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Comment: The solution (Score 1) 626

is to tax the owners of the kiosks and give the money (in the form of "Basic Income") to the people put out of work. There's all sorts of justifications for this ( The intrinsic worth of humanity, the fact that earths natural resources existed before your granddad came along and claimed them, etc). But it mostly boils down to one simple question: Do you have the cojones to let people die miserable deaths from starvation and the elements? If you do, fine. Welcome to psychopathy.

Now, as for the hard stuff (e.g. controlling prices and inflation) there are plenty of ways to do that. They're hard, and require effort. You can't wave a magic wand of +1 Ayn Rand's magic laissez faire and have it work out. It requires active participation in the economic well being of an entire populace. It also requires abandoning economic principles (not "moral principles") that aren't working. It means continuously striving to improve and control powerful trends and forces. It's not the sorta thing you figure out with a stupid /. post like mine (or yours, for that matter).

Comment: You're right! (Score 1) 279

by rsilvergun (#48225849) Attached to: Tech Firm Fined For Paying Imported Workers $1.21 Per Hour
It's a good thing this is the only time in recorded history labor practices have ever been abused. Whoo. Dodged that bullet.

Jokes aside, the assumption is that there are many, many more of these abuses going on, and that their aggregation is what depresses wages. I suppose the argument could be made that these are few and far between, but then there's no real harm in harsh punishments, is there?

Comment: That's just it (Score 1) 279

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if it's so easy to outsource and we don't need any workers here why do we even have the H1-B program in the first place? Could it be that there's a benefit to having workers here? I keep hearing that if we don't let 'em have their visas their just outsource the work anyway. Let 'em. We'll just take back all the land they own. Don't want to live and work in America? Fine. You can go home, but you can't take the ball...

Comment: It's run by the wealthy (Score 1) 279

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and these policies benefit them. Workers are at each other's throats. Blue collar guys blame white collar guys for not protecting their jobs when manufacturing went away in the 80s. White collar guys are isolated and convinced they should be able to make it on their own. Meanwhile the rich pick us off like ants. It's gotten to the point where Union is a bad word. The AMA? The Bar? Unions by any other name. But run by rich guys that know better than to associate with the riff-raff they want to screw...

Comment: As I think has already been pointed out (Score 5, Insightful) 279

by rsilvergun (#48217019) Attached to: Tech Firm Fined For Paying Imported Workers $1.21 Per Hour
in other parts of the thread, if you don't fine someone several times the profit made from the illegal activity and you don't put them in jail then they will continue to do the activity. I doubt they lost money on the deal, so why stop?

Also, the damage wasn't limited to the employees. Everyone in tech (which is most of /.) lost wages when the prevailing wage for tech workers was depressed as a result of this behavior.

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by rsilvergun (#48166207) Attached to: Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More
buy Asus/Acer or even HP for Pete's sake. But Dell has been selling $1200 laptops with laughable specs for 10+ years now.

With a Mac you pay through the nose, but you always get the same thing. With a PC there's so many choices it's easy to drop that kinda money and walk away with something that on paper should rock and in practice it blows. I've got an i7 laptop for work that's like that, and it's the bane of my existence.

Comment: Re:No, they didn't (Score 3, Insightful) 232

True, but it's nice when Americans get reminded just how powerless they really are. Maybe a few more of these and we'll start cracking down on corruption again. For example, that City Manager is almost certainly about to lose his job... and walk right into a nice gig with Comcast. There was a time in the 70s when we threw people in jail for that.

Comment: If you've got the money to afford... (Score 1) 279

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American style health care why not move here? That's one thing that we win out in. If you've got tons of money our health care is great. As someone who's had family who are only alive today because of socialized medicine though I find our system terrible. We've let people die for lack of health care.

Then again, grass is always greener.

Comment: Folks I know on VA (Score 2) 279

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and making under $150k/yr wouldn't trade it for private insurance. And we all go single payer at 65 unless we're making 10 times that. While I'm on the subject, I've never met a Canadian or Britain who would trade their health care for ours.

And what world do you live in where Obamacare is single payer? It isn't even close. It's an awful compromise created when the insurance companies spent half a billion dollars in _one_ year flooding every possible media channel with stories of death panels for Grandma (who, ironically, is already on Medicare, a single payer system). It's the best we can get with the current political system and folks like yourself with an irrational fear of a system that works great everywhere else in the world.

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