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Comment: No minecraft for linux (Score 2) 368

by rsilvergun (#47870687) Attached to: Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+
or android. Or PS4. Or any other platform Microsoft doesn't want it on.

I know I might be over reacting, but is it just me or is there something wrong with a world where a company has so much money it just just nonchalantly drop $2 billion USD to get a slight competitive advantage? This isn't the first time Microsoft has done this either. This is why liberals don't like concentration of wealth and support high capital gains taxes...

Comment: What makes you think it was environmentalists? (Score 5, Insightful) 485

by rsilvergun (#47868709) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars
Seriously? Do you really believe a bunch of hippies put the breaks on something as profitable as Nuclear power?

Coal and oil lobbies, the folks paid to store nuclear waste instead of processing it into new power. Look at those folks. Follow the money. When anything of importance happens it's always money.

Comment: Neato (Score 1) 296

by rsilvergun (#47867201) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives
except that we've done away with the national Helium reserves and fraking + excessive natural gas mining is venting it all into space. There's a couple scientists that raised the alarm, since our entire tech is based on the stuff (and no, we can't just make more, and mining on the moon is _hard_). On the plus side I'll be dead by the time it's a problem.

Comment: At for profit Universities (Score 1) 161

by rsilvergun (#47844397) Attached to: Getting Into College the Old Fashioned Way: With Money
you're right. At public Universities, no. That's not what happened. Prices at public schools were low up until the late 90s/early 2000s. I know. I was in school paying tuition out of pocket.

Now, public Universities are rapidly becoming profit centers, but they started that trend in the mid-2005s. Well after the cuts went in.

Comment: Re:Why buy American? (Score 2) 249

by rsilvergun (#47840827) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps
Where in God's good name did you get that idea? People over there that right code live in houses just like us. They have a sizable middle class (it's about the size of the United States Population). They're cheaper because there's 3/4 of a billion people living in poverty, which makes labor prices for their middle class much cheaper. They write spaghetti code because everybody does from time to time.

Whatever else you think they're not inferior to you. Stop thinking that. It plays into the hands of the big corps that want to use cheaper labor to drive your wages down. You won't see it as a threat until it's too late and you're working 70 hours a week to make ends meet. Start asking your politician why we're not putting up tariffs. Join a Union if you can and get into a voting bloc. Start protecting what you have or it will be taking away from you...

Comment: They don't want H1-Bs for better education (Score 2) 249

by rsilvergun (#47840767) Attached to: IT Job Hiring Slumps
they want H1-Bs because they don't have to _train_ them. The H1-Bs are no better (or worse) than local employees. The H1-Bs come over trained in very, very specific tech. e.g. not just JAVA but specific JAVA libraries & tool kits and how specific industries use them. They do this all on their own dime and their own time. You can't compete with that without taking a huge risk. If you spend 5 years learning the wrong tech you're entire careers is shot. So is thier's, btw, but there's plenty of them and we don't talk about the ones that don't make it...

Comment: Re:grow your own exchange (Score 2, Insightful) 116

by rsilvergun (#47822773) Attached to: Oregon Suing Oracle Over Obamacare Site, But Still Needs Oracle's Help
Or they could just hire programmers directly. The gov't doesn't have to just hand out juicy contracts, it can employe people directly. But as everyone who's been completely ignoring the increased efficiency of the DMV and post office knows it's scientifically impossible for the gov't to do that. That and it's still 1950 and Leave it to Beaver is in it's 3rd season...

Comment: It's not going to happen (Score 1) 789

This is just Sabre rattling. The people with all the money won't let it get out of hand. Russia needs that Ukrainian port, so they're going to come done like a ton of bricks. But you'll notice the markets haven't even budged over this.

What I really want to see is the good 'ole days when American companies were afraid to outsource because the big bad Communists were going to take their factories. That's pretty much the birth of the American Middle Class. But the owners & rent seekers learned that lesson real quick :(...

Bringing computers into the home won't change either one, but may revitalize the corner saloon.