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Comment: Never mistake consensus for truth (Score 1) 770

by rs79 (#47870305) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

"From the article: "Fiction author Michael Crichton probably started the backlash against the idea of consensus in science. Crichton was rather notable for doubting the conclusions of climate scientists—he wrote an entire book in which they were the villains—so it's fair to say he wasn't thrilled when the field reached a consensus."

It's almost like TFA doesn't know that at best, consensus ~= truth but they're often just nothing to do with each other. Jury is still out on whether Crichton was right, certainly no warming in sixteen years doesn't help the other side.

Also: "97%+ of geologists agreed the continents were stable. It was Settled Science. Hundreds of research papers supported it. Overwhelming consensus. And wrong. And, oddly (not really, if you think about it a moment), it was not a geologist but a meteorologist, Alfred Wegener, who ultimately showed all the mutually agreeing geologists they had it all wrong; the continents move." - Dr. Michael K. Oliver

Comment: Read the paper yourself and make your own mind up. (Score 1) 55

by rs79 (#47843177) Attached to: Survivors' Blood Holds Promise, But Draws Critics, As Ebola Treatment

Say you've been told you have Ebola but have read this. What do you do?

Say, "oh, it sounds too risky, I'll tough it out"? I'm guessing not.

Any chance this is astroturfing for the company with the Ebola drug? The natural antibodies are a fierce competition to what is now a multi billion dollar market.

Comment: Re:Dealth by Ebola or AIDS (Score 1) 55

by rs79 (#47843167) Attached to: Survivors' Blood Holds Promise, But Draws Critics, As Ebola Treatment

People live with HIV. Ebola, not so much.

In 1933 the only psychiatrist to ever win a Nobel prize did so for discovering Malaria cures syphilitic dementia. Malaria is no joy but it's better than your brains turning to soup (three years later antibiotics were discovered).

You might die of HIV. You will almost certainly die of Ebola.

Comment: Re:The diet is unimportant... (Score 1) 588

by rs79 (#47811523) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

You do understand no two people have the same biochemistry right and that no one diet fits all?

That's sort of the easiest way to tell is nutritional info is bunk - if they don't know this, ignore them and find somebody that actually knows about the biochemistry of nutrition.

For one thing, 1/3 of the wold lacks the gene that lets them digest lactose, so no cheese, while 1/3 also lack the gene that lets you digest gluten, so pizza is a deadly choice for a 2/3 the world.

You're so wrong. Diet is everything. Please do some reading, you really so not know what you're talking about.

Comment: Won't work, here's why. (Score 1) 108

by rs79 (#47811493) Attached to: The Passenger Pigeon: A Century of Extinction

This has been talked about for ages. The reason it's never done is their habitat is gone. They lived in old growth oak forests and there's none left now.

We can bring the species back and it might do ok in zoos, but they can't live in the wild any more - their wild is gone. We killed all the trees as well as all the birds.

All this cloning talk, where's the common sense? Close an extinct born with no food supply or habitat? Right.

Clone a mastodon? Right. What do you think can gestate a Mastadon? Not an elephant, too small. What's your next choice?

Comment: Re:Not the first, just the most egotistical. (Score 1) 116

by rs79 (#47606661) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)

Why? The IP network was tiny back then and the uucp network was enormous ans had all the apps. There were no people passing packet back then because nobody wanted to - they didn't need to. You could get everything the network had to offer via uucp.

Except telnet. But there was nowhere to telnet to. Back then if you needed to telnet you had a line in your house. What else would your boss say "ok, we need you to telnet it. I hear a third ISP opened in the US, so use that."

Comment: Re:My contribution... (Score 1) 116

by rs79 (#47606643) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)

"(local for-sale stuff and the like)"

ie., porn.

This fueled a lot of the early net. I knew an deign engineer that wanted the engineering groups. They wouldn't spring for a uunet feed from DC to Irvine so buddy got smart and gve his boss a floppy of porn from home. He said you get one of these every week if I get a full feed, Capish? He got a full feed and friday afternoons had to download and pay the porn tax. You did what you to, that connection in Irvine was at the time strategically important to the growth of the network. Now we had LA, San diego and orange county online.

Comment: Re:Definitely not the first (Score 1) 116

by rs79 (#47606593) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)

"but they aren't sufficient to make you an ISP."

Of course they were. What does the I in ISP mean? "Internet".

If what you offer can interoperate with the network, you're an ISP. What do you think the ip network looked like before the web? Hint: nobody really used Gopher (other than .ca whois) and 99% of all activity was mail and news. Which came from uucp and was ported to IP. But until the web came along there was simply no reason for a pain in the ass SLIP or PPP connection cause you could do anything important with a uucp connection.

ftp wasn't the only way to move files around. And as a user of the network you couldn't tell if those other people were on uucp or the ip network, it was all transparent to you - Interoperability.

Comment: Re:I'm sure he's a nice guy, but... (Score 1) 116

by rs79 (#47606557) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)

You weren't there. Clearly.

You're used to dialing with ISDN or DSL and have it connect?

That's adorable.

Know what you got 90% of the time when you dialed up with a modem back then? A busy signal.

That's cause for every modem that existed, 5 guys wanted to use it. This went on until cable and dsl, late 90s or so.

So it was considered rude to dial up, then go away and leave it connected when you weren't using it and people were waiting.

Free ISP's (there were many, Barry was just the first pay-for one) would jut disconnect you and fuck you that's why. And most didn't charge so they could do this. But if you were paying, yupi might not expect that o had to be aware of the rules, like don't spam and don't tie up the modem pool.

You don't like it? Open your own isp and you can do what you like and waste your very expensive phone lines on people that forgot to hang up when they went out.

Comment: Re:Why isn't (Score 1) 116

by rs79 (#47606469) Attached to: Barry Shein Founded the First Dialup ISP (Video)


Anybody could connect to the uucp network, it was ad-hoc and came with unix all out of bell labs and written by private industry.

The TCP/IP network otoh, was paid for by USG research dollars which the USG thinks gives them statutory authority over it, hence the dns and ip regime in place now which is effectively government control, not the private industry control that exists over the network itself.

At the time the NSF regulated IP transit with the AUP; Steve Wolff, who Barry mentioned, was in charge of this and felt the network would grow more quickly if the NSF wasn't "in the loop" and withdrew the AUP thus handing over the network to private control.

I asked Wolff years later why he didn't liberate the DNS as well as the network, it remained under the auspices of the NSF which got us to where we are not. He said in retrospect he should have; he didn't think it was important back then but if he knew then what he knows now he would have done it.

You have to keep in mine too there was nothing ON the TCP/IP network. Both UUCP and TCP/IP had email (although the ip side lagged badly, mail was really invented at Bell, IP made very crude versions of this ad took forever to do it) but News had come out of UUCP and there wasn't much else on the network. You really only needed IP if you needed to telnet or ftp and in 90 not many people were being paid to do this. So dial up uucp sites were not uncommon even then - every city had them, and from there you could real mail and news. That's all the network was back then.

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