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Comment: Re:Under an NIH grant? (Score 0) 33

by rs79 (#48661525) Attached to: Meet the Doctor Trying To Use the Blood of Ebola Survivors To Create a Cure

It was discovered in 95 by an African doctor who just guessed and saved 7 out of 8 people;


something wasn't right about this though.


the who was skeptical and it's only been in the last few months when it's been approved, when it was used out of desperation that the protocol has gained any traction. there are billions at stake with an EBOV vaccine, just as there was in 1948 with the polio vaccine.

"Klenner's paper (Klenner FR. The treatment of poliomyelitis and other virus diseases with vitamin C. J. South. Med. and Surg., 111:210-214, 1949.) on curing 60 cases of polio in the epidemic of 1948 should have changed the way infectious diseases were treated but it did not." - Robert Cathcart

Now look at these three:


There's a reason there's no HIV vaccine and it's the same reason there never will nor can be an EBOV vaccine - Coxsackie viruses are different and if you ignore their RNA encoding and subsequent biochemical expression you're gonna have a really bad day. The second paper above explains why they cannot work, see Keshen's disease in Wikipedia, it's the Coxsackie virus disease we figured this out from.


There's no need to mess around with blood, honest and antibodies are not the reason it works - what do antibodies need to do their job - think!. Look at recent work in the field, Google (scholar) "selenium" with words like "hiv", "ebola", "cancer" and pay attention to the work of the last 4-5 years and especially THAT 1995 Zaire paper - the only time Pauling ever posted to the net. Thanks for the warning Linus, you clever clever boy. Now there was a Doctor.


Comment: Re:Some bozo from the past called it an electric e (Score 2) 29

by rs79 (#48535425) Attached to: Electric Eel Shocks Like a Taser

Go to any decent public aquarium they have electric eel demos all the time. I saw one in the Buffalo aquarium in 1975.

There are also electric catfish, they get to be a foot long. The eels get to be three feet.

Also the "baby whale" and "elephant nose" fish (of which there are many many species) also have this capability, albeit very mild, they use it to find food and navigate much in the way sonar works. They're also among the most evolved and intelligent of all fishes (and make lousy aquarium pets for this reason - you can keep them but you REALLY have to know what you're doing)

Comment: Re:Meh. (Score 1) 163

by rs79 (#48535277) Attached to: New Virus Means Deadlier Flu Season Is Possible

While not nearly as dramatic, my understanding is that flu kills many more people than Ebola does.

Yes and no.

Ebola typically kills between 50% to 99% of infected patients. Each Ebola patient on average infects two other (R0 = 2 - this is the r-naught factor)

The W.H.O. has computed a 70.8% lethality rate for the current strain: GEBOV.

Influenza otoh has a far lower lethality rate, but more people get it. If as many people got Ebola as got influenza, then, um, well, errr, let's put it this way you wouldn't have to worry about slow loading websites.

But yes, 50,000 people a year die of flu in the US, not one American in America died of a disease that's 70% lethal and there are reasons for this.

Comment: Virus 101 (Score 1) 163

by rs79 (#48535243) Attached to: New Virus Means Deadlier Flu Season Is Possible

Programmers more than anyone should be able to understand these pathogens more than most people.

Bacteria are a problem because some strains/species have metabolic byproducts (ie botulotoxin) that are deadly.

But viruses are different, they don't do this.

What they do instead is replicate like RTM's worm and make trillions of copies of themselves.

Ask yourself - where do the raw materials come from when each virus makes a trillion more?

You, of course.

Now, what if the raw materials they use are really important to you in trace amounts?

So, whatever the virus encodes for, you're losing that stuff.

Ever wonder why Ebola Reston is harmless? Or why some people who got HIV never got AIDS? Or why some who got HIV got AIDS quickly while others took a decade? Or why some people get flu and die while others get sick for a week and are fine after?

It all depends on what the virus encodes for and what molecules it strips from your body.

"Klenner's paper (Klenner FR. The treatment of poliomyelitis and other virus diseases with intravenous ascorbate C. J. South. Med. and Surg., 111:210-214, 1949.) on curing 60 cases of polio in the epidemic of 1948 should have changed the way infectious diseases were treated but it did not." - Robert Cathcart

1949 ^^^

In 2010 the H1N1 influenza swept through here; my ex died of it, I was sick for two days and then back to work.

If you can find the numbers (good luck with that) compute the r-naught factor for Ebola and see if you can explain what happened in mid-October.

Comment: Re:Then again, maybe it _is_ good news. (Score 1) 172

by rs79 (#48520693) Attached to: Study: HIV Becoming Less Deadly, Less Infectious

"Ask any person that suffers shingles, virus populations in West Africa may evolve a less lethal variety of Ebola... but I am not going to bet on it."

Actually the lethal strains of EBOV are a mutation of the Asian strain we know as "Reston" which is harmless. It does not encode for selenium.

When the virus made it to the selenium rich soils of West Africa it mutated picking up the encoding for a homologue of the human selenoenzyme glutathione peroxidase (GPx3) which makes it lethal. See: http://orthomolecular.org/libr...

"The only hope for people with regard to HIV & Ebola consists of social changes an if we are lucky immunizations"

There can be no working vaccine; you can induce production of antibodies, but absent sufficient serum selenium the immune system cannot out-compete the virus foe the precursors for GPx3 and the it all goes downhill from there. One researcher has stated "Ebola strips selenium from the body so quickly it does in a day what HIV takes 10 years to do".

The hope for patients with HIV and EBOV lies in the coastal forests of West Gabon. See:


Comment: Good news: selenium and HIV. (Score 1) 172

by rs79 (#48519155) Attached to: Study: HIV Becoming Less Deadly, Less Infectious

"Some virologists suggest the virus may eventually become "almost harmless" as it continues to evolve"

It would be harmless if the virus did not encode for a homologue of the human lipid peroxidase inhibitor glutathione peroxidase. See Keshen's disease (China).


What they say might be happening but what *also* would explain that (and they did not check, a simple serum selenium test would differentiate) is:

Bloomberg news 2013:
"... selenium for two years were able to delay their need for antiretroviral therapies by about half compared with those given a placebo, according to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study followed 878 HIV-infected adults from Botswana, a nation with one of the highest rates of infection of the AIDS virus."

(they need to read Fosters papers, B, C and E boost the immune system but it's Tryptophan, Glutamine and Cysteine that the virus encodes for and strips from the body)



Watch these -
Case study:

Then read his (free) book:

See also:

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For further reading:

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