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Comment: Re:Only Republicans are too stupid... (Score 1) 45

by circletimessquare (#49369309) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Net Rules Will Withstand Court Challenge

the problem is that we do not have strong laws against corruption

1. corporations and the rich buying congrescritters with election funds (supported in 2010 citizens united)

2. revolving door employment between regulator and the corporations they are supposed to regulate

other countries have clear laws against this type of thing. we can have that too (not easily, but we should, and we should try)

Comment: Re:Now I understand her record at HP (Score 1) 299

by silentcoder (#49369033) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

>A candidate who has successfully opposed unions is a candidate who has successfully opposed entrenched power, and that should be a tremendous plus.

No it's the exact opposite of what America needs. What you desperately NEED is another Teddy Rooseveldt. You need a man who DEFENDS unions and goes to war against oligarchies and monopolies. Who actively promotes environmental protection and realizes that severe inequality WILL lead to revolution and so takes it upon himself to ensure the market is REALLY free, labour conditions are safe and paid fairly, and hold corporations to account.

The greatest irony of the 21st century is hearing people call Obama a liberal. He is centre-right at best. Now Rooseveldt, HE was a liberal worthy of the name.

Comment: Re:Now I understand her record at HP (Score 1) 299

by silentcoder (#49369027) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

>essentially you like politicians who agree with your political opinions.

Erm... yeah, that's sort of the whole POINT of having elections.

Now what I can tell you is there is no way the Reps can take the whitehouse again as long as they court the batcrap crazy and the religious right so exclusively. Their extreme partisan behaviour under Obama has done them NO favours and in presidential elections the liberals actually VOTE.
The only way they can win now is if they can get a candidate who has broad appeal outside that narrow band. Somebody who can get the independents to vote for them.
Even an old-school republican has a shot.

The trouble is that to get the nomination you need to win a bunch of elections where ONLY those religious right extremists vote and the teaparty has enormous influence.
Mit learned last time round that going batshit crazy to win the nomination and then somehow getting back to the centre for the national election is REALLY hard.

If the reps want a shot at this - they need somebody who can appeal across the aisle, and that person needs to be able to convince the batcrap crazies to give her the nomination first.
Trust me, it's going to be a very interesting 18 months ahead.

Comment: Re:Simplr math ... (Score 1) 299

by silentcoder (#49368975) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

And of course the irony is that their ideology never actually works, but it does turn them into valuable useful idiots.
The sincere ones among them want to cut things like crony-capitalism, regulatory capture and corporate welfare as well.
But that NEVER happens, instead by using their support for "small government" big business simply gets to have government plunder all the actual services it provides, and social safety netts and hand over the results to MORE crony capitalism.
I think the perfect example was Denver where the local government basically just took everybody's pensions because they "couldn't afford to pay them anymore" - but never cut a penny of their corporate welfare bill - which could have paid the pension liabilities ten times over !

Even their lord and saviour Ronald Reagan pulled of the scam perfectly. In theory the Laffer-curve based tax-cut concept is that you cut taxes for EVERYBODY, so EVERYBODY has more money, people spend it to buy things - and this means more business open (since there are customers to supply) so that means more jobs - and so even though you cut taxes very soon your revenues are higher than before. It ONLY works if you are AT the Laffer curve peak -any other time the tax cuts will simply mean less revenue, and the theory also demands that when you do it you cut ALL spending to the bone so you stay liquid until the increased revenue realizes, at which point you are supposed to end the austerity and use this higher revenue to fund bigger projects and MORE expansive social safety netts.

But you won't hear THAT from the politicians, they take a sound economic theory out of it's very narrow context and then apply it across the board - and what's worse, they only apply half of it. What DID Reagan do ?
He cut taxes only on the rich, then he increased spending - a LOT - especially on the military, and cut the social safety nett.
That's been the republican playbook ever since despite that fact that it never worked once in all that time. Well worked at what they said it would do - as a means of handing over poor and middle class folk's taxes to rich people it works brilliantly.

And the small government libertarians are the idiots who keep electing them because they promise to make government smaller and still haven't figured out the scam.

Comment: Re:Only Republicans are too stupid... (Score 1, Insightful) 45

by circletimessquare (#49368757) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Net Rules Will Withstand Court Challenge

it's kind of like the concept of the free market

without rules, enforced, all markets quickly devolve into oligarchies and monopolies: customers and smaller players squashed and abused

so a free market requires government regulation

likewise, without rules enforcing net neutrality, large market players start fucking with the status quo to siphon off more cash. simply because they can

but there exists certain idiots in the world, a lot in the usa, who only see the government as a threat. the government IS a threat, in many avenues of life

but in the market place, the government is usually your only friend when it comes to real abuse from large market players

there does exist regulatory capture

but again, this is an argument against corruption, not against government. again, the problem with regulatory capture is large market players corrupting the rules. so you want to heal your sick government, not weaken it further, thereby giving large market players yet even more ways to abuse you. and they will

but certain people, they just utterly lack the awareness that the government is not the only evil bogeyman in the world. many times in fact, like regulatory capture, the government isn't really the ultimate bogeyman, but just the front for the real villains: plutocracy

we need strong anticorruption rules in the usa. badly. the people are losing to big money. this will be our downfall

Comment: Re:call it the Ukraine-2 (Score 1) 147

by circletimessquare (#49368717) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

ah yes, when dealing with an intellectually dishonest individual, one encounters upset resistance rather than the simple ability to concede a point

you're welcome for the education on sovereignty

Other countries may invade at their will, because it is apparently a different sovereignty.

and where the fuck did i ever say that you dumb shit? are you talking to me or some made up boogeyman in your head?

delusional AND stupid

it seems the german education system is failing its children as much as german mental health facilities are failing its pilots

zero respect to you. you are not an equal. you are a child

Comment: Re:Putin's getting desperate... (Score 1) 62

by circletimessquare (#49368579) Attached to: NASA Denies New Space Station Partnership With Russia

The soviet union collapsed and now russia is run by a thug dictator for life as his personal toy with immature cult of personality on the same level as north korea

they invaded and vivisected georgia, and now invade ukraine because their feelings were hurt when slavic brothers ukraine announced it preferred to go with europe. its economy is tanking because its economy is just digging up oil

it is 140 million people. china is 1.3 billion. eu is 500 million. both diversified and growing economies with stable governments, not politically immature kgb goon worship

canada is small and weak over a large land area too. difference being, canada is at peace and with good relations with its neighbors. russia looks for every opportunity to piss everyone off. ultranationalism and 1950s imperialism is a fantasy of hurt egos and faded glory. it's a colossal weakness, not a strength. it only announces more aggression to come exactly as gets weaker

russia is a dying country. the 1950s and sputnik and yuri gagarin was its highest point. everything from then on was/ is downhill

in a hundred years, the trajectory that started with the collapse of the soviet union will continue. sibera will pass to china (outer manchuria, which russia won from china only in 1850, is going majority chinese population soon). and everything west of moscow will pass to europe by choice or by fire, as ukraine shows

they are too few people over too large an area. their economy is too weak. and their politics is mafia level intimidation amateur hour, easy to topple and push around, if not outright inviting revolution when rabid ultranationalism loses its power

their much vaunted military will not keep up technologically and with a collapsing economy, and that's the only chip they have left that is weakening over time

the history of central asia is replete with giant empires that rise and fall. russia is but another to come to pass, and soon. i think this century, at least the next

no more deals with russia, especially on the space station. they are aggressive losers, any deals we make with them will not last and will be subject to further decay over time

to russian space scientists:

i suggest defecting to the west and private space companies. be the next sergey brin of space. he didn't make google in russia, and he never could have. the russian von brauns need to do the same

Comment: Re:call it the Ukraine-2 (Score 1) 147

by circletimessquare (#49368511) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

if you are willing to disregard sovereignty, the foundational basis for all the other concepts you cite disappear

without respecting sovereignty, there is no respecting anything else. didn't the last few centuries of european history teach you anything moron? would you rather the french march across the rhine again? or the germans across the alps? or the austrians across the danube? why don't they do that anymore? you're the one telling me sovereignty doesn't matter you dumb fuck

your german grandparents learned this lesson the hard way. it is a shame some loser germans like yourself still don't understand the simple fucking lesson, despite all your ancestors who have suffered for it, and all the nations around you your ancestors put through such suffering. what a pathetic historically ignorant loser

but it is your ignorant shame alone, not that of your countrymen, those germans with responsibility and intelligence understand, they know very well what kind of fire russia is playing with here. you are not like them

you're just a low iq outlier, you should stop talking about this subject. if you can't understand the importance of sovereignty, you are a moron on a topic you have no right to inject your stupidity into

there was really no need for insults there. We both are grown-ups and can hold a polite discussion.

i am not insulting you i am objectively describing your lack of awareness of basic concepts of a subject matter you've stumbled into without any understanding of it

and so i do not respect you. you are not my equal on this topic. you are not a grown up

because you do not understand, nor respect sovereignty. therefore you have marked yourself an ignorant child on the topic of geopolitics

do you wander into chemistry class and mumble about phlogiston? do you wander into biology class and prattle about lamarckism?

then why the fuck do you bloviate about geopolitics and disregard sovereignty thereby effectively announcing yourself as a fucking idiot?

ask yourself what is lost if sovereignty is not respected. the answer is: everything

i fear if moscow does not learn, it will soon be divided between the chinese and europe, just in time for the hundred year humbling of berlin in the same fashion

ukraine and georgia are but czechoslovakia and austria. abkhazia is sudetenland and novorussiya is the anschluss. same bullshit: the germans in sudetenland were "suffering" so nazis had to annex it. fucking arrogant imperial bullshit! same with what russia did to georgia! you really believe russian lies? there is zero justification to subjugate another country on nothing but arrogance and hurt ego. none

you disrespect another country's sovereignty, you are only inviting for your own to be torn to pieces too

if the russians are drunk on past glory and ultranationalism and feeling insulted at a recent loss (wwi -> collapse of the soviet union/ loss of influence in ukraine) like germany a hundred years ago, then russia under mafia goon putin will suffer the same fate as nazi germany

imperial machines all need to feed on the weak around them. we will see where the russians strike next. and thereby strengthen the resolve of all the world watching to deliver a death blow. as they must. as unanswered aggression merely creates more

siberia goes to china. all west of moscow goes to europe

russia is a dying thug. no one does what russia does to its neighbors except to announce its bankruptcy and weakness

Comment: Re:call it the Ukraine-2 (Score 1) 147

by circletimessquare (#49364607) Attached to: Russia Wants To Work With NASA On a New Space Station

What Russia did to Georgia in 2008 is a continuation of what Georgia did to itself in the early nineties

i stopped reading there

russia has no right to invade a sovereign country. do you understand? of course they have a "reason." do you have a functioning brain? can you see through their bullshit?

russia meddled in an *internal* georgian dispute that occurred within the internationally recognized borders of georgia. then it divided the country into a "new" bullshit country abkhazia

is it ok if the usa invades the mexican district of sonora and announces that it is a new country? why can the usa do this? uhhh... drug smuggling. yeah, that's our reason. perfectly good reason, totally understandable, right moron?

what was russia's reaons for invading georgia? guess what: it has no fucking right to invade and divide a sovereign country on those hopped reasons. do you understand what sovereignty is?

can the american fbi go into canada and arrest people? no? why not. can the us army occupy ontario? why not? because canada is a sovereign country, you dumb fuck

why do you think it's perfectly normal and ok for russia to invade and divide it's smaller neighbors? it's not normal. it's not acceptable

no country, anywhere in the world, does what russia did to georgia and ukraine without consequences. not south africa and mozambique. not china and vietnam. not brazil and uruguay. countries do not invade other sovereign countries and that's just normal and fine. do you understand?

if you do, continue speaking on this topic. but if you continue to assert russia invading and dividing georgia and ukraine is "reasonable" then you do not understand what the fuck sovereignty means and are therefore announcing yourself as a complete moron or a propagandized idiot on this topic and you should shut up

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