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Comment Management can do more damage = paid more (Score 1) 279

Yes, it is a leadership position. But i think his point still stands. It is ~just~ another position. And its not implicitly more important, or deserving of higher pay than all other positions. ...
That works in a fast food restaurant because the manager has likely been trained on every position, can train new people for those positions, can spot fill any position as needed, as well as being responsible for dealing with customer issues, providing leadership, managing supply levels, scheduling, cash management, key holder, etc. He deserves to be paid more

Several reasons why I disagree but the biggest reason is that poor management can do more damage than a poor individual contributor. You want people to aspire to this position. You want people who can do all the things that your theoretically perfect fast food restaurant manager does. In every profit center (i.e., organization that makes profit - i.e., sales, consulting) that's what I have seen... the managers are usually capable, can fill in or advise on their direct-reports' tasks, in addition to the administrative functions like budget/resource/time.

I think the biggest problem is the concept of cost centers where efficiency is measured by "minimizing costs" as opposed to "making more profit".

Comment Re:Grandfathered unlimited data (Score 1) 143

I've still got my grandfathered plan. Keeping it didn't involve 'fighting' at all. In fact, I recently got unlimited nation wide calling, too.

Hope you like what you have. Here at t-Mobile, I get:
* Free tethering
* Unlimited nationwide calls/text
* Unlimited roaming (4G/text/call) in CA and MX
* Unlimited calls to 70 countries including landline and cellphones ($10 total for all 10 lines on my plan)
* Unlimited 3G data roaming in 140 countries
* Data Stash (unlike ATT's data roaming) - so on months where I travel a lot, I still have LTE well over your monthly cap of 22GB. Other months I don't even use 2GB and accrue the rest.
* HD Voice since 2013
* Wifi calling since last year.
* Music freedom - all data for streaming music (almost all providers) doesn't use LTE quota.
* All my lines get 2.5GB min base, and I upped to 4.5GB+Stash for $10.

(I'm probably missing some of the uncarrier benefits that have accrued).

I pay $245/mo (incl. all fees/etc).

The history is that since 2013 I have paid ZERO overage. I've paid for some calls from Europe when I visited, but I also had free data there too. My history with both ATT and VZ has been at least one month of overage every 3mo or so - and that's with me watching the bills like a hawk.

The billing is so constant, I just ask my family/friends who are on the plan to pay $150/yr for their subscription + BYOPh and it's been smooth sailing for all of us.

TMobile is like being in 2005 and having gmail when everyone else had hotmail/yahoomail. Makes me a bit smug, to be honest.

Comment Re:Credentials (Score 1) 93

it's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to print fake finger prints as some sort of stamp, or at the very least transfer them to gummy bears.

You mean like how the CCC theoretically defeated TouchID on the iPhone [1]? A pretty basic process, all you need is a 2400 dpi scanner, photo-sensitive PCB, graphite spray, a very nice pristine stray fingerprint (on a glass), and lots and lots of free time and determination.

Theoretically automated, but basic brute-force defenses and secondary factors would render such an attack as unreliable.

[1] https://www.ccc.de/en/updates/...

Comment Re:Off-Earth habitation (Score 1) 684

You can do the exact same thing for space stations, ship up the material harvesting and refinement technology, have it harvest and refine while you're shipping up manufacturing plant. And again, these materials are readily available in space, unlike on Mars.

Even shipping up the manufacturing plant (space-hardened = massive cost increase) is incredibly expensive now. Like another poster mentioned, space stations would make a LOT of sense, if you have an elevator.

There's a reason that "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" highlighted the power of being on top of a gravity well. The opposite, being on the bottom of the well, is expensive to work out of.

Comment Re:$949/week? (Score 1) 449

i think they're wondering why the people that think there is a need for an all-female computer camp don't think that there is a need for an all-female computer camp that isn't more expensive than college.

949*52 is 49000.

Uh, it's a camp, not school. More like $949*3 = $2847.

Seriously price out other summer camps (esp. tech camps) in the SF Bay Area and you'll see that $1k isn't that bad.

Comment Call it what it is... (Score 2) 273

If the Touchpad was a flop, what do you call writing off $5 billion after buying Autonomy?

It's too bad they didn't bother updating the hardware on the Touchpad. It would have been current had it been released a year earlier. The 7" Touchpad Go would have been nice too. :(

I'd say it was a pure corruption play. Clearly someone(s) got that $5B. The touchpad was pure tragedy - WebOS sounds like the second coming of BeOS - a great OS with great ideas that just came a bit too late to the party (and didn't have the blessing of the corporate elite).

Also keep in mind Microsoft's Skype acquisition (which in hindsight doesn't seem as bad - if MS would actually merge Skype into Windows or Office...) - the common factor being that since the money being used to purchase the offshore companies wasn't within the US, they could repatriate some of the money without paying taxes.

Comment Or he's a hatchet guy (Score 1) 46

he was more or less just filling time as HR director, possibly while being groomed as a potential successor.

Given that Kimishima is already 65, I wouldn't be surprised if he's only president long enough for someone else to finish being groomed. I doubt Kimishima was ever groomed himself for the job; I think he was just experienced and available after Iwata's sudden death.

This makes a lot of sense in a stable company. That or he's like Ellen Pao @ reddit (or Leo Apotheker @ HP) CEO who just ended up as a hatchet wielder. Given that Nintendo has been in revenue bind recently, it might just happen that the new interim CEO could make dramatic, unpopular changes that affect the workforce and direction with the company.

Comment Re:But what if someone hacks your keepass? (Score 2) 146

you havent solved the problem.. youve just moved it down a notch.

DIfference: AM and other sites control your password on their site; you control your keepass (or 1Password, etc). I can take responsibility for securing my password manager. I cannot take responsibility for a site not getting hacked.

I'll take a notch I control over one that someone else controls.

Comment I'm inclined to agree, but there is hope (Score 1) 87

I loved that movie.

However, it was about a bunch of actors thrown into a situation their characters on a long-canceled TV show should be in, who eventually figured out how to use their own abilities to win. You can't have character development like that in a typical TV show. The stupid parts of the ship that were created just to match things in bad episodes were fun, but that wouldn't last long before they'd either exhausted the possibilities or more than filled the ship with idiotic sets.

Unless they're going to do something like the Galaxy Quest TV show in the movie, which looked fairly mediocre.

The Galaxy Quest TV show reboot could be very awesome - there are tons and tons of Trek (hell, even B5) stuff that's great parody material. Super-powerful aliens (Q), weird alternate-realities that are too-much-like-reality, time travel... or things like how reboots and retcons are done.

And then there's sci-fi comedy like Red Dwarf which could lend some ideas. Or maybe pull stuff from Aliens or other scifi movies. There is a rich vein of material that awaits good parody.

I think there are dangers of being repetitive and derivative but there are opportunities out there too.

Comment Re:I work in online advertising (Score 5, Insightful) 259

Thanks for the explanation of how the advertising industry works. I really do think that commoditizing things that should really never be commoditized (i.e., home loans, ad placements, etc) creates a perverse incentive to such razor thin margins that cheating or lying becomes the only way to stay profitable.

In a larger sense, commoditization prevents competition on value. Everything competes on price, and quality isn't quantifiable as easily as price, and so there's a race to the bottom. Even if you build up a good name, a bigger player can undercut you on both price and quality for a while, drive you out of business and then completely drop the ball on quality and still rake in the profits (send a few $$ to reviewers or quality inspectors and buy a higher rating than you deserve).

Comment An iPad aint cheap (Score 1) 435

Race to the bottom? They're already there. They arrived with the debut of the iPad. That's a great irony of the situation that many people don't fully grasp. Apple created a new market by being the cheap option.

You're just making the mistake of assuming that fruity logo actually means something. Except for the novelty form factors, Apple is a PC maker just like anyone else. The same random collection of spare parts that's in a Mac are also in Dell and any other brand.

I'm surprised you think an iPad is a race to the bottom. It's not even a general purpose PC (wake me when I can code and compile iOS app on an iOS device without jailbreaking). An iPad is likely in the top-tier of most expensive tablets - you can get a Kindle Fire for about $150 these days - about 2-3x cheaper than the basic iPad.

Sure you could keep confusing the tablet market with the PC market, why not throw the smartphone market in there as well? That's just about as valid.

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