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Comment: Re:Frankly, I think this is a loss for Canada. (Score 1) 651

by rruvin (#29318809) Attached to: Canadian Hate-Speech Law Violates Charter of Rights

The charter was written by a bunch of WASPs who had no inkling of what the country would become - i.e. sustained by hard-working immigrants while the existing population became, old, lethargic, unmotivated and allowed its birth rate to fall below 2 children per couple. Oh, and the "Canadian founding fathers" were racists too, living in a time when it was commonplace and acceptable. Today it is not, and if that means some 150 year old laws need amending, so be it.

You seem to be incredibly confused. The Charter was enacted in 1982, not 150 years ago. Not to mention that your slurs against the "existing population" could also be called hate speech.

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