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+ - Vibrating bike grips deliver 'handy' directions->

Submitted by conner_bw
conner_bw (120497) writes "The idea is simple, put SmrtGrips on your handlebars, launch the accompanying app to set up the notifications you want and enter your destination in your favorite mapping app. Then, put your phone away and the grips will guide you to the selected address. The right one vibrates when you need to turn right, the left one when you need to go left. The vibrations build in intensity as you near your turn."
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Comment: Re:Solve this once and for all... (Score 1) 254

by conner_bw (#48532181) Attached to: Node.js Forked By Top Contributors

The original poster makes a valid point which I agree with. That is, other languages have gender built into them and cannot be removed or argued out. Hell, Japanese has hierarchy and ego built into the language (Watashi, bokou, olé). An english centric view of the technical world is limiting, arrogant, and obtuse.

In the context of this specific flamewar, it is appropriate. (American english speaker going overkill on Dutch speaker for reasons far beyond the scope of the incident)

However, your reply, "panties in a bunch" is problematic. Here you imply that the only person who would care about such a stupid problem are women, because they are women? Or cross dressers?

There is IMHO a difference.

Comment: Re:Unfriendly Elitists (Score 1) 372

by conner_bw (#45214647) Attached to: Wikipedia's Participation Problem

Yes, elitist, exactly. And, historicaly, not shy to voice it? It's kind of ironic that the man who wants to fix a participation problem that started in 2007, held the opinion that there is no such problem in 2006?

"The idea that a lot of people have of Wikipedia," he noted, "is that it's some emergent phenomenon - the wisdom of mobs, swarm intelligence, that sort of thing - thousands and thousands of individual users each adding a little bit of content and out of this emerges a coherent body of work." But, he (Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia) insisted, the truth was rather different: Wikipedia was actually written by "a community ... a dedicated group of a few hundred volunteers" where "I know all of them and they all know each other". Really, "it's much like any traditional organization."

Source: http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/whowriteswikipedia

+ - Food Wants To Be Free->

Submitted by conner_bw
conner_bw (120497) writes "In the future wide spread use of food synthesizers turn meals into intellectual property and people share recipes online illegally to eat. I'm writing a book titled Master Chef Replicator Wars, the first chapter is done, and I want you to pay me before I write the rest of it. Should I use Kickstarter or Indiegogo? Thanks AskSlashdot!"
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