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Comment It's Karl Rove (Score 1) 352

and his basic strategy: Whatever you are your opponent is +1. That's how they convinced the right to vote for a draft dodger (Bush) over someone who actually served in 'Nam (Kerry). The second part of that strategy is that no matter how crazy what you say is you _always_ double down. If you make a lie big enough and stick to it folks just can't believe you'd keep lying. To this day Cheny will tell you we found WMDs in Iraq and that Waterboarding got us valuable intel, even though both are demonstrably false. It's just too hard to believe someone would lie about that so convincingly....

Comment It's not really much... (Score 1) 352

it's an age old observation about democracies. Plenty of folks have had it. Canada did, and it's one of the reasons they have a parliament instead of a two party system. That way when some numbskull votes for the lizards they're drowned out by rational folks. See, Democracy works, but like any system it can also be broken...

Comment Politics isn't about compeling (Score 5, Interesting) 352

it's about controlling. You're viewing the money issue in a vacuum, assuming it's the only factor at work here. The key to politics is to get out the vote. It's to make people who have a hundred other things to worry about and are exhausted at the end of the day drag their tired asses to the polls and vote. You do that with advertising. You make sure they don't forget to vote after their second shift at the Arby's or after the meds that keep their heart pumping kick in.

There's more to it. You Gerrymander so the people who vote against you don't count. You shut down pulling offices so they can't vote. You make it so signing up to vote gets them Jury duty they can't afford to serve. When you're a billionaire with an entire society's wealth at your disposal you can hedge your bets.

There's two really easy solutions to this. a. You're not allowed to donate to a politician you can't vote for and you're not allowed to buy advertisement in a race you can't vote in. There's your free speech issue solved. b. Mandatory voting. It's like Jury duty on steroids. Everyone over 18 votes unless their declared legally incompetent.

Comment The writing automation (Score 1) 112

Isn't much of a prediction since it's already happening. You're just writing a bunch of fluff around data (sports statistics or biz reports) so it's not hard to write a program to generate that. Writing Teachers are going the way of the dodo too since we can write algorithms that know good writing from bad. Maybe not great writing, but the schools aren't interested in artists, their interested in generating little balls of profit for the 1%.

I hate to be the one yelling "wake up sheeple!" but seriously, with all this automation what are we gonna do? When the 1% don't need us anymore what happens to us?

Comment Um... wtf? (Score 0) 340

Punish which politically incorrect beliefs? Specifically, because I'm asking. I've never once heard of a man getting in trouble for holding a door open. But I've seen plenty of cases of sexual harassment. People abuse power all the frickin time. This isn't hard. There are culturally acceptable places for sexual advanced (Bars, concerts, etc). There are culturally inappropriate places for them too (the workplace). Wanna ask a cute girl out. Go for it. That's non sexual. After you get her to the bar then you can hit on her all you like. It's that bloody simple.

You're having a knee jerk reaction to something that isn't there. Your doing that because you're being manipulated by a right wing conspiracy that's trying to turn your attention away from economic issues and towards nonsensical social ones (there's a few on the left that benefit too, Jesse Jackson comes to mind, but they're few and far between). The trouble with conspiracies is they're associated with loon balls thanks to the JFK and Moon Landing folks, so when there's an actual one you can't get anyone to believe. Just googling some of the Shit Karl Rove and his think tanks say would prove me right, but I used the 'c' word so you've probably already stopped reading...

Comment Europe maybe, not the States :( (Score 1) 382

In the states local markets are few, far between and expensive. It's not about wanting to or not wanting to. It's about how much money you have. 62% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck (look it up). Those extra dollars are the difference between making rent this week and not...

Also I don't think Heinlein forsaw or could address modern politics, specifically the type created by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. He mostly focused on economics. That works when you've got a united undercalss. Rove and Cheny did two things. They divided the underclass with wedge issues and and they started using bold lies repeated endlessly to convince folks of those like. Hell, Rove ran a draft dodger against a war hero more than once and one. How the hell do we deal with that?

Comment I'm not so sure (Score 2) 382

The US Gov't still does a lot of things to help the poor. Studies show that anti-poverty programs work. The Sentiments your expressing are just playing into the hands of the 1%ers who want to cut those programs without touching their own. Gov't is a dangerous tool like fire and guns. You regulated it and control it, but you don't just cast it aside.

Comment How? (Score 5, Insightful) 382

I don't know about you, but 90% of the things I buy to live (Food, Toiletries, shelter) are owned and made by 13 companies. Unless you can afford really expensive boutique goods how the hell do you boycott? And if you can afford that TPP is good for you...

Better yet, tell me how to get the churches and their blue collar workers back on track with socialism? How do I remove abortion as a wedge issue? I'm singling that one out since the left dropped guns and the right seems to be losing homosexuality and racism (and the welfare queens) as their wedge issues. It's the last major one I know of that divides our working class. Tell me how the hell to fix our politics...

Comment Actually it is (Score 1) 478

depending on the local laws. The phrase "Engineer" has a legal meaning in most countries. It's why you can't call yourself a "Microsoft Certified Engineer" in Canada. As an Engineer you're signing off that the work you did was correct, and you're legally liable if it's not. Of course, in the old days Engineers were so well paid that it didn't matter. Not sure about the rest of the world but in America we treat our Engineers like dirt and are constantly trying to lower their pay.

Comment What if they all behave that way (Score 3, Interesting) 478

What then? That's really why this is blowing up so much. Seriously. VW is going to get fined a couple of billion. That's not even chump change. Nobody at that level gives two shits about pride, and the average consumer will forget this same as they forgot Toyota's acceleration problems. What _has_ come out is that _everyone_ was cheating, they were just better at it so that when they got caught there was some doubt and nobody got in real trouble. So what the hell do you do if you're an engineer and this is industry practice?

It's like a buddy of mine who used to drive truck and followed the rules. He went from company to company and they all promised him he'd never drive over limit. And when he didn't they eventually stopped giving him runs. For all you're talk that's not the way the real world works.

Comment Um... then don't go to sites (Score 0) 317

that you don't like. Not sure I see the problem. You decide what's fair. If it's not fair don't go to those sites. You don't have to participate. It's not like anyone (outside of malware authors) is forcing you. If a site does things you don't like, stop typing their addy into your URL bar...

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