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Comment: Perspective is what you need (Score 1) 399

by rsborg (#49590223) Attached to: Tattoos Found To Interfere With Apple Watch Sensors

For the tiny percent of people who have tattoos that cover all the way down, why would they waste money or resources trying to figure out that last barely 1 percent or less? That makes no sense from a business stand point, on the other hand I totally agree with you on they should have a warning for those people with tattoo. For most, there is still time to return the watch, stop being major cry babies, thats how you let companies know there product has problems, RETURN IT.

So, GM shouldn't have fixed the ignition key problem because it affects even less than your "barely 1%"? And if a laptop design has barely 1% of cpus fail out of the box, that's okay? Or drugs or contaminated food shouldn't be recalled because it only affects barely 1%? Can you change your name from Anonymous Coward to Corporate Shill?

So is the Apple Watch not working with wrist tattoos equivalent to a malfunctioning car, failing laptop, or or contaminated drugs/food? You call the GP commenter a shill. You sounds silly and shrill.

If you have wrist tattoos (my guess is you don't) and the watch doesn't work for you return it. Get some perspective, and buy a Google Wear instead.

Comment: Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 171

by rsborg (#49537753) Attached to: USGS: Oil and Gas Operations Could Trigger Large Earthquakes

So I've read that what's happening is the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back". Meaning all this activity only hastened the inevitable; an earthquake. Some geologists have stated that in hindsight, this may actually be a good thing in that it releases stress that would otherwise buildup and cause an even bigger quake at a much later date. Much MUCH later I would think. So I dunno, if a mag 7 goes off, could you really prove who or what caused it though??

Do you have a cite for this? I haven't heard anything like that.

Comment: Re:Legislate instead of educate (Score 1) 616

by rsborg (#49533991) Attached to: Bill To Require Vaccination of Children Advances In California

I hate that we have to legislate instead of educate people about vaccinations.

I hate that legislation is allowed to force people into something the state mandates.

There's no mandate. Just a removal of bullshit exceptions to an rule preventing unvaccinated children from attending schools.
Kind of like anti-dumping laws - you don't get to drain your sewer into the streets, just because you don't believe in "government mandated" plumbing.

Comment: Companies are full of people (Score 1) 279

by rsborg (#49392821) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With User Resignation From an IT Perspective?

companies in the US no longer DESEVE 2 weeks notice. the rules are no longer valid; they won't give YOU notice. don't give them any courtesy they won't give you.

Fact is, while I sure don't have personal relationships with companies, they are full of people that a) I have a working history with, b) can be references for future employment and c) may hire me again (or I may seek to hire them). It's not for the company that you give 2 weeks, it's for your coworkers. And you can, theoretically, just notice the folks who will be impacted by your departure and not your employer, but that's not really workable.

Pretending like you walking out on your coworkers is anything but antisocial is naive. Sure, some coworkers and managers are not going to care because your bridges are already burned, but personally, I've found most of my jobs through people I know and I've helped quite a few folks I know get gigs through connections.

In fact, I really prefer, when I depart, to try to find a replacement for myself - usually someone I know is looking for a gig, and my former employer is glad to get a recommendation from someone they trust.

Comment: Google Shopping Express to the rescue (Score 2) 187

by rsborg (#49389869) Attached to: Amazon Moves "Buy Now" Into the Physical World, With the Dash Button

The only problem is, most of this stuff is cheaper at Costco — when they are having a sale, one can load-up until next year's sale of the same commodity.

But this seems like it would be darn convenient. So much so, I'm prepared to revisit the price difference. Everyone here is busy and if a single button-press can really replace a trip to the store, it just might be worth it...

Not everyone has room for costco's usual super-sized product packages, I really have no room to store a 6 pack of ketchup, #10 cans of corn, or a 24 pack of paper towels, and many items would expire before I can use them. While I might save money by buying in bulk, without unlimited storage space, I appreciate using Amazon for just-in-time delivery even if I spend a little more money. Plus, as you say, there's the convenience factor -- going to Costco ends up taking at least a few hours from start to finish.

I regularly order 50lb bags of rice, jugs of juice, fruit 10lbs, all using my phone and the delivery person happily hefts it up the walkway to my door, along with a bevy of other items. I don't even have to talk to the guy - he leaves it in my safebox behind my side yard.

Comment: Re:I just don't care (Score 1) 232

by rsborg (#49304671) Attached to: FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit

are you a lawyer? care to cite the exact law they are breaking, along with court precedent of a comparable case?

Google has 70% of the search market. Many companies with much less market dominance have fallen under this act for a much smaller share of the market, because they could exert monopoly power (most likely due to network effects).

Comment: Re:Pointing out the stark, bleeding obvious... (Score 5, Informative) 247

by rsborg (#49304471) Attached to: France Decrees New Rooftops Must Be Covered In Plants Or Solar Panels

So the plan is to install enough batteries to power the world all night long, and then for a week or two when the weather is bad?

Or is it to put solar all over the Earth and have a massive world wide power grid to move power to where it is needed?

I suppose either is technically possible, I just don't think either is likely to happen.

Read up on baseload power plants:

Essentially solar energy activists aren't out to throw away all coal or fossil fuel plants - just to increase the diversity of power (with a gradual push towards renewables as battery technology and solar extraction improve). Some solar proponents also even support properly implemented nuclear (me!) - anything to get us off the coal crack-pipe.

btw, an industrial scale solar molten salt facility does have a built-in battery - take a look here - its not like this is unfamiliar territory - it's been implemented.

Comment: Re:what's the C in AC stand for? (Score 1) 1089

by rsborg (#49302991) Attached to: Obama: Maybe It's Time For Mandatory Voting In US

Spoken like a true AC.

Do a little searching of the news. You should find references that there are at least 850 registered voters over 150 in New York City. In North Carolina there are over 2200 registered voters over 110 and at least two actively voting over age 150, the oldest being 160 when a vote was cast in 2012. These people would be automatically purged from the voting rolls if votes were not being regularly cast against their registrations. And, by an amazing coincidence, the vast majority of these voters are registered Democrats.

Care to qualify that with an actual citation? (pro-tip: link to a non-partisan website for more believability)
Saying "do a little searching" is bullshit.

Comment: Re:You can have my steering wheel. . . (Score 5, Interesting) 341

by rsborg (#49294773) Attached to: Musk Says Drivers May Become Obsolete, Announces Juice-Saving Upgrades

when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Which may very well occur when autonomous vehicles can't decide what they should do and come to a stop, causing others to plow into them.

More likely, just like older folk that insist on hand-writing letters, having a land-line, and banking in person, you will not be forced to give up your driving. Instead, your costs will go up, while other more inexpensive or convenient options will become available for those who don't care to drive to get from A->B.

Feel free to yell at those folks from your porch to stay off your lawn as they blissfully ignore you.

Comment: Re:I dont see the need for this feature... (Score 1) 95

by rsborg (#49278687) Attached to: Facebook Introduces Payment System

Also 2 day delay will instantly kill this feature.

I dont know if this is available in the USA.

However here in Canada, from any bank I can do an Interact e-mail transfer.

Recipient receives the e-mail in 20-30 mins, followings instructions and cash is transferred bank to bank instantly.
Cost is $1.50. which is less than ATMs charge to withdraw your cash.

I pay my rent this way (as there is an electronic log), and transfer money to the ex for child related things, again because of electronic log.

Ubiquity is the selling point - ok, this is US only, but for local transactions where cash is either not present (no ATM around) or inconvenient ($28 when everyone only has 20's) then this could be "easier" than other payment apps - esp. if you're all already using the app.

Plus - what about paying for your night-in with your "acquaintance with benefits"?

Comment: Car pr0n? (Score 1) 188

“We do not have adequate bandwidth capabilities to the car to support streaming video at this time,”

Notice that this doesn't mention *local* recording - say, a snapshot every 30 seconds or so. Then auto-upload via WiFi when the car returns to the agency. This might be very valuable for corporate marketing research, and to catch people doing things in the cars that their contract frowns on :-)

Or as a separate venture to capture and broadcast "in-car pr0n" - they don't have to be pictures - HD space is cheap... I wonder if that's covered in the rental agreement fine-print.

Comment: Thanks, Winston (Score 1) 188

Realize you have no control over it. You don't know where "the" microphone is, whether it is active, nor how many there are. And you never will.

Listen, is it normal to expect all our encounters to have "party oversight"? For now, I'll assume that Hertz vehicles are "police state-ready" while others are still "in development".

Makes my choices easier for now.

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