:Sick (Score 2, Interesting) 34

That short term use doesn't even touch the physiological impact of extended use, hours per day, days per week, weeks per year and of course years, as the likely very poor outcomes that would result. Most people don't even being to realise how tiring and painful it is to continuously bob and weave you head about for hours on end. It really does put paid to the idea of sitting back at the end of the day and gaming, phsyically not possible with VR unless you turn off motion detection and rely on hand controllers to do it instead and just use the VR display for immersion.

It would make serious sense to produce base model immersion on VR displays, with no motion detection or anything else, just a plug in immersive 3D display, this for people who dislike the experience and motion sickness, people not interested in spending that kind of money (double plus saving, greater unit production significantly reduces cost per unit, this driven by a much cheaper unit generating the bulk of sales, especially if it manages a USB connection and the appropriate Android or Apple software) and people who just want to sit back or even lie back (possible to lie down in a comfortable bed gaming with no motion control VR). It would be silly to release just the high priced version without mentioning the impending future release of a budget 3D immersion version and appropriate controllers with smart phone connection and software.

Comment Re:Yeah, right... (Score 1) 140

Actually the whole thing is backwards misinformation. What is really happening is that US authorities want the right to wiretap anyone in the five eyes group upon the flimsiest of excuses and extend that out into typical aggressive US search warrants, violent arrests, persecution via prosecution and fuck justice, they just want to fuck people up because they annoyed them. This is just the bullshit roundabout way of getting there. So everything about being a reciprocal arrangement and then forcing it upon other countries because a currently very corrupt government in the US and UK agreed to it.

The US are desperate to be able to force US style law en-FORCE-ment on other countries, so they can harshly interrogate anyone who pisses them off.

Comment Re:Solution! (Score 1) 397

Smarter purchasing makes more sense. Silly to go looks and I don't know 'er' higher price for ego, when the device will not be serviceable in the location you intend to use it, that is quite simply a silly purchase. So using the car analogy, yeah buying a car that can only be serviced overseas, after you ship it there and it maybe gets there, they repair and ship it back at your expense and it maybe gets back to you. But wait it doesn't stop there, we all know the syndrome of the missed a fault and it still doesn't work properly and you have to go through that all again, by this time having spend maybe three times the price of a new phone that can be serviced locally, sticking with that phone that you have already bought to maintain phone services through the months of failed attempt at phone repair.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2, Interesting) 70

Not quite accurate. Pretend rich guy is trying to stay pretend rich by rebuilding the pretend value of what makes him pretend rich. All marketing, reward is in pretend currency which will prove problematic but the pretend rich guy can hardly offer a reward in a real currency, kinda brings down the illusion of their pretend wealth, if they acknowledge the pretend currency will attract competitors. Like all ponzi schemes, they eventually inevitably implode and with them the pretend wealth.

Comment Re:Shit (Score 1) 325

Seriously how ingenious can you be. It is for the American courts to shut the fuck up and mind their own business. The only court with any jurisdictions is the British court for jumping bail and the Swedish court for the claimed cases. However both legal systems should be held liable for their purposeful corruption of the legal system in order to pander to NATO and the US government. The Australian diplomatic service should also be held liable for abandoning an Australian citizen to the blatant corruption of the US government.

The US in the most illegal fashion imaginable, in fact for the majority beyond imagining, kidnapped people from all over the world and disappeared them, torturing many to death in the process, and then the few survivors were illegal held at a base seized from the Cuban people with the threat of total annihilate them, should the Cuban people make any attempt to recover the illegal seized land.

It is up to US courts to end the stupendous corruption within the US three level legal system, rich, middle class, poor. It is up to the US courts to end blatant political corruption of those courts in all levels with hugely corrupt appointees. It is up to US courts to fuck off and stick the fucking mess in their own country and leave the rest of the world alone.

Comment Re:Artificial Gullibility (Score 1) 41

The system does not require any AI in it's running it requires intelligence in it's setting up. Detectable patterns of communication and control elements. The sources, the timings and the conjunction of similar network transmission types. The idea is to block anything that is not allowed and then tracked what is blocked to ensure reliable data transmissions are allowed. You build up the system by trialling blocking and gradually building up a library or memory sic of allowed communications patterns, timings (how often per source) and correlations (how many sources at the same time). There are certain key instructions, commands, data elements that are non normal communications and relate to specific security threat events (good needs to be separated from bad).

Each country would most emphatically need to create and implement it's own as no country can be trusted with that. Just as no foreign country should ever be trusted with an armed and munitioned occupation because it is always a serious and extreme threat (zero oaths of loyalty by the occupational forces and no country would allow it's own citizens to join it's own defence forces without an oath of loyalty, so seriously, why allow a foreign occupation force without those oaths of loyalty, seriously What The Fuck?!?).

Comment Re:It's official, you all live in a Dictatorship (Score 2) 180

You also jumped the gun quite a bit. Now the respective countries governments have to review what the selected corporate representatives from each country agreed to and either accept it or reject it, no changes allowed. Pretty much solid indication is, it is going to be rejected and collapse, at which time the lobbying from corporations and the threats from the US government will start.

Comment Re:Legal requirement? (Score 1) 337

I did note one thing in the launch. When the guy handed him the keys, Elon stopped to look him in the eyes and say thankyou, before moving on with the rest of the launch. As for the cancelled order, with so many customers waiting for the chance, that car could likely be sold ten times over.

Comment Re:Espionage and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation (Score 1) 40

By far and away the majority of defence industry espionage occurs via corporate greed, straight up selling secrets to the highest bidder. The more defence is contracted the more corrupt it becomes. Now you have contractors in the decision making process of whether or not to go to war, contractors fining ways to fabricate evidence in order to promote war and contractors stacking the decision making process with corrupt officials looking for non-working high salary positions. The FBI has it's job cut out for it and they can not even touch the most corrupt area NATO (North American Territorial Occupation farce sic) and engine for the mass corruption of defence forces, intelligence gathering agencies and defence industries world wide, not that they needed much corrupting to come on board and drive war (wow, I mean really wow, does the FBI have it's job cut out for it in that particularly corrupt organisation, all sorts of shenanigans going on there).

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