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Comment: Re:But it does (Score 2) 128

by rstanley (#49536475) Attached to: POS Vendor Uses Same Short, Numeric Password Non-Stop Since 1990

And the customer will simply set it to "123456".

I had a client in the financial business, and the so-called, "Office-Manager" / Comptroller set all the passwords to "password" and several variations on this! He REFUSED to set them to secure passwords, even though if they were hacked, they could have lost millions of dollars in their client's money and securities!

That company is now someone else's headache now.

Comment: From a resident of NYC (Score 2) 397

by rstanley (#48915301) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

I am quite happy with all the precautions that were taken in preperation for this storm. Better to be over cautious than not! Clearing all the roads in the Tri-State area allwed all the plows to clear the roads better than if they were dealing with a lot of cars, and accidents on the road! Same with all the rails, commuter, and Subway.

I was living in Boston during the blizzard of '78, where everyone went to work as usual, then the storms shifted and the call for evacuation was called at 2pm. TOO Late!!! The damage was done!!! The city was shut down for a full week, and Route 128, all lanes, in both directions, end to end, were a bumper to bumper parking lot for the entire week!

I congratulate the Goveners of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, plus the Mayor of the City of New York, for their correct decisions in preperation for this storm!

Comment: Old hardware / technology never dies,... (Score 5, Insightful) 189

by rstanley (#48875523) Attached to: User Plea Means EISA Support Not Removed From Linux

It just gets renewed, reused, and recycled, not only in more wealthy Western countries, and Third World countries, but by poorer people all over the world. (Hopefully with Linux and other FLOSS software installed!) There was an article in Slashdot in 2013 about an IBM 402 with punch cards, still in use!!! (I wonder if it could run Linux?) ;^)

But seriously, even though most of us are using computer less than 5 years old, a lot of old computers are still in use. What about 16 bit embedded systems, many running Linux! I have to agree with Linus, if the old technology in the kernel, does not adversely affect newer technologies, and people are still using it, then there is a legitimate reason for leaving it in the kernel. I trust his opinion.

IMHO, I think the FLOSS community has an obligation to continue to support older hardware & technologies that certain other proprietary O/S manufactures have long ago abandoned. Isn't that one of the reasons the Free Software and Open Source Software communities, and software were created in the first place?

Comment: Dump the progressives!!! (Score 1) 464

by rstanley (#48718897) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?

I LIVE in the bottom half of my bi-focals!!! I was not warned ahead of time about the distortion when I was sold progressives, and returned them within 24 hours!!! I was led to believe that the progression was all the way across, not circular.

I am very happy living with tri-focals.

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