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Comment Re:I feel so conflicted... (Score 0) 131

There. Not they.

Academia. Not accademia.

Cite. Not site.

Oh, and what "usually" happens when you you use a collection of preused ideas is that you create something that is unoriginal, at best. Though I must admit that your spelling is original. Perhaps that's what you were talking about?

Comment Re:Unlimited files for $60/yr (Score 1) 225

Because you can? If I get together with a friend, I can put my backup with him and he can do it with me for free.

This is not about being able to find a cheap way to do things. This is about playing the system and turning a 1.4GB file look like an image, so it can be hosted like an image, even if it is not really an image.

Comment Very naught, naught boy (Score 5, Insightful) 163

It is election time. So they say something that sounds nice to voters. Nothing will change. Even if they put up a bill, it will be changes so much that it will be law to do what they are doing.

This is great, as they can always blame the other party. Both parties are guilty here.

Let's be honest,the political game is lost to the companies for a long time now. They are able to fool enough of the people all of the time.

I mean, even Sanders said that even if he got elected it might already be to late.

There is a reason for separation between church and state. That is that a certain group might get influence over a majority that might think differently and only that groups interest will be looked at and not that of all. The same must happen with corporations. There must be a separation between business and state (and business and church, but that was covered 2000 years ago). Only then will there be a governement for the people by the people.

Until then: I do welcome my old business overlords.

Submission + - Push To Hack: Reverse engineering an IP camera (

tetraverse writes: For our most recent IoT adventure, we've examined an outdoor cloud security camera which like many devices of its generation a) has an associated mobile app b) is quick to setup and c) presents new security threats to your network.

Submission + - Patent troll VirnetX awarded $626M in damages from Apple (

Tackhead writes: Having won a $200M judgement against Microsoft in 2010, lost a $258M appeal against Cisco in 2013, and having beaten Apple for $368M in 2012, only to see the verdict overturned in 2014, patent troll VirnetX is back in the news, having been awarded $626M in damages arising from the 2012 Facetime patent infringement case against Apple.

Submission + - Stephen Elop Assumes Position In McMaster University

jones_supa writes: Technology maven Stephen Elop is coming home. McMaster University has officially announced that the former alumnus and Microsoft and Nokia executive has been named the distinguished engineering executive in residence at the school's faculty of engineering. It is an advisory position, where he will give insights into new research and teaching opportunities, as well as helping to translating academic knowledge to a wider audience. He will also give lectures twice a year, as well as sit on the dean's advisory council and act as an advisor to the dean. Elop is an alumnus of the McMaster Computer Engineering and Management Program, where he graduated in 1986. The faculty also awarded him with an honorary doctor of science degree in 2009.

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1822

I am about 1 to two hours on /. and hit the cap all the time. It makes me go even less. I think it should be linked to your karma. Higher karma, faster posting. Lower karma, slower posting.

A posting a minute for those with a high karma. One every 5 minutes as a standard and 1 every 15 minutes if your level is below 0.

This is, after all, a social platform where people interact with postings. Having that limited is not that great.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 558

Then you drive too fast for the road conditions.The road signs are there to indicate the maximum speed, not the suggested speed. If you drive the maximum speed with dense fog or with ice, you are an idiot that will see the obstacles in summertime as a challenge.

There is snow in Europe as well and this does not seem to be a problem here. Sure, the occasional idiot who sees the obstacles as a challenge will hit them. Better that then a kid. And they either learn or take themselves out of the gene pool.

Remember we are talking about areas where people live, not really roads with high volume of traffic. Here an example of a street :

Similar things are on wider streets, all to naturally reduce the speed of the cars. I assure you, you are not going to speed in that street, unless you are really want to challange everyting and then for sure a sign or a toicket will not stop you. At that moment you become a person intending to kill. Impossible? No. Unlikely? Yes.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 5, Informative) 558

That does not mean anything if we do not know what happened or the layout of the street. Perhaps that car was speeding, but by how much? Perhaps the kid was jumping in front of the car and would have been injured anyway.

What happens in Europe is that they start making the streets in such a way that they are automatically so that you drive a lower speed. Especially in neighbourhoods where people live.

A lot of curves in the streets by placing objects in the streets., making the road more curvy and what not.

That means that the average speed will go down a lot. They just change the natural flow of traffic. and people adapt to that. Downside is that is is more expensive than placing some traffic signs and you can not generate extra income from tickets.

Comment Re:What the doctor ordered... (Score 1) 698

I do number three. Took me a while to get used to it, but now I will type e.g. 'rm * -rf' and that gives me just enough time to realize I am in the wrong directory (because on the wrong terminal or wrong tab) or that I needed to type e.g. 'rm tmp/* -rf'.

Because doing e.g. a tab for completion at the wrong moment can be terrible.

Even not being root, it has saved me a few times. At least several hours of work that would have been lost otherwise.


A Legal Name Change Puts 'None of the Above' On Canadian Ballot ( 171

PolygamousRanchKid writes: The ballot to fill a legislative seat in Canada next month includes none of the above—and it's a real person. Sheldon Bergson, 46, had his name legally changed to Above Znoneofthe and is now a candidate for the Ontario legislature, the CBC reports. The election is Feb. 11. The ballot lists candidates in alphabetical order by surname so his name will be the 10th of the 10 candidates as Znoneofthe Above, according to CBC. One of his opponents is running on the line of the None of The Above Party. Maybe the American folks can learn from their cousins up north? Shouldn't every election have a line for "None of the above"? I can't wait until Little Bobby Tables hits 35.

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