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Comment: Re:Dr. ANgela Hwelett, calls Ebola "highly infecti (Score 1) 279

by rs79 (#48138171) Attached to: Who's In Charge During the Ebola Crisis?

The R-naught of two only applies in the terra typica where roads don't exist. We knoe know it's on the skin and can live for hours on say, a touch screen. Like apartment buildings have. Like the one I'm in. Where health care workers live. Across the road from a suspect Ebola Zaise case in Ontario whowalked in from Sierre Leone and DID NOT BRING ME A KILLIFISH.

I'm gonna pretend I"m in charges cause I think I figured this out. Do you lke puzzles? Let's find out:


What do fruit bats and man have in common? It says right in the paper, bone up, there'll be a quiz.

Comment: Re:please no (Score 0) 423

by rs79 (#48075687) Attached to: Past Measurements May Have Missed Massive Ocean Warming

"we've known this for a while"

How do you tell the difference between that and "we made it up when our models fell to bits".

I'd guess a reference in to this idea prevous to 1998 would prove it. Do you have that by chance?

Climate guys learn so much. In 2010 they learned CO2 is consumed by plants and now they're learning hydrology 101. AND IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. Oh help.

At this rate they'll be able to make an accurate prediction by about 2637.

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