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Comment: Don't remember 3.0 (Score 1) 386

by rsmoody (#49756511) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

I'm not sure if my first computer came with 3.0 for sure, I feel like it did. I just remember buying (shortly after I got my first computer) Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and DOS 6.22 and together with QEMM having the most stable (if not the most difficult to configure properly) system until Windows XP arrived to remove the configuration issues, then Windows 7. There was a utility that I never purchased for WfWG 3.11 that allow the program groups to have nested folders. Man, that was awesome. Then Windows 95 reared it's ugly head. The nested folders application was no more, but so was system stability until Windows XP SP2 arrived. Damn those were difficult times, when reinstalling was a weekly event.

Comment: AirWatch (Score 2) 95

by rsmoody (#49262585) Attached to: BlackBerry's Latest Experiment: a $2,300 'Secure' Tablet

...already does this. No need for a $2300 tablet, grab an off-the-shelf iPad/iPhone/Android/Windows Phone, install AirWatch, push the required packages and secure as needed/required from the management console. All corporate data is held in a secure container by the software. Remote management? Done. Remote wipe? Done. Remote password reset? Done. Need to locate the device? Done. Need to see what other software is installed on the device? Done.

Too little, too late.

Comment: Re:I'm mad at him (Score 2) 449

by rsmoody (#49238403) Attached to: Cody Wilson Wants To Help You Make a Gun

Why is it every time someone decides they want to be responsible for their own safety and protection, as opposed to relying on the government for it, they are somehow afraid/scared and/or have some physical deformity/mental handicap?

I mean really? Can you not provide a more effective argument than "your a scaredy cat" or "my dick is bigger than yours" or "your a stupid head". I understand that you are just following the saul alynsky routine, ridicule, radicalize, demonize, but it seems to me you could do a better job is all.

The simple fact of the matter is I don't have to justify myself to you or anyone else. It's my right.

Comment: It also depends.. (Score 1) 249

by rsmoody (#49029649) Attached to: How good is your audio equipment?

It also depends on what you consider these categories to represent in price. For me, I have moderately expensive audio equipment, iBasso DX90 DAP, Shure SE535 IEM and Shure SRH1540 headphones. Now to the iPod/Sandisk/Beats crowd, that could be really expensive at around $400-$500 per item (plus a micro SD card for the DAP). But to the Astell&Kern/JHAudio crowd, it's cheap junk given that the top end AK DAP is $2500 and the top end JHA IEM is about the same. (If you are interested in a good sounding DAP that is a good value, take a look at the Fiio X1, for $99, it's well worth it's price versus anything else out there.)

Then there are desktop components. Take Schiit Audio products. They start at $99 and go up to their soon to be released statement DAC that will be $2600 (if you want to get into desktop audio, take a look at Schiit Audio, they make damn good stuff at damn good prices and made in USA). Some of these may still sound expensive, but that $99 Modi DAC or Mangi amp from Schiit would probably be $400 from any other company (and made in China no doubt). When you consider there are some cans that run $5k+ and need amps that cost another $5k+ to operate them, without a source, perhaps my stuff should be considered in the junk category.

Go to and read some reviews. I'm sorry about your wallet in advance.

Comment: Re:Not expensive for an audiophile device (Score 2) 391

by rsmoody (#48745197) Attached to: Sony Thinks You'll Pay $1200 For a Digital Walkman

Oh, there is market for this. I personally have a iBasso DX90. If you think this is expensive, look up the AK 240 by a now rebranded iRiver.

I have never used my smart phone as a media player, I just don't want to. There is not enough storage and I strangely want to make sure my phone has enough power to make phone calls and playing music will impact this. To each their own here.

If I had the extra funds, I would have an AK 120II in a heartbeat, I just cannot justify $1200. It's on par with this offering, wifi, Bluetooth, Android, touch screen, etc. Sony's previous offering was still a bit steep at around $600 and with no SD card slot so you were locked into the on-board storage. At least they finally added the SD slot (every other player manufacturer has one, sometimes two see the Fiio X5). If Sony used their size and lowered the price to $300-$400, they would kill Fiio and iBasso and even AK assuming the quality was there.

Honestly, I would have been happy if Apple had increased the storage, or added a SD slot with the Nano. I loved that little thing. Small, light, good battery, just crap for space considering it maxes at 16GB and about 1-2GB of that is the OS and file system overhead. But then I found the DX90 and went that direction. I could have gone with a SanDisk and flashed the firmware with RockBock, and probably should have. But I'm very happy with the DX90 (except for battery life, but I can deal with that) and frankly, that's all that matters here.

Comment: Re:Fox News? (Score 2, Informative) 682

by rsmoody (#47272237) Attached to: IRS Recycled Lerner Hard Drive
Regardless, the point remains. Those of us at the end of the IRS gun barrel (and yes, if you do not pay your taxes, sooner or later, someone armed with a gun will come to visit you) must keep our records for multiple years. Loosing said records is not an excuse and will find you guilty of all charges levied against you and you will be fined and/or thrown in jail. Why is this not applied to the members of the entity that will surely, swiftly and thoroughly enforce their retention laws? There is no excuse for these "lost" emails, they are on a server somewhere or backed up on tape somewhere. Do I have proof? No. But seriously, do you really believe these emails are not recoverable?

Comment: Re:Barnes bullets must love this (Score 2) 780

by rsmoody (#44488711) Attached to: NRA Launches Pro-Lead Website
They are great bullets. Keep up with the effort by the ATF to have such bullets reclassified as armor piercing? Seems if you are a conspiracy theorist, you would say the government is trying to ban guns by making lead ammo illegal claiming it's toxic and then having all other ammo classified illegal by calming it's armor piercing. No ammo, no gun.

Comment: Shoe stretching tools... (Score 1) 615

by rsmoody (#35070032) Attached to: Do Tools Ever 'Die?'
My grandfather owned a shoe store in a small town. He had all sorts of tools used to stretching shoes, making a dimples for corns and some others that quite frankly looked like some sort of medieval torture device. That I know of, after the store closed, they disappeared. *sigh* They remind me of my grandparents, I miss seeing them, the tools and my grandparents. Perhaps they are still used in shoe repair stores and mom & pop shoe stores.

Comment: Re:I can see plenty of uses for it. (Score 1) 557

by rsmoody (#29815191) Attached to: Apple Blurs the Server Line With Mac Mini Server
I HAVE SEEN plenty of uses for this. I did IT at a small news paper and when I first started, we had 3 or 4 Ruby iMacs acting in server roles. They were finally replaced with MacMini's. However, these did not require OSX Server for their purpose, but for tasks such as moving wire streams, file conversions, getting files to and from the image adjustment servers, etc. they really were perfect for the task. For instance, we setup an old dual G5 for a file server role for dropping articles with OSX Server...if and when that system dies, the need for a rack-mount server or MacPro is over-kill for 80 or so users, MacMini however...perfect. There are many light duty server roles like this that a Mini running OSX Server would be useful and cost effective.

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