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Comment Why would Nintendo do that? (Score 1) 18

You're right about stringing along, but they're just waiting for hardware prices to drop. Nintendo normally makes money on their hardware. Hardware sales for both the 3DS & 2DS are profitable for them. Even the WiiU has passed the break even point.

Nintendo can count on selling DSes and NX Consoles, so why collapse the two into one platform? They'll wait for Microsoft/Sony to drive down ram/cpu prices and crank out a decent box they can sell for $250 at launch with $200 worth of hardware in it.

Comment Oh Lord, can we stop spreading that myth (Score 1) 166

Reagan was lying by omission. He did that lots. It was a technique invented by Karl Rove then implemented and perfected by Reagan. He neglected to mention that 91% tax rate didn't kick in until the 2016 equivalent of $20 million dollars and only applied to income _over_ that amount. Hell for your first $200k you paid the same rate as I do, and I don't make squat. Someone who cleared $30 mil would still make $990,000 a year more that year. This is what marginal tax rates are. They're to prevent run away income inequality and all the horrible things it entails (like the 1% buying up everything under the sun and forming monopolies like we're seeing with today's Mega Mergers and the billionaire's stranglehold on politics through money).

And besides, let 'em take a 9 month vacation. I'm sure somebody else will pick up that $10 million in slack. If there are no volunteers I'll take it.

Comment You're not fined for paying too little (Score 1) 166

I do this every year. If you can't pay in full by April 15th you get a very small fine and (thanks to out right wing congress) interest penalties. It's still a fraction of even the best credit card rates and they try hard to work with you. I've had some rough patches due to family illnesses and I'd take the IRS as a creditor over any one else.

Comment I hate to say it (Score 1) 80

but everywhere I look I see the i5 4690k beating the 8350. 6 months ago I'd agree the value was there but Intel just dropped their pants. Right now I can get an 4690k combo off newegg for about $20 bucks more... I'm running an A10-5800 right now and for a low end rig I'm pretty happy with it, but I also got it for the cost of the ram when a friend of my brother's upgrade. Right now I can't see running AMD. On the plus side they at least keep Intel on their toes, and Zen might fix everything :)

Comment Might as well spend it (Score 1) 51

these crazy market caps are a symptom of income inequality. There's only so much for the 1% to spend their money on, so we're seeing some pretty big boondogles. Not sure yet if this is one or not but it looks like it. Not because the tech isn't real but because I don't think Joe & Jane average care about AR any more than they did about 3D TVs.

Comment Um... big data isn't what they're after (Score 1) 179

That's the icing on the shit cake they feed their drivers. They bypass traditional worker protections that require people to be paid for work done. They wouldn't exist otherwise, just like all the other companies that tried this and didn't managed to fend off the courts (that maid for hire service comes to mind).

Oh, and better hope you don't get hit by an Uber driver during that 'downtime'. The $1 mil insurance they like to tout doesn't cover you if there's no passenger in the car. Even if they're on the way to a fare. Come to think of it you better hope you don't get hit by one period. $1 mil wouldn't cover med bills from a debilitating accident either and I know drivers doing the "gig" economy and they're all running on non-commercial insurance. I wonder if there's an uptick in hit n run where Uber shows up?...

Comment The problem is shareholders (Score 1) 428

Microsoft had Uncle Bill to keep the shareholders at bay. Apple had Steve. Every company needs a borderline celebrity CEO to keep that pack of jackals off long enough to succeed. Otherwise the second profits dip an "activist" shareholder swoops in and they get Bained.

Think of it this way: You know how every layer of Management exists to protect employees from the next layer? The Shareholders are at the top of that, and your CEO is protecting you from them. If a few lucky shareholders can drain the value out of Apple like vampires think about how many billions their pocket for themselves. Sure, everyone else gets screwed, but that's what the "Winner Take all, I got mine, FU" stockmarket is all about. And if you think it can't happen because Apple's stock is set up to prevent it all it takes is one Carly Fiorina to undo all that.

Comment I disagree (Score 1) 828

the problem I see is that Clinton moved the Dems farther to the right so he could land the presidency. The Republicans were forced to move further right to retain their identity (why vote for a Republican if the Dems are the same?). This is why we see folks like tea partiers getting elected to house seats and it's why we might see Trump as a candidate.

You're right about the problems with not enough middle class jobs, but you'll need a solution to that problem. It's good 'ole tarrifs and protection for local workers. Gateway moved away because Mexicans let their workers be abused and we didn't. We have to punish that behavior mercilessly. We'll never win that race to the bottom.

Comment I think the GP's point (Score 1) 242

was that most companies running exchange were just using Microsoft's spam filtering. This is like when people tell me the market for Mac users is huge. Yes, there are a lot of Mac users and they _do_ have lots of money, but the trouble when writing business software for them is you have to take out all the users who aren't willing to go out and buy a $300 PC to run your software :(...

Comment He's been trying for months now (Score 5, Insightful) 828

to do just that. Every time he says something nutso his poll numbers go up. Thing is, white working class America knows something is wrong, but they don't know what to do about it. They don't believe in the income inequality fairy, but they do know that they're losing ground. Their kids aren't going to college, or if they are they leave a public university with $60k in debt. They haven't seen a raise in years that wasn't immediately eaten up by price increases.

What they want and need is the Nordic Model. But they haven't got a chance. Most of these guys spend 2 hours a day commuting to their shitty jobs listening to Rush. They spent their childhood being told that if you work hard and play by the rules and don't get ahead it's your fault. Heck, when the millennials started complaining about the 60 hour work weeks with no benefits or job security or even food security they scoffed at them. They don't want help. They were told they could make it on their own. The keep getting told this by billionaires and their media outlets. I've tried reasoning with them but it's no go. They've got an answer for every point I make spoon fed to them by those same billionaires.

But they still know something's wrong. Trumps the only man they got.

Comment Not so much (Score 1) 246

if you buy beans and rice and eat only that (and a vit-b1 supplement) then yes. But other than that eating off dollar menus is, dollar per calorie, still cheaper. It'll kill you in your 40s, but then again if you're eating off dollar menus for a living you probably don't have much chances anyway. You could also try living off cheap bread you make yourself, but that _will_ kill you from malnutrition. Cheap flour is genuinely bad for you.

I've been eating clean and cooking my own means for about 3 months now here in Phoenix, Az. It's about $400/mo per person to do so. That sounds like a lot until you realize it's $4.44 cents a meal. I could switch to the beans/rice diet, but that's not exactly good for you either, you'll just (mostly) survive. Oh, and I'm running a caloric deficit because I'm losing weight and using Costco to buy things in bulk to hit that $4.44/meal (I'm not factoring in the Costco membership in that because the credit card rewards balance that out at the end of the year).

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