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Comment: IE did it first (Score 4, Interesting) 252

by rsierpe (#43352791) Attached to: Blink! Google Is Forking WebKit
If I remember it right from ye olde days, it would be "embrace, extend, exterminate". They already embraced webkit, which is now some de facto standard, now they'll fork it, which implies some added functionality in the process, and you people know the rest. we are still trying to get off IE's dark era.

Comment: Re:They should sue LG instead (Score 1) 195

by rsierpe (#43187793) Attached to: Apple Faces Lawsuit For Retina MacBook Pro 'Ghosting' Issue
Man, LG sold you the screen? when you buy Apple or whatever brand you prefer, you are NOT buying the hodgepodge of component brands inside, you are buying Apple, because of design, alleged superior quality, etc. I have an old Vostro 1500 Laptop, and when I bought it, it was not a procession to Nvidia to pay for Video, Hynix for Ram, Foxconn for MoBo and so on. I went and paid Dell what they asked for their bundle, and I don't give a piece of crap if their components are externally manufactured or produced in-house, and neither should you or anyone, because, where will it stop? on some lost mine where silice is clawed from earth? They sold it, they are to be made responsable for whatever failure or crappy components are inside. Besides, it is not some chinese no-name but a premium brand, which is supposed to be top notch. It is crappy? change it, it's Apple problem, not buyer's.

Comment: Re:Or, instead, you could... (Score 1) 179

by rsierpe (#42435435) Attached to: Researcher Warns That Military Must Prepare For "Mutant" Future

Been tried before...

Only takes one player breaking the rules to overturn the whole thing.

If economics theory teaches us something, is that in that specific scenario, when situation depends on parties "not breaking" a certain rule, they'll certainly do so, because everyone is expecting the others to do so. Basically, if you intend to make it be governed by some sort of laws or treaties, parties will break those at their first chance

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