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Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 1) 66 66

Which roughly translates into "Wouldn't it be awesome if all you bitches had to keep paying us money?".

At least in this case it seems to be the other way around. MPEG-LA believes that there are already patents in play here, so they want to form a patent pool to get the matter settled before it derails further adoption of media streaming. The organization's entire reason to exist is to form patent pools to bring together disparate parties and avoid a fractured market where members' technologies don't get adopted due to overly-complex licensing terms or fears of patent suits.

The MPEG-LA ultimately serves the interest of patent holders, but they have done a relatively reasonable job of it. No streaming fees on H.264, yearly caps, etc. Which is why the HEVC Advance splinter group formed, because they didn't think MPEG-LA's pool charged enough. Which should tell you what the real money grubbers think of MPEG-LA.

Comment Re:Right ... (Score 1) 117 117

Has anyone mentioned that these games were removed for compatibility reasons? Does that make a difference? I'd love to know how nvidia is supposed to fix 3rd party games if they simply don't work on the latest version of the OS? Do they not let people update? Or leave the games there, but just broken? I'm not sure there are any good answers here. Ideally, the developers would fix their own games, but there's probably very little financial incentive for them to do that at this point.

Indeed. As a SHIELD Portable owner I'm bummed by this, but I'm not really surprised. Android software forward compatibility is real hit & miss, a lot of things work and then random things will break for no good reason, even though the sandbox means you can't do anything crazy with the API. We're still in a period of rapid evolution and turnover in the mobile OS space, and having already gone through this on the PC 20-30 years ago I know we'll get past it eventually, but in the early period it kind of sucks. So I don't envy NVIDIA in the least on this, as it's picking between a collection of bad options.

That said, I'm also not losing any sleep over losing Sonic. It looked nice, but it also ran at 30fps since SEGA/NVIDIA prioritized image quality over framerates in order to show how close Tegra 4 was to consoles. I don't think I need to go into depth about why a 2D Sonic game, a fast action platformer, is best played at 60fps, which is the case on the consoles and PC. I haven't played it for more than about 5 minutes as a result.

At the same time I'm also in no rush to upgrade either, since the SHIELD Portable really only does gaming well (i.e. most of Android L's upgrades are lost on it), and Android L isn't necessary for that since the Tegra 4 GPU is OpenGL ES 2.x generation anyhow. Perhaps the takeaway from this should be that Android L is a bad idea for the SHIELD Portable in the first place.

Comment Re:Can someone answer me this? (Score 1) 164 164

Malda also included - and it may still be there - logic based upon how frequently you visit Slashdot, trying to avoid either picking rare visitors or heavy visitors, to moderate.

It's still there. I check the site twice a day and never get any points. When I go on a trip and only get to check it once (at best), I come home to mod points.

Comment Why The Slap On The Wrist? (Score 1) 108 108

What I want to know is why Kivimaki got a slap on the wrist.

This guy was a member of Lizard Squad. He's responsible for heaps of economic damage - not the least of which includes DDoSing services to take them down - along with credit card fraud, botnet creation/operation, not to mention all of the data he stole from the targets he hacked. And none of that includes the even more serious crimes such as swatting an Illinois family, which put them at great physical risk, and then for good measure committed identity fraud as well in order to wreck their financial situation.

Kivimaki is a serious threat to other people, and the fact that he's not spending a long, long time in a jail cell blows my mind. If you can commit this much crime and cause this much suffering, what does it take to get a black hat punished?

Comment Re:E-book prices (Score 2) 97 97

The problem is the wholesale model in general. All of this distorted pricing in both the physical and virtual spaces comes from the fact that retailers have so much control over the pricing, and are in turn sold physical books at a very low price in recognition of the fact that large tomes of paper are heavy and expensive to move.

Digital sales should never have been wholesale in the first place; publishers should control eBook prices, just like developers do app prices. Meanwhile on the physical side, considering that most dead tree sales are through Amazon anyhow, it's probably time to reevaluate the wholesale model and move closer to how video games and movies are sold. The market is going to be a mess so long as you're using two very different pricing mechanisms for the same item, and in the end it's not going to be dead trees that are in the majority of sales.

Comment "Clean Energy Candidate" (Score 1, Informative) 308 308

AKA the ruin-the-economy candidate.

Human progress since the Industrial Revolution has been based on cheap energy. While in principle I'm all for clean energy, on the timeline he's talking about it will result in a massive increase in energy costs, essentially running us backwards. (It does create jobs, but only in the broken windows sense)

He needs to find a position that's still progressive, but realistic. Voters, even the ones that are actually well-informed and think this through, are not going to pick a candidate that puts clean energy over the economy and their individual well-being.

Comment Re:Slashdot you are no better (Score 1) 474 474

I get where you're coming from, but at the same time that's not something I would call censorship.

Censorship is when speech is suppressed. Slashdot choosing not to publish stories is scummy, but it's not the same as preventing users from speaking about it. You can still talk about it, Slashdot just isn't give you a specific platform for it.

When comments get deleted and users get banned, then that's censorship.

Comment Kudos To The Winner (Score 4, Interesting) 27 27

This contest is always a good read. I continue to be impressed with the crazy things these participants can think of, and simultaneously disturbed by the fact that they actually came up with this.

The winner is especially good, both for being truly underhanded and for putting the lynchpin error in the location you'd least expect to see it. It's a beautiful combination of subtle subterfuge at several points to make the whole thing come together. As TFA so delightfully puts it: "The whole thing is hidden in auditing code, which wins points for sheer spite."

So kudos to the winner. And on behalf of the rest of humanity, please never end up in a situation where you get to use your evil skills in the real world!

Comment Re:I'm a big support of IPv6 but... (Score 1) 595 595

Hmm, I thought all of Comcast's US residential service supported IPv6 now.

It does. Comcast's residential IPv6 deployment was completed last year. All residential customers should now be able to get IPv6 if they have a modem and computer/router that supports it.

The OP should check his equipment and work from there. With 100% deployment (well, nothing is ever 100%, he could be that one guy), he should be able to get IPv6.

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