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Comment: Re:Answer (Score 3, Interesting) 382 382

Just because YOU don't want to want to run Linux on a Laptop, does NOT mean NO ONE does!!! Many of us PREFER Linux OVER Windoze.

I have been running Debian Linux on Laptops, Desktops, and Severs for at least 10 years with great success!

So go back to running Windoze, and just ignore /., Linux, and the Open Source community.

Comment: Re:And I wish... (Score 0) 95 95

Let me see if I have this straight. First you say:

"Not only it contains code that seems to have been written by retards but, in addition, it exposes the worst API I have ever seen."

But later you say:

"People can point out issues even if they are not capable of providing fixes for them. Not everyone is a coder, you elitist asshat."

First you claim to be an expert on source code analysis, but later you admit, or claim NOT to be a programmer! ;^)


Comment: Re:And I wish... (Score -1, Troll) 95 95

Would you like to discuss all the vulnerabilities in Windows various versions, that has led to MILLIONS of different Malware??? Why doesn't Mickey$oft fix most of these??? They simply refuse!!!

I will take Linux, Open Source and Free Software any day of the week, and will deal with any flaws that come up. They are usually corrected quite quickly, and in this case, I am sure they spent a lot of time testing to inure all is fixed.

I sleep very well at night using Linux, and NOT using Windows software as much as humanly possible.

Comment: Re:But it does (Score 2) 128 128

And the customer will simply set it to "123456".

I had a client in the financial business, and the so-called, "Office-Manager" / Comptroller set all the passwords to "password" and several variations on this! He REFUSED to set them to secure passwords, even though if they were hacked, they could have lost millions of dollars in their client's money and securities!

That company is now someone else's headache now.

Machines have less problems. I'd like to be a machine. -- Andy Warhol