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Comment 20 tanker ships out pollute every car on earth (Score 1) 395

Look you could reduce the pollution from cars to 0 tomorrow and the CO2 emmissions to nothing and you would not put a dent in the CO2 and pollution we produce as humans. Look we can all SEE cars , and diesel trucks and think look at all that stuff it just put in the air. The fact of the matter is one large tanker ship is equal in pollution output as 1 million cars. 1 ship : 1 million cars

the 80's got us looking at the wrong thing and our heads are still stuck looking at the things we can see.

Comment Re:fathers (Score 2) 299

ahhh.... the science is not done on CRISPR-CAS9 -- it works -- kind of, 60% of the time. Oh and if the cell it touches is in the middle of mitosis all bets are off on what mutation it will produce -- oh yeah it also has big problems with gamete cells, you know eggs and sperm. Oh yeah that right it also has this other isssue with....

CRISPR-CAS9 works in a lab in a controlled environment. very controlled. the science is moving faster no doubt, but its not there yet.

the second they get it down pat, i would love for more efficient mitochondria.

Comment Re:Without workers power (Score 1) 437

Honestly the societies you listed had problems that communism was not the cause of

USSR - was in a arms race with the US, that it was never going to win, it pushed so much of it's countries production into making nukes that while it had thousands of more nuclear warheads than the USA at it's peak, it could do nothing else economically.

Those other counties listed - NK, Cuba, China ... the only reason they are behind is because they were locked out economic markets for being communist. Look at a map of the Marshal Plan participants ( European Recovery Program ), these are the most advanced technologically and stable economies in the world next to the US.

China never promised it's people an easy life, China's government promises it's people safety from invaders and internal stability. We have a hard time understanding this as a primary driving mandate in the US because we have a very different value system. We are culturally very different, if the Chinese did not like they're government then if they chose to rise to the occasion there are too many of them ( x billion ) to not topple any government on Earth, just saying ;-)

If you are stating that economic ability is - them getting close to the US - then China passed us a few years ago, and as there next half billion people move into the middle class they will be the only economic powerhouse on the planet... we in the US do not have the number of people to compete, our population is too small and this generation of rule makers do not like immigrants ( every generation has had a problem with this to be fair -- lookup Irish discrimination, Catholic discrimination, Italian discrimination - if your different and moved to the US recently the established blamed everything on you )

"In fact, their political policies reinforced* inequity," == as do ours in the US, where the middle class has been shrunk by half in the last 30 years due to changes in tax policy. Granted I like paying less in taxes, but I realize that as the more affluent pay less as well they get to buy more items for speculation purposes that raises the cost of items higher, like houses, cars, clothing, food, and travel, hotels, rentals and everything else. Their money flooding back into the economy has had good things happen to, like reinvestment, venture capitalism funding large gains in tech.

  At the end of the day, if we create a society in which 90% of work is done and can be done by machines or the people that program and maintain machines, how do we evolve our way of thinking about our, humans, place in society. If we can only envision usefulness in terms of economics we are doomed to displacing billions into poverty. And if everyone is poor not because they are unable, but because it make no economic sense to employ them we need to rethink money and the role it plays. People are starting to have this conversation more and more as the US the second biggest economy the former king of the middle class looses it middle class to poverty.

Submission + - Moonlighting: 6 month hunt for extra work

rraylion writes: Hello dotters, I graduated from a university, got my CS degree, am in my career job, and it's okay, but i need to broaden my skills, and need more money. So I figured hey, I create things for a living that as a skill a lot of people need. So I started looking for something to moonlight on as a side job. And I can't find anything... at all. I tried the code4money sites and those look unreputable, I look at telecommute sites and those look worse, which is scary. I would love to find a company, or a few companies that just need a few projects done and don't mind someone working part time in off hours. I wouldn't even expect a lot in terms of compensation, this is skill building, but I bring real experience to the table. Is this a unicorn I am seeking or is there a demand for this out there... if so where do I find it. I do MVC in .Net, C, java, SQL, javascript, a lil python — the usual you know. I can pick up anything and run with it. What am I missing, and where do I find it?

Comment Re: The US slides back to the caves (Score 1) 528

this is in legislature -- a bill -- not a law, the courts only see things that are about a law.

And the bigger picture - to me is the fact that the scientific method is the basis for analysis. It is one of the greatest tools we have to test ideas, and theories. And it being taught in grade school forms the basis of how everyone thinks through problems they face in everyday life.

I have an issue, I think it is caused by this. I change that parameter, does the outcome of the issue change. If so I have found the right parameter and need to address it.

That line of thinking was not standardized before the scientific process. And we are greater after it's refinement, and poorer to contemplate displacing it with nothing.

~So says the God fearing Christian. [me]

Comment Re:A partial success (Score 5, Interesting) 73

as with most satellite missions gone wrong -- its was the gyroscope.... remember it was replaced on Hubble a few times... its seems to be the weakest link in a lot of missions as it has to be a moving part to induce counter rotation in the satellite. it's only feasible to put so many on board ... so maybe a redesign of this one part will save future missions ... but maybe its time to think outside the box now that we know ion drives work a kg of propellant and three exhuast ports would fix this issue with new tech

Other than that it was an awesome mission.

Comment Job security (Score 1) 184

Unfortunately the government now funds NASA to find better ways of finding ever smaller pieces of space junk so that important items like the ISS don't get hit by stray debris.

How pissed would you be, to be one of the people at NASA or US Air Force on the project and then reading this story.... or would you be thinking "Hey,.. job security"

Comment Not so silly... (Score 1) 197

This is a comment from a scientist that I can only hope was taken out of context...

The most common systems contain one or more planets one to three times bigger than Earth, all orbiting much closer to their parent stars than Earth circles the sun, says astronomer Andrew Howard, with the University of Hawaii."

Of the planets we have found, from observation with Kepler mission are the ones with the shortest revolutions. Basically Kepler counts how many times the star dims and looks for a pattern ... every 90 days -- every 180 days... If Kepler was in Alpha Centauri it would not have been in operation long enough to find Earth yet if it was look directly at the Sun. It need up to 4 occurrences to be sure it has found a planet... it started in May 19 2009 -- If we passed in front of the Sun on the 19th --- it would not 'find' Earth until two week from now. Kepler has not been in operation long enough to find Earth yet ... so the claim that most planets are orbiting closer to the Sun than Earth is because it will be in the next two years that the planets that orbit with a similiar period to Earth start to show up... It the MAIN reason the program was extended to 2016 ... That way we will see the Earth like orbits and a few Mars like orbits.

Comment Re:AR, cyberpunk style (Score 1) 456

I learned how to lie and while still telling the absolute truth as a child as most of my friends did, where were you?

Robert Jordan's books series has magic users take a magically binding oath to never lie, and even though everyone in the world knows they cannot lie, no one trusts a word they say, because the truth can be twisted. Words can be weapons, and even if you know what someone said is the truth, it will always remain their truth, not yours.

Comment I wrote a few calendar programs and found this (Score 2) 214

1) so we all know and love the modern US and European way of calendar generation. 24 hours in a day, 365 +1 on leap year this is called the Gregorian Calendar.

Well It took me by shock when I learned of the other different calendars when trying to create an international holiday calendar that correctly identified holidays that closed the trading markets. So here is a short summary.

2) Julian time is the integer assigned to a whole solar day in the Julian day count starting from noon Greenwich Mean Time, with Julian day number 0 assigned to the day starting at noon on January 1, 4713 BC. (copied from wikipedia) this is used by Astronomers ALOT. And serves as a basis for translating between different calendar systems.

3) The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, incorporating elements of a lunar calendar with those of a solar calendar. ( from wikipedia ) So basically the days are subject to the sun rising and setting just like the Gregorian calendar.. But the months are tied to the winter equinox. So the winter equinox MUST always fall within a certain month and then the rest of the calendar is built backwards, with a set number of days each, and sometimes you need an extra month to accommodate. It works and is very complex. If you own the book Astronomical Algorithms and know programming you will have enough information to create a calendar as accurate as the Chinese produce.

4) The Hebrew or Jewish calendar ( , ha'luach ha'ivri) is a lunisolar calendar used today predominantly for Jewish religious observances.(taken from wikipedia). The current year of the Jewish calendar (16 September 2012 to 4 September 2013) is AM 5773. The Jewish day is of no fixed length. The Jewish day is modeled on the reference to "...there was evening and there was morning..." in the Creation account in the first chapter of Genesis. The really interesting thing I learned is that every hour is divided into 1080 halakim or parts. A part is 3 seconds or 1/18 minute. This makes predicting the moon extremely accurate to estimation. Also a Metonic cycle equates to 235 lunar months in each 19-year cycle. This gives an average of 6939 days, 16 hours, and 595 parts for each cycle. But due to the Rosh Hashanah postponement rules (preceding section) a cycle of 19 Jewish years can be either 6939, 6940, 6941, or 6942 days in duration. But this calendar is extremely easy to program.

5) Arabic calendar. I never could figure out this calendar system. It is similar to the Jewish calendar but where one allows months to move progressively throughout the year the other is fixed so that months happen around the same time every year. I forget which one does which. Sorry, it been a while. This calendar is supposed to be very computer friendly as well, however I could not figure it out within the time frames of the project I was doing.

6) The Hindi calendar is to my knowledge one of the most complex and complex, and complex ... did I mention complex calenders in existence. I never figured it all out. But it has to do with a month starting depending on where the moon is when the sun rises on a given day. It can be figured out, but because it is based on very complex dimensions like sunrise which varies based on location, and perceived placement of the moon, which varies by location, the calender is fractured into different version for different regions. I am sure it is a good calendar, I just don;t understand how it fits in a 21st century setting. Basically if you have to deal with someone using a Hindu calendar or need to write a contract and guarantee payments that you will get, base it on days, not months or years. Trust me you will save you and your organization brutal misunderstandings. Everyone agrees a day consists of nighttime and daytime.

Those are the 6 calendars I dealt with. They represent the calendars in use by the biggest economies in the world. But there are more. What I learned that impressed me the most was that all of them outside of the Gregorian and Julian are ancient. All the lunisolar calendars basically meant someone went to the same spot day after day and recorded where the moon appeared to be for hundreds of years to create a calendar as accurate as the Chinese and Hebrew calendars. To accommodate what was seen to what was usable took different measures to ensure plants could be planted. A huge undertaking of observation and careful record keeping. And they were created 3-5 thousand years ago and assembled without a computer. I repeat the Chinese and Hebrew calendars are phenomenal when you look into their history and what it takes to construct them by hand.

I hope this sheds light and answers question, and inspires others to seek more knowledge.

be well my friends

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