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Comment I'm not so sure (Score 1) 193

The US Gov't still does a lot of things to help the poor. Studies show that anti-poverty programs work. The Sentiments your expressing are just playing into the hands of the 1%ers who want to cut those programs without touching their own. Gov't is a dangerous tool like fire and guns. You regulated it and control it, but you don't just cast it aside.

Comment How? (Score 5, Insightful) 193

I don't know about you, but 90% of the things I buy to live (Food, Toiletries, shelter) are owned and made by 13 companies. Unless you can afford really expensive boutique goods how the hell do you boycott? And if you can afford that TPP is good for you...

Better yet, tell me how to get the churches and their blue collar workers back on track with socialism? How do I remove abortion as a wedge issue? I'm singling that one out since the left dropped guns and the right seems to be losing homosexuality and racism (and the welfare queens) as their wedge issues. It's the last major one I know of that divides our working class. Tell me how the hell to fix our politics...

Comment Actually it is (Score 1) 473

depending on the local laws. The phrase "Engineer" has a legal meaning in most countries. It's why you can't call yourself a "Microsoft Certified Engineer" in Canada. As an Engineer you're signing off that the work you did was correct, and you're legally liable if it's not. Of course, in the old days Engineers were so well paid that it didn't matter. Not sure about the rest of the world but in America we treat our Engineers like dirt and are constantly trying to lower their pay.

Comment What if they all behave that way (Score 3, Interesting) 473

What then? That's really why this is blowing up so much. Seriously. VW is going to get fined a couple of billion. That's not even chump change. Nobody at that level gives two shits about pride, and the average consumer will forget this same as they forgot Toyota's acceleration problems. What _has_ come out is that _everyone_ was cheating, they were just better at it so that when they got caught there was some doubt and nobody got in real trouble. So what the hell do you do if you're an engineer and this is industry practice?

It's like a buddy of mine who used to drive truck and followed the rules. He went from company to company and they all promised him he'd never drive over limit. And when he didn't they eventually stopped giving him runs. For all you're talk that's not the way the real world works.

Comment Um... then don't go to sites (Score 0) 286

that you don't like. Not sure I see the problem. You decide what's fair. If it's not fair don't go to those sites. You don't have to participate. It's not like anyone (outside of malware authors) is forcing you. If a site does things you don't like, stop typing their addy into your URL bar...

Comment Puritanism (Score 2) 191

You've pretty much got to do something about that first. It's a central tenant of Puritanism. Not sure how you deal with that. From a purely mechanical standpoint our economic right wing (e.g. the rich) noticed our religious right wing (e.g. blue collars) would throw their economic concerns to the wind for social issues. Stuff like Gun Rights, Abortion, Gay Marriage, etc, etc. We've pretty much defused Gun Rights (the left dropped it) and Gay Marriage (somehow or another they won that battle) but I'll be damned if I can figure out Abortion. There's a sizable portion of the population that strongly feels that you should be punished for any action that has negative consequences. That mistakes should hurt. That's pretty much Puritanism in a nutshell. And I don't know how to cure them of that feeling.

Comment I've always wondered about this (Score 1) 153

a buddy of mine did long hauling. They had this stuff, but they couldn't have been using it. Every driver cheated their logs (buddy didn't, they eventually got fired for it cause he couldn't do his runs fast enough). I always wonder how they avoid getting called out when the data's there. I do know that they tell the companies in advance when (and who) is gonna get reviewed for compliance this month. But why not just check the entire companies' logs? They can't be doing it since every truck company in America would shut down.

Comment Win 10 (Score 0) 208

is fine with 4. I put another 2 gigs in after the upgrade and didn't notice any difference. When Vista hit it was barely functional with 6. Win 7 fixed that so it worked with 4 again. Hell, I've got an old AthlonX2 5600 I play Streetfighter IV on that's only got 3. Basically, there's not a lot of demand.

Comment Bullying (Score 3, Interesting) 448

And shortsightedness of youth. It's hard to see past your immediate problems. You not only see no future for yourself but you also can't see our comprehend the socio-economic causes for your misery. Only the most obvious ones are apparent to most folks, and that leaves the bullies. People love picking on nerds. Even teachers do it. We didn't stop bullies until the nerds started packing heat...

Comment As I think has already been pointed out (Score 1) 239

Taxis are a quasi public service in most regions. The gov't requires taxi drivers to take fares that are virtually impossible to do profitably. Either the fare is so expensive that no rider could afford to pay (Think $300 to get home) or there are no drivers because there's so few fares at that time that the fares don't cover operating costs. You could argue that this is the way it should be, but only if you ignore that reality you like so much. How many of these late night fares are from folks that would otherwise be driving drunk?

The other bit of reality that Uber likes to ignore again rests on the quasi public nature of our civilization. Specifically we base the quality of life on several job perks Uber is actively trying to get out of (Minimum Wage, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Taxes to pay for social services, Business and Drivers Insurance, etc, etc).

Basically, Uber is only profitable when they externalize their costs, similar to what Walmart is doing by paying their employees so little they qualify for food stamps and local gov't's free healthcare. We could tax Uber to make up for this, but it's almost impossible with all the tax shelters unless we're willing to start making direct attacks on our Ruling Class (good luck with that).

Uber will go one of two ways: Either the whole house of cards will fall when people decide they have to uphold their end of the social bargain or an entire generation of workers will be driven into abject poverty by the race to the bottom.

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